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It’s like she’s still alive all the time

adminq 3 weeks ago

Father goes to the queen’s bedroom every day to be alone, and no one knows what he is doing in it.
It always takes a long time to come out [
Looking at his father, he began to think about what love is.
Can make a good person become a ghost.
Father’s face seldom sees a smile again.
Only when facing the streaming sound does he smile from the heart.
The trail of the dead moon found that his efforts not only did not make his father really like him, but also made him start to guard against him.
It was father who began to guard against him.
By chance, he found that his father had planted someone beside him.
Did he suddenly realize that he had gone too far?
Is father on guard because he is afraid that he will threaten the status of streaming sound?
In order to dispel his father’s concerns, he began to change himself a little bit.
He hangs out with women all day and starts playing games.
Except that women no longer show interest in other things.
If he does this, Ji Yueyun seems to have dismissed his concerns.
But if the cloud seems to be alienated from him a lot.
When I met her once, she was indifferent to herself
He knew that ruoyun must have been unhappy when he heard him wandering around the romantic place every day.
But he didn’t think too much. What man doesn’t love?
He is playing with women outside to kill time.
If he really likes to have a cloud in his heart [
If the cloud will be angry, he will be happy instead
How could she be angry if she didn’t care about him?
So this time, in order to please Ruoyun, he brought back many interesting things from the mortal world.
These things are all loved by their daughter’s family.
He thought if the cloud will also like it very much.
He took these things to the water palace-
Weekend fun section 5: take everything from him 1
He thought if the cloud will also like it very much.
He took these things to the Water Palace.
The water palace was silent.
I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind.
A white shadow passed by the window [
Silent moon flow mark gently a hook lips to speed up the pace.
He just took two steps when he froze.
The casual scene in front of him surprised him to stand in situ.
Beside the jade reclining chair, a beautiful young man in a crescent white robe closed his eyes and hung his head sideways with red hair on the ground like an excellent piece of silk with a soft and bright luster.
Beside him, the girl in white crouched down and reached out and brushed his red hair gently. She looked at him with an almost obsessive eye.
Her eyes were full of that fiery and adorable look.
Touching the young red hair, manually and carefully, gentler than
As if her palm were a peerless treasure.