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In the distance, there have been several good students looking around.

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"Let your mother fart, Lao Tzu must be fair. Well, don’t be ashamed here. Just disappear for Lao Tzu, and Lao Tzu will give you an account to see if people in the mysterious world are killing people here!" Say, GuanFeng body suddenly blurred, then disappear.
Yamamoto looked at GuanFeng wind dun, mercilessly stared at the distance that a few poked around students, what is afraid to come over for interrogation, afraid of breaking the mysterious convention again, was caught by GuanFeng small plait with yourself, bitterly howled twice, a white light flashed, and he left.
At this time, Xing Xuan’s four people were piecing together the fragmented security door blown by directional blasting plastic, barely blocking the line of sight of outsiders, and then, from a bedroom, they mentioned the headmaster who was tied up like a dead pig with a red rope and threw it on the floor of the living room.
"Listen, old goat, why did that bastard Takakura bother me without telling me?" Mungo stared at his immediate boss with a heavy face and asked savagely.
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Chapter sixty-six
"Bastard mungo, have you treated the boss’s subordinates like this? I … How did I know that Takakura was bothering you? I … I am the president of Bolton University. Where do I know about the underworld? " Kingston quibbled.
"Ha ha, the headmaster, you don’t give us the Dragon Family’s money every day, but you go too far with that hateful Gaos thought, trying to set us up. Are you a fool? This time, it’s a good thing that our people in the Dragon Family got the news in advance, otherwise we wouldn’t have suffered a big loss? "
Star Xuan said, and stretched out his hand and took out the four-sided fire flag from the mustard bracelet, and inserted it around the principal’s body. A flash of red light suddenly burned to ashes, but strangely, the red rope tied with the four-sided fire flag remained intact, flowing with red light, safe and sound under the burning of the four-sided fire flag.
Xing Xuan stretched out his hand, and the fire flag was received in the mustard bracelet all around. He was just about to accept the red rope. Suddenly, Xing Xuan’s eyebrows were wrinkly, and a long sword shining with thousands of green mans suddenly appeared in his hand, backhand sword, and split into the air behind him.
With a loud bang, Guan Feng was abruptly split out from the five elements of the wind by Xing Xuan’s sword, and the cuff tunic of his left arm was torn by this unparalleled sword. Guan Feng was surprised. What weapon this boy used was actually as powerful as his own imitation whip. If it weren’t for his own cultivation, he would be reimbursed himself.
The flying sword in the hands of Xing Xuan is the best among flying swords, and its name is Qing Suo, which is a family heirloom of the Refiner Sect. Legend has it that there was only one sect in the field of fixing truth thousands of years ago, called Shushan Sect, and Qing Suo Jian was refined at that time, with the power of conan the destroyer. However, the Shushan Sect was later divided, and the cultivation achievement method was also competed for incompletely. Otherwise, the power of this Qing Suo Jian was never really swung out.
Xing Xuan now, of course, doesn’t even have one-tenth of the power of Qing Suojian. Now, he can’t even use Qing Suojian as a flying sword to attack the enemy, but can only attack at close range in his hand.
Rao, Guan Feng was also shaken by Qing Suojian.
"Good boy, dare to fight with me!" GuanFeng let out a cry, with a finger, a golden light flew out of his hand, straight for the star xuan.
Star XuanQing SuoJian a slight pendulum, ten thousand green light instantly intertwined into a semicircle mask, toward the golden light of GuanFeng was greeted.
"Bang" a big ring, finely light scattered, the furniture in the room instantly turned into dust, next to Mungo and Yunyang turned pale, and their bodies trembled, and they immediately fell to the ground.
Black Moon is also a mind-shattering, but black Moon, with half demon blood, is not normal after all. With a bite of his teeth, he stretched out his hand and pulled out her monty’s sword from the mustard bracelet. In an instant, rolls for grain and black gas interwoven into a big net, and Guan Feng, who had already shown his shape in the air, was stabbed in the past with thunderous potential.
Guan Feng was frightened again. Seeing this sword, he knew that he could not stop it empty-handed. He quickly stretched out his hand, pulled out his whip, and flung it at Monty’s sword.
There was a loud bang, and the black fog was scattered. Black Moon’s face was dark red, her mouth was open, and a sip of blood gushed out.
On the other hand, Guan Feng never felt well, and his face was covered with a layer of black, which was a sign of poisoning. He hurried to run the real force on him, and the true qi was spinning endlessly in the body. In an instant, his face changed from black to green, and then from green to red, forcing the poison out.
Two detoxification Freud Dan shot into the mouth of Mungo and Yunyang on the ground, and the skin eroded by the poisonous firm but gentle sword of Monty just eliminated the black immediately. As soon as they turned over, they stood up from the ground and quickly ran towards the door.
Xing Xuan hasn’t spread the powerful weapons of two people, and they also know that they can’t help anything in this fight. The urgent task is to retreat quickly and find the dragon master to help.
At this time, Xing Xuan and Black Moon surrounded Guan Feng in a horn shape, and Qing Suo and Zhu Xian pointed at Guan Feng. The sword was green and dazzling, and the sword was black and poisonous, which made Guan Feng feel powerless for the first time in his life.
"I … I’m Guan Feng, the guardian of Bolton City, and the mysterious world recognizes my identity. You … you can’t be so rude to me!" GuanFeng bully is always coward to star xuan and black month said, playing god whip in the hands of some shaking.
Now, he can’t afford to spell it, but it’s time to fix it. At this stage, he is preparing for the future silence and Du Jie. If he is injured in this fix-up state, Du Jie will fail in ten cases, so his hard practice in this life can be completely finished.
"Ha ha, it turned out to be Taoist Guan Feng. I thought it was a scumbag?" Star Xuan heard GuanFeng guilty, immediately took the green SuoJian, back two steps, smiled at GuanFeng.
At this time, Mungo’s roar came from outside the door: "You bastards, let you hide away, and you will hide away from 108 thousand miles?" Come here quickly, bring more firearms, here comes a pervert! "
Xing Xuan smiled bitterly. So what if the bodyguards came? If the old boy was desperate, they would only be cannon fodder when they came. Thinking about it, he shouted, "Mungo, Yunyang, stop calling. The Taoist priest is a good man and won’t hurt us!"
"Good people?" YunYang, mungo out a question at the same time, put down the com, came in from the outside.
"Are you … are you from the mysterious world?" GuanFeng long breath a sigh of relief, and thought of their duties, I asked.

Chapter 67
"Ha ha, Taoist priest, it seems that this is not the first time we have met. Moreover, with Taoist priest’s skill, I must have been investigated clearly. Do you think I am the mysterious person you said?" Xing Xuan ha ha smiled, found a chair in the living room and sat down, staring at Guan Feng with great interest.
"Well, being original has really investigated the little benefactor carefully, and it seems that you really have no past experience with anyone in the mysterious world. However, your kung fu … seems to be out of the level of the secular world?" GuanFeng stammered to the star xuan, with just calmly deal with yamamoto.
"Ha ha, what the Taoist priest said is really funny. The reason why human beings lead sentient beings is because she has an inexhaustible creative ability, constantly improving the current level, constantly creating and making progress. Seeing Taoist priests is also a very knowledgeable person. Ancient and modern history must be mastered a lot more than my spring. Does Taoist priest think that human beings should rest on their laurels and will not make any progress? If the Taoist priest returns to ancient times, do you think that human beings should fight those wild beasts with broadswords and spears forever? What’s more, the Taoist believes that the Qiling chip should not be made, and the human body should always be weak and often catch a cold? " Xing Xuan looked at Guan Feng and talked with Kan Kan.
Guan Feng was suddenly silly. Yes, Xing Xuan said it makes sense. What makes him think that the kung fu he is practicing now is not the kung fu of the secular world, but stolen from the mysterious world? What makes him think that human beings can’t break through today’s level?
"Ha ha, the Taoist priest must be a mysterious person. It’s a great honor for me to know the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest has repeatedly asked me if I am from the mysterious world. What is the matter? The star is mysterious and dull, so please give me your advice! " Xing Xuan stood up at this time and gave GuanFeng a deep yi.
"Oh, well, the mysterious convention stipulates that people in the mysterious world can’t bully the secular world with their mysterious kung fu, so I think your strength is very powerful, so … so, ask!" GuanFeng said to the star xuan.