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Ji Yue Liu Yin nodded "This Yu Pei followed me when I was born" [

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"I have absorbed a lot of the essence of the sun and the moon in my practice for hundreds of years. Because of it, even if I practice for 500 years, it is equivalent to others practicing for 1000 years."
Jiang Xue bud eyes surprised color even before.
So this Yu Pei is really important.
"Such an important thing … you … you want to give it to me?"
Silent month flow sound eyes light up and then dim.
He turned around and whispered, "I’ll be safe when you’re pregnant with my child and Yu Pei."
So … It’s because of this child.
Jiang Xue bud and some tightness in the heart.
Her lips evoked a faint smile and handed Yu Pei to him. "Since this Yu Pei can help you practice, you’d better take it with you. What if I accidentally lose it?"
Ji Yue Liu Yin turned her head and looked at her mercilessly. She was angry and annoyed and said, "I said I am a child. What do you want to do for me?"
Does she really want to draw a line with herself?
I don’t even want to send things myself.
I feel quite stuffy when I think of the sound of the lonely moon.
Jiang Xue bud was stunned by his roar.
She looked at the sound of the silent moon with an unhappy expression and said, "Since it’s a child, I’ll accept it."
He has made it so clear that it would be hypocritical for her to refuse.
The voice of the silent moon is still smelly and faint. "Keep it well. If you lose it, you will never leave me in this generation."
Such threats have a strange feeling in Jiang Xue’s ears.
Let her heart more boring [
I was a little upset to see her not talking. I snorted, "Did you see what that man was like just now? Section 55: How dare you touch my woman!
Let her heart more boring.
See her don’t talk, the sound of the silent moon is a little upset. Hum, "Did you see what that man was like just now? “
Jiang Xue Bud shook his head. "He is wearing a mask."
"Who is so bold as to dare to touch my woman!"
His woman … [
Jiang Xue Bud’s heart trembled violently at the sight of Ji Yue’s streaming sound, and he looked at broken arrow with malicious folded eyes.
"There are not many people who can avoid the storm. I will definitely find out that no matter who it is, I will never spare it!"
From the cave, I went back to the house called Yunshui House. The sound of the silent moon made a lot of food for Jiang Xue Bud and accompanied her to eat it.
Look at Jiang Xue Bud, who is sitting opposite to himself in the silent moonlight, there is a feeling of not knowing what to eat.
She must have turned her back on herself after what she said to him.
I never thought that he was still very kind to her.
To make her feel bad.
"Why don’t you like that?"
Ji Yue Liu Yin picked his eyebrows and said to the maid beside him, "Go and get a soup again."
Seeing that the maid is about to leave Kaijiang Xueya and make her debut quickly, "No, I don’t dislike it."
Actually, the food on the table is very good.
It’s all light food, not greasy, and you won’t feel sick after eating it.
And that nutritional collocation is reasonable, which is something very suitable for pregnant women to eat.
"Then why don’t you drink?"
"I am full to drink no …"
The fox raised his eyebrows again. "You eat very little."
It’s just a small bowl of rice
This damn stupid woman … Don’t you know she’s pregnant now? [
How can a baby grow up healthily if she eats so little like that?
"I’m really full"