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Chapter seven hundred and twenty-three

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When the big barrel Muhui Night appeared, its powerful aura almost made five people lift their heads. This feeling was exactly the same as when they met the day. The sense of force deeply stimulated Naruto and Sasuke to bite their teeth and raise their heads. It was difficult to stand up straight and look at the big barrel Muhui Night without fear.
Big barrel Muhui Night was surprised to see that these five people were able to get up in the face of her coercion. In this forbearance world, it was only her two sons. Big barrel Muhui Night opened her eyes and carefully looked at the five Naruto and Sasuke. Yang and Yin were left in her eyes.
Big barrel MuHui night light way "this is Asura and Indra and Asura body and light power supercilious look is reborn; Well, this little girl is a descendant of Yucun, and her metempsychosis is good. These two are kaleidoscopes, one is a descendant of Yuyan, and the other should be the disciples of Yuyan. This forbearance is still the same. Well, are my three artifacts in them? Then "
See big barrel Muhui night slowly raised his hand and suddenly a suction appeared in her palm. Naruto and Sasuke and Ueda suddenly felt that they had something to come out and found that the three artifacts were quickly suppressed, but nothing was still pulled out of them.
See Sasuke’s right eye Gouyu constantly choose to finally break away from Sasuke’s right eye and become a necklace, while Naruto’s left eye flashes a light, a sword flies out of Naruto’s eyes, and a mirror of Ueda flies out of her body, and three artifacts slowly fly to the hands of the big barrel Muhui Night.
Naruto looked at the three artifacts flying to the big barrel Muhui Night, and suddenly he wanted to rush to get them back, but was stopped by Sasuke. Naruto turned his head and looked at Sasuke and shook his head. "Don’t be impulsive. It’s better not to be impulsive if we can’t get them back."
Kakashi also advised, "Naruto is not impulsive now. It is not clear how strong she is, but it must be much stronger than uchiha madara. If we act rashly, we will be passive and wait and see."
Naruto soon calmed down and was able to react. Because Naruto knew that the Terror Center of Okubo Muhui Night had been in a state of tension, the three artifacts were called back by Okubo Muhui Night, which indicated that Okubo Muhui Night would become stronger and all his limbs could try to stop him from calming down. Naruto himself was scared out in a cold sweat.
Naruto took a deep breath and said, "I’m fine. I was just too nervous. Sasuke must be careful when dealing with her. And don’t be separated from her. Only when we are together can we deal with her."

Naruto’s information on Otsuka Muhui Night has been published a long time ago. This is why all the five forbearing villages in the forbearing world have it. This time, after Nagato got all the bijuu, all forbearing villages hurried to form alliances without pressure, and all forbearing villages could hate each other when they didn’t even run in.
Because we all know that if the big barrel of wood is broken at night, the world of forbearance will be gone, and it will be too late to say anything, but even if it goes against our wishes, we will know it before, but it will still not change our destiny.
With the arrival of the three artifacts in the big barrel of Muhui Night, the three artifacts have changed. See that Ban Gouyu is embedded in the Zhi mirror respectively, while Tiancong Yunjian slowly falls into the middle of the Zhi mirror. The whole three artifacts are shaped like a huge compass.
However, at the moment when the three artifacts were combined, the powerful force broke out from the artifacts. When the three artifacts were released, the artifacts slowly merged into the big barrel, and then a kingdom slowly appeared behind the big barrel.
Naruto and others were surprised when they saw the kingdom behind the big barrel of Muhui Night. Naruto and others never thought that it would be like this. Naruto said coldly, "I didn’t expect these three artifacts to be the kingdom of Huihui Night. This time, the trouble is a bit big."
Sasuke said calmly, "We still have a chance to deal with the kingdom of God. Don’t forget that the first three artifacts were damaged in our hands, which means that the kingdom of God is not at its peak now, and we still have a chance."
On the other hand, after the integration of the three artifacts, the big barrel Muhui Night also found that there was a problem in his kingdom. The aura in the kingdom was pitifully low and the kingdom was seriously damaged, which made the big barrel Muhui Night never think of it.
Big barrel Muhui night slowly flew to Naruto and others and looked at Naruto, Sasuke and Ueda. "What did you do to the Three Artifacts? My God Congress ruined this."
Before Naruto and others could answer the question, a light curtain suddenly appeared. After Naruto and others got the three artifacts, they actually let the power department of the three artifacts feed back the whole image of the forbearance world. Seeing this, the face of the big barrel of Muhui Night suddenly sank. At the same time, she also knew what her God Congress was broken. At the same time, she also knew what was originally absorbed by ten tail and almost forbearance world. Why suddenly there was such a high aura? It turned out that all this was her kingdom power.

Naruto and others also know how powerful the three artifacts will be. Naruto and Sasuke are not without doubt, but they are not sure. After all, they have not only three artifacts, but also the wind, the thunder double sword, the soul-scattering clock and the dry yuan clock. But no matter how strong these magic are, they are not as exaggerated as the three artifacts, and they can feed back a world. Now they are white and their faces are not good.
Naruto secretly looked at a big barrel of Muhui Night. At this time, his face was called black. Think about it and know what it would be like if his kingdom was taken to fool around.
Big barrel MuHui night black face way "you do good to die" say that finish lightly a palm hit suddenly a difficult words shock wave hit them.
Five people rushed to deal with Naruto and Sasuke, and they didn’t want to be silenced, so that Wei Zhuang had to be able to cut off with a sword. At the same time, they asked Tao Yu to cover their young fields and hit ten palms. At the same time, they also asked Tao Yu to cover themselves, while Kakashi and Daitu Shenwei launched at the same time, but only five people were beaten out with one palm.
Seeing that Wei Zhuang must be able to assist him, he immediately broke up when he met that shock wave, and the jade seeking Tao was also shattered. Even Kakashi and Daitu were shaken by this vibration.
Although five people were flying, fortunately, five people were more or less blocked by most of the attacks. Although they were all injured, it was not a big problem, especially Naruto’s yang reflected at this time. Although he was injured, he recovered in a flash. Instead, he was shocked. Fortunately, Kakashi was most seriously injured. He had soil around him to block most of the injuries, otherwise Kakashi might have died at this moment.
Kakashi also knows this and is grateful. He looked at the soil and said, "Kakashi, be careful not to die. Try this for you, or you can’t hit this staff." Then he took out a piece of white meat for him.
Kakashi stared at the white meat in front of him. After a moment’s silence, his eyes nodded firmly, and then he pressed the meat to his heart. What is this white meat? Kakashi knew very well in his heart that this was the first generation of cells, that is, the god body. This long battle is no longer a simple ninja battle. Without the god body, he can die with any strength. Let alone fight with the big barrel of Muhui Night, he can gamble and accept the life of the god body before he can qualify for this battlefield. Otherwise, he should honestly stay in the great power.

Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four
"It’s time for you to take a trip," said the creator, looking at the big barrel of Muhui Night that had broken the seal.
Aside, Ootutuki Hagoromo nodded his head, then his body slowly merged into the creation. After looking at the direction of the moon, he smiled, and he turned his head to look in the direction of the forbearance world for a while. Naruto and Sasuke looked at the big barrel again, and it felt quite interesting. Then he looked at the other side, and saw Dark Naruto and Good Naruto. They tried their best to absorb the negative emotions of the forbearance world through the limited Harle tree, and then smiled slightly, as if they didn’t care that Good Naruto and Dark Naruto absorbed the whole forbearance world worldly desires.
Genesis God murmured, "In fact, it’s quite good to let these two people absorb some of worldly desires, which saves the world so much gloom. It’s not bad to think about it, but hehe, you have to work hard. I don’t know if this little guy can handle it."
At this time, Ao Ming, who was beside the creator, said, "I am optimistic about him. After all, I have been with him for so many years, and I believe that my eyes will not be wrong."
The creator was a little surprised and turned to Aoming. "I didn’t expect you to believe people, too. Good, good. It seems that I really have to thank this little man for changing you."
How did the Creator say that Ao Ming quit immediately? "How could he possibly change me? I think."
Creator waved his hand and said, "Come on, come on, you’ll know that a dead duck has a hard mouth. It’s not good. Why are you so proud? Why don’t you just admit that he has changed you so that you are not so dark? Why don’t you give him something, or you’ll have a great time if you really can’t carry it?"
See the creator open his palm, a little golden light appears in his palm, and then with a gentle wave of his hand, that little golden light melts into the water and disappears.
Creator nodded with satisfaction. "It’s up to him to take it. If you can’t carry it, you can do it yourself."
Aside Aoming nodded, "I know the father, and I believe that the little one won’t let you down."
Genesis God nodded his head. "By the way, Ao Guanghui’s body found you and sent it to Hui Ye’s body. What kind of celestial body did you make? Let her body absorb the celestial force as soon as possible. When everything is done, I should start work."
Ao nodded his head and then disappeared, and then the celestial body appeared beside Tian Ji and others, and the power of the celestial body rushed into her body.
The sudden appearance of Hui night’s body scared Tian Mi and others, but it was also expected that Zhongtian Mi looked at Muhui night with a big barrel of flesh and said, "It seems that that person is in a hurry. Are those so-called taboos almost uncontrollable?" Forget it, let’s absorb it as soon as possible. This night, the flesh came over and the seven people absorbed faster and saved a lot of worry. "
Others have nodded their heads and absorbed the boundary forces from all walks of life more quickly.