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"Don’t care too much. Don’t think I’m strong. Maybe I’m just a plaything to pass the time when Heaven is boring." Chen cold self-deprecating smile, he is very clear about his identity, at least for now, he is a plaything at best, but this plaything is too courageous to let heaven pay attention.

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"You said that some people search for natural resources and treasures with you, while others practice, but …"
"You open your hearts to me and don’t have any resistance."
As soon as Chen Han’s voice fell, more than 20 thousand people opened their hearts to him without reservation. No one worried that he would harm himself: would such existence harm himself?
With a seven-color glow rising, a fist-sized pearl with a transparent color is suspended above his celestial spirit.
Hallows again!
When people feel uncontrolled being sucked into the pearl, enter a vast and incomparably original ecological space, and see the top natural materials and treasures in that space, they realize that this is not only a sacristy, but also the most precious spatial sacristy.
Before they woke up from the shock, more than 20,000 people were put back to their original places by Chen Han. He smiled breathlessly: "The environment inside is not bad, right? Hmm … but those natural treasures can’t be moved, unless one of you is proficient in alchemy, otherwise it would be a waste to take them directly. "
Chapter 668 Eat up and wipe out 1
"Dig three feet for me, regardless of spiritual products, fairy products, HarmonyOS gods or sacred products, all of them are desperately dug for me!"
"Xianshi, Lingyu, Jingjin, and medicinal fruits are directly picked and excavated. Don’t destroy the mine source and medicinal plants, and put them in the sacred space to slowly breed more treasures."
"When you’re tired, just say that others will come out. Let’s make Feather Xianmen even eat less than slag, haha …"
More than 20,000 people left one-tenth to dig for treasures in the way of cutting off the roots, while others stayed in the space of Wan Xuzhu to dive.
According to Chen Han’s plan, we change people every ten days, that is, there are ten days in the middle of one hundred days to dig the baby, and the rest of the time we devote ourselves to uniting and improving our strength.
Wan Xu Zhu was originally a spatial sacristy, which not only formed an extremely pure and rich aura through a virtuous circle inside, but also absorbed the essence of Sunday, the sun and the moon to nourish the inner space. The environment inside is even comparable to the prefecture-level planet, but the area is one thousand times and ten thousand times larger than the largest prefecture-level planet.
In addition, there is an unlimited supply of a large number of resources, and some immortals who are good at alchemy are refined into elixirs for everyone to take, even if they want to improve slowly.
Practice hard!
Practice hard!
They are no longer the psychology of muddling along, and they are no longer arrogant and don’t take themselves seriously. Under the influence of the cold, they have drawn up amazing goals for themselves.
Motivated by the heart of the strong, they worked out a large number of practical ways to improve, instead of slaving over it.
If you can become a strong person by hard work alone, it will be too simple.
There are too many conditions to become a strong person, such as great ideals, diligent action, unique ideas and ideas. You are working hard and others are working hard, so you must think of a faster way to improve yourself and how to stimulate your potential to a greater extent.
Of course, there is one thing beyond all kinds of conditions, which is undoubtedly luck. Although opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, it does not mean that you will become a strong person if you are ingenious, and luck also accounts for a certain proportion.
"Ha ha ….. here is a top-grade fairy stone mine, which is developed …" A fairy gentleman came from hundreds of Wan Li.
"All the fairy stones are dug up. Don’t destroy the mine source and bring it back. Pay attention to the surrounding situation …"
"Boss, what should I do if I find a HarmonyOS medicinal herb?"
"Dig the roots!"
Throw Chen Yan into Wan Xuzhu’s latent cultivation, Chen Han absorbs the power of the stars while searching for treasure, and sends instructions to the men who keep coming from all kinds of messages.
It’s the third time that the summoning order from Ruo Congying has been asked about the origin of Hong again, and the tone of the other party is obviously a little flustered.
Can’t help but frowned. Chen Han sent a message to more than 2,000 people who dug the baby. They were divided into hundreds of teams with their own team leaders ranging from 20 to 30 people. The team that received the arraignment quickly ran back from different directions.
Time has passed for a long time, and we can’t delay it any longer. We must first get rid of the trouble of calendar Hong, and something will happen on the same planet sooner or later, not to mention that half his men are still waiting to take over by themselves.
The nameless planet is nearly 100 million miles in diameter, and its vast surface area is even more amazing.
The team was divided into two groups, and they stayed in the north and south poles for most of the day, but they never met any enemies, which means that 99% of them did not exist.
There was no reply to the three consecutive arraignments, and Li Hong was obviously angry. Just as he was about to take someone to find Zhe Congying himself, a figure flew rapidly across the sky.
"The leader’s adult, not good!" Chen Han, who flew down, was dismayed.
"What’s the matter?" Li Hong felt something was wrong.
"The deputy team leader entered the polar region with his subordinates and others. A fellow soldier inexplicably searched for a secret place and found an extremely strange place. Then, the deputy team leader took some people in and never appeared again. The subordinates were ordered to report to the adults! "
"Secret place?"
Li Hong frowned, pondered for a moment and shouted, "Tell the army to gather up and return to the team quickly to find out with us."
He didn’t grasp the soul jade Jane of Ochoa Yan Ying, and it was placed in the rear unmanned star base, so he didn’t know Ochoa Yan Ying was dead. Similarly, the base saw the broken jade slips of the souls of the people such as Yan Yingying, and this situation has become accustomed to it. There are so many teams developing the planet, how can we have time to pay attention to one of them, and just a few hundred people died?
Soon, more than 20,000 people scattered around the country gathered rapidly and brought back the news that they had not met the enemy.
Li Hong has no idea to pay attention to the enemy now. The so-called secret place has aroused his curiosity, even some amazing guess.
The brigade teleported all the way to the South Pole, and entered the Antarctic circle after nearly an hour.
"Damn … you dare to pick and dig resources on a new planet without authorization? !”
Seeing the fields near the Antarctic Circle, which seemed to have been dug three feet and plowed, I couldn’t find any natural materials and treasures. Li Hong immediately thought of the violation of the rules of his old school here, and immediately flew into a rage.
Chen Han looked frightened and bowed down at once, and cried, "My Lord, how dare your subordinates be so presumptuous? Here … we have been like this since we first came here. There are no resources nearby, only that strange place exists, as if all the natural materials and treasures nearby have been sucked in. "
After hearing what he said, Li Hong pondered on the surface, and he was more convinced of some possibility in his heart. Only in this way can he explain this matter.
Before long, more than 20,000 people arrived at the place where Chen Han said, and the gang led by Li Hong were waiting and watching. When they saw him bring people to salute in succession, there were endless discussions.