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Chapter 8
The factory representative gave four different preferential promotion measures to four guests respectively.
Liang Yi got a sample of shampoo and conditioner, and Jin Junjie is currently the main sample of hair care essential oil.
Luo Yufei and Ye Feng didn’t have any samples to get at the price, and Ye Feng got a lower price than Luo Yufei, but the price can be limited to 5 pieces for each supplier.
Ye Feng gathered this east wind by eating melons and nuts, and at the expense of his image in the live broadcast, he made a paste in his hair and talked with the factory representatives about low prices before becoming the sales champion today.
Nine kinds of products, each with 5 pieces sold by one department.
After counting the sales and ranking, the director put four families together and took out four envelopes.
"There is a room card for you to stay in the theme hotel tonight. Today, the sales champion will be drawn first."
This comprehensive IP playground has also built a large-scale theme hotel, which is characterized by not having the same theme room.
Although the IP of the room may be the same, the theme characters or scenes are different.
"Baby, then you go and smoke." Ye Feng put Unicorn Chan in her arms.
Unicorn Chan walked to the director with short legs.
Everyone likes beautiful things and throws away all external factors. Among the four children, such as the backer or the ex-boss, the director really likes Unicorn Chan baby best.
Who let Unicorn Chan be born with a prosperous beauty? People love each other, and flowers bloom.
The director squatted, lowered his four envelopes to the height that Unicorn Chan could reach.
And let one envelope slip a little more than the other envelopes by putting the hand down.
I wonder if this baby can understand his kindness?
Unicorn Chan did see this envelope, which was a little more prominent than other envelopes. He felt that the director’s uncle seemed to want him to choose this one?
He simply took the envelope away and poured out a card with a cartoon bear printed on it, with three words printed on it. He couldn’t read.
"Wow, it’s a big bear. I like bears ~" Sun Wu leaned her head over and looked at the cartoon bear with envy.
Unicorn Chan handed the card to Ye Feng "beep beep".
Ye Feng conveniently picked up the baby in her arms and took the room card. "Does the baby like this room?"
There is also a photo of the room department printed on the back of the room card, which is the theme room of Xiongda.
"Yeah, I like it."
Jin Doudou looked enviously at Ye Feng’s room card. The director’s uncle just said that the room in this hotel was not repeated. Xiong Da was taken away. She didn’t have Xiong Da to live in.
"Brother! You have to refuel. Ow! Take a Xiong Er and let’s live! "
Just now, the twins discussed it. Jin Doudou gave the lottery card back to the Sun Wu. She felt that she was unlucky.
Sun Wuwu rolled his eyes. "There are so many cartoon characters. One bear has appeared, and the remaining three will definitely not let bears appear again. This is called the program effect. Do you understand?"
The director laughed heartily, and he did have a bear-infested room card in his hand. Today is the weekend, and the theme hotel room is so hot that many children like the theme.
Bear infested or did he find the lobby manager to grind it
Jin Doudou nodded and she waved her fist at the sun. "Well, brother, come on, smoke a Tu Tu. I also like Tu Tu with big ears ~"
Sun Wu randomly draws an envelope from the director and hands it to Jin Doudou.
"Don’t don’t elder brother, you drive me with bad luck." Jin Doudou gave a hand and refused to pick it up.
Sun Wu took out the card in the envelope and handed it to Jin Doudou again.
"Myth? Smelly black smoke what is this! What an ugly house! These dummies in the house are terrible! "
Don’t you stink when you call your brother? This is the reality, Jin Doudou.
Jin Doudou doesn’t know many words. The card is printed with the name of the theme room "Myth"
She knows these two words, but she has never seen this drama before, and she has never touched the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. She thinks that there is a room printed on the back of the card, and there is a big row of armored dummies in the photo, which looks particularly scary.
The draw order is according to the sales volume tonight. The third draw is Liang Haizhou, who has drawn the director’s hand. Another bear-infested room card is printed with bald cartoon figures.
"wow! Logger Vick, hey! Smelly Wu Wu, didn’t you say there were no bears? Zhouzhou also drew bears! "
Contrary to Jin Doudou’s Zha Zha Hu’s personality, the Sun Wu is a calm type. He "well" for a while and didn’t speak again. Jin Doudou is also accustomed to this kind of punching in cotton and often goes to see what the sunny group has drawn.
Luo Yufei didn’t understand why he would be defeated in the live broadcast. He copied the successful case of live broadcast.