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After about two minutes, I patted my head and shouted, "Last year, I heard that a big fraud gang in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province was caught by thunder, but there were several caught fish, and one of them seemed to be named Ma Sanwang."

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"Ma Sanwang?" A few people can’t figure out what this has to do with horse’ jade’
When I saw a few people puzzled, I immediately added, "That fraud gang has a habit of cheating. Everyone will change their own names but keep their surnames every time they complete a fraud … The gang is called the’ surname fraud group’."
"… family name fraud group"
Chapter 357 The Walking Dead
"Well, it’s a group of professional swindlers, such as a train throwing a pile of counterfeit money and then saying’ meet in half’ when passers-by pick it up; Or pretend to befriend someone’s relatives and friends in a resident’s room and then wait for an opportunity to cheat … There is always a lot of’ flowers’, and many people accidentally fall into a trap. "Bend said affectionately.
Uncle Li frowned and asked straightforwardly, "Is there any way to find out this paper man for me even if I apply for’ black’ and’ color’ wanted’ with my eldest brother?"
"Uncle you want to move black’ color’ wanted? !” Bend after listening to the frightened immediately added "this black’ color’ wanted guy is a blood feud with his side to make the whole gang brothers move their own contacts and launch a wanted … not just saying wanted, but … still such a swindle with the gang"
Bend is very puzzled how Uncle Li suddenly did this.
"Eldest brother, he owes me my life. Let’s pay it back this time. When you get to my age, you have experienced more things than urinating. Maybe you will be able to see through something." Uncle Li finished and took a big bite of food.
"…" Bend silence.
"People find words directly to Tianyu" ordered from uncle.
Bend and patted his head pulled his forehead a few yellow’ MAO’ expression is very puzzled.
"Uncle Li …" Tianyu listened to the curved explanation and knew how much the so-called "black’ color’ wanted" had to pay to make it once. He didn’t expect uncle Li to meet himself for the second time just because he had just moved himself to "black’ color’ wanted"
Uncle Li smiled with the wave. "Anyway, I feel uncomfortable owing to my eldest brother. Let him return this favor in my lifetime. Forget it. It’s really troublesome for him to have a wish."
"But from uncle this head is fuzzy can’t see clearly … it is still difficult to find"
"I can’t care about this, whether it’s a month, two months or even a year or two, if you want to help your brother in the family, you must find him for me."
"… uncle, the scope of our dark street gang activities is Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. If this guy leaves Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, wouldn’t it be looking for a needle in a haystack?" Bend nai whispered
Uncle Li didn’t answer him, but gave him a hard stare.
"Okay, okay, I’ll make a message to the eldest brother. When can I find it? I can’t be sure. After all, there is not much information. This avatar is even more vague and can’t be seen clearly, so I know that this person used to be a member of the family name fraud group …"
From uncle this just satisfied nodded his head.
After Tianyu and Erxiu didn’t stay for a while, they planned to go back.
"Take" uncle said and handed over some tickets in his hand.
"From uncle this …"
"Don’t let people feel that you are pathetic. Just buying some food is estimated to have drained your last counting ticket." Uncle Li grabbed Tianyu’s hand and stuffed it in. Looking at Tianyu, he continued, "I’m not sympathizing with you because I also treat you as a relative! Sometimes don’t be so stubborn. If several people share it, it will be much better than one person. "
Tianyu’s heartstrings are touched, and tears wet the corners of his eyes.
"If you don’t have much money, 7 yuan is a little token of my concern from my uncle, but don’t expect to call me every time you encounter trouble. I will help you with this once. It’s still up to you how to get there."
Tianyu nodded and finally hugged a uncle.
Two whew is there a face of callous don’t know what happened to Tianyu and uncle.
Che Tianyu explained this to Er Xiu.
"There is gold in a man’s knee …" Erxiu said with great feeling.
"As Uncle Li said, a gentleman can bend and stretch his legs, but he can also kneel in addition to walking," Tianyu said calmly.
"Tianyu, I think you have changed a little, but I don’t know where it has changed …" Two whew listened to Tianyu and gave a bitter smile.
"People will change," Tianyu also smiled bitterly. "After all, this is society!"
When they got home, they ate two snacks upstairs.
It was 6 o’clock in the evening when I got to the house.
"Put things away," Tianyu said and glanced at Mu Xue’s room over there.
Two whew nodded down Tianyu eyes Bai Tianyu thought at this moment and said, "what about Mu Xue’s sister? Why don’t you call her? "
"Now I’m not qualified … I can’t even take care of myself. What about protecting my beloved?"
Tianyu said the self-care back to his room and began to pack up.
The two of them packed up and left two computers and bedding, and there were not many other things, just two duffel bags.
After washing, the two men went back to their rooms and opened their brains to play the game.
Tianyu looked at the familiar interface and got used to sex. He chose unlucky bear to enter the channel.
As usual, Hou Tianyu plans to look at the price of paving equipment and see if he can get some oil and water.
But the news from the left horn made Tianyu shine at the moment and feel a shock.
"Walking dead" meat "! Me! You are forced! "
This is Pluto’s horn. Judging from his punctuation, he should be very excited. Judging from his words, he should be very angry.
"What the hell happened? How can there be a’ cross’ between the walking corpse and Pluto? " Tianyu looked at the horn and stood there
Then Tianyu began to recall things.
"At this time of the year, I was still a little white. I was not very impressed by these business celebrities, but the consortium was still in Pluto. I was also a little impressed. He should have quit the game later. I can’t remember the reason … Did he and I experience the same experience? !”
Thought of here, Tianyu clicked on Pluto id, but Tianyu immediately hesitated and sighed, "Alas, he and I are at odds at ordinary times, and now I don’t know what happened to him, but he must be in a bad mood at the moment, otherwise he wouldn’t be so angry …"
"Do you have the guts to come out and brush with me if you have nothing to do?"
"Hundred million game coins and that pile of equipment are enough for you to brush a generation of speakers?"
"Walking corpse’ meat’ you get out!"
Pluto is like a roar at the moment … The mad dog has been yelling.
The Pluto line also brushes several horns for Pluto from time to time.
"Pluto, calm down."
In the Pluto game interface, a’ private’ chat window flashes.
Chapter 358 Doubt
"Eugene finally saw you!" Pluto has seen id for a long time, Eugene.
"Alas, I haven’t seen this number for months. I didn’t expect to meet you brushing your horn." Eugene also replied slightly.
"Ha ha met a da dog to win my trust …"