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With a fierce tackle, ledesma turned Aguero with the ball to the ground and got his football.

adminq 2 weeks ago

This action caused dissatisfaction among Atletico Madrid players, who protested and complained to the referee. Especially Aguero, who fell to the ground, rolled painfully on the ground clutching his ankle.
However, the referee was observant and didn’t give ledesma a foul. He saw clearly that ledesma had knocked down the football.
Moreover, this action is not a tackle from behind, so it is not a foul.
If it’s a tackle from behind, then no matter whether ledesma tackles the ball, he has a great chance to get the card. If Aguero’s acting skills are more exquisite, ledesma will be directly sent off by the red card.
So when Atletico Madrid’s players protested to the referee that Aguero was still lying on the ground to continue acting, Lazio had launched another quick counterattack.
This time, the prepared Fabio Caressa shouted, "Coming! Lazio’s quick attack is coming again! And Atletico Madrid is still besieging the referee … It’s stupid! "
As Caressa said.
That’s stupid …
After a series of quick passes, Lazio once again hit the football in front of Atletico Madrid’s goal!
Then cazorla, who was in charge of the last pass, sent the football to the empty space accurately.
Cavani was there exactly, and then he shot with his feet!
The football got into the goal from the crotch of Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Franco!
In less than ten minutes, Lazio has already led the opponent by two goals!
At this time, Aguero just got up from the ground and it didn’t take long …
Aguirre stood on the sidelines, watching cavani bypass goalkeeper Franco, rush into the goal, pick up the ball again, and then turn around and run towards the circle.
"This his mama … is … how … what’s going on?" He murmured.
Just six minutes into the game, we lost two goals!
Why does such a game make you meet?
Atletico Madrid fans who accompanied the team on their expedition to Rome were all dumbfounded and could not think.
Their brains have gone blank.
They don’t understand why Atletico Madrid, which looks in good shape, lags behind Lazio, which looks in bad shape, by two goals at the start of the game!
This kind of thing is beyond human understanding, isn’t it?
"Again! Entered again! " The reporters in the media gallery stood up from their seats and looked off the field in surprise.
Others turned to look at the score on the big screen, as if to confirm whether they really scored …
The score is striking.
Lazio at home leads by two goals!
"It’s only been six minutes … is Lazio taking drugs collectively?"
"It’s incredible! Lazio unexpectedly … Is this really the Lazio that can’t win three games in a row? !”
"The speed they showed in the game was simply shocking! These two goals have the same routine. Are taking advantage of the Atletico Madrid didn’t have time to quickly back to defense, the use of fast delivery to send football to the heart of Atletico Madrid … "
The commentator is crazier than them.
"Eddison-card-tile-ni-! ! ! His second goal in the Champions League! However, the biggest contributor to this goal is not him, but the whole Lazio! From the time they broke the ball and launched the attack to the final goal, the whole process was only eleven seconds! Such a fast speed makes Atletico Madrid completely unable to respond! Before them, Atletico Madrid is like a snail! "
"If you don’t use slow-motion playback, I think many people may not have seen the whole process of Lazio’s goal just now! It’s too fast! In a blink of an eye, it has reached the 30-meter area of Atletico Madrid! "
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! ! Cavani! Cavani! Cavani! ! ! ! Lazio led Atletico Madrid by two goals less than ten minutes after the start of the game! This is really a fantastic start! "
Lazio fans in the stands gave a huge cheer. In their cheers, Lazio players still didn’t celebrate the goal. cavani rushed into the goal, picked up the football and ran back.
His teammates have already withdrawn their own half.
Changsheng didn’t celebrate the goal either.
Although everyone around him is celebrating, he is not.
He stood on the sidelines with his hands in his pockets and looked at it calmly.
Caressa is now convinced that the probability of that idea in his mind is increasing.