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At this moment, the players of Real Madrid felt the great pressure from the stands.

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Florentino went to great lengths to arrange the final of the King’s Cup at his own home, but never thought that the enthusiastic support of the home fans would also become a source of pressure for the players …
Changsheng stood up from the ground, and he also heard the boos in the stands. Although there were not many, he knew that this was only the beginning. As long as your team can persist for a few more minutes, the situation will be reversed!
Real Madrid arranged the final in the Bernabeu, although it was humiliating to win, but it was actually what he expected.
If you want to beat Real Madrid, the best stage is the Bernabeu, and only in the Bernabeu will you have a better chance of beating Real Madrid.
Because this stadium is not only the home of Real Madrid, maybe it will become the tomb of Real Madrid.
Just like this game.
Changsheng knows that La Coruna of Irueta beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in this season’s King’s Cup final in history.
He hasn’t seen the final, but he thinks that the reason why Real Madrid lost to La Coruna in such a favorable situation must have something to do with this home court.
He will watch Real Madrid games in the future, but he knows the virtue of Real Madrid fans very well.
Florentino thought that choosing the Bernabeu would double the fighting capacity of Real Madrid players?
Then he really miscalculated …
Real Madrid’s players are getting more and more impatient. When attacking Valencia, they are often too bold and rushed to be given.
When attacking, they also lack the necessary cooperation. As a result of too many superstars, everyone feels that he is a person who can decide the game. When the football reaches his feet, he wants to have a personal heroic drama.
Unfortunately, football is a team sport, so going it alone may be feasible when facing other teams.
But in the face of Valencia, which emphasizes the whole, these real Madrid superstars can’t help it.
Mad dog tactics are most afraid of the other person going it alone. If anyone really dares to do this, they must show each other what is called "Wang Yang Sea of People’s War"!
Seeing that the Real Madrid superstars really went it alone, Changsheng simply turned back to the coach’s seat and sat on the coach’s seat with his legs crossed.
He’s really not worried about anything now.
The final, from the moment florentino decided to arrange it at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid lost.
Real Madrid became more and more disorganized in the game, and there were more and more sporadic boos in the stands.
Sitting next to him, Jaime Otti, the president of Valencia, has more and more smiles on his face, as if he were deliberately showing them to himself.
Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid Club, sat in his seat and looked very ugly.
He now feels that as long as he plays Valencia, his face will definitely not look good.
Why is this?
While florentino was still thinking about this issue, Valencia on the court launched an attack again.
Still using the mad dog tactics, I invited Real Madrid to snatch in the frontcourt, and then successfully passed the football to the opponent’s 30-meter area.
Every time football is spread here, the fans of Real Madrid start to worry.
In fact, they weren’t worried at first, but when Valencia almost broke the goal in the first attack, many fans of Real Madrid began to feel nervous involuntarily when they saw Valencia attacking the 30-meter area.
And with the passage of time and the increase of Valencia offensive, more and more people are worried.
This time, it is no exception.
Those Real Madrid fans who are sitting in the stands watching the game can see it clearly.
When Valencia’s offensive hit the 30-meter area of Real Madrid, as many as seven people were able to take part in the attack, as if they were everywhere.
Real Madrid’s defenders, on the other hand, look flustered.
When the football fell to Ibrahimovic’s feet again, Yero still stuck to the other side.
But Campo is not around. Everyone is worried about Valencia’s post-insertion.
Because of the last league game, Real Madrid suffered a loss. In this game, Real Madrid paid special attention to Valencia’s post-insertion.
Ibrahimovic took the ball and tried it. He wanted to break through by himself.
He thought of the coach talking to himself alone a week before the game.
He still remembers his own surprise when the head coach said his task for this game.
Because, the head coach didn’t let him cover his teammates this time, but let him be a siege hammer.
"Well, the game, your task is to score. Real Madrid players will think that you are a cover to attract their attention, and the real killing is actually someone else who plugs in later. I suppose you don’t mind giving them a surprise? "
Ibrahimovic was frightened and only nodded.
"That’s good." Changsheng smiled. "Your gift is the reason why I am willing to pay $8 million for you and bring you here from Sweden. But you should know that no matter how good your talent is, it is meaningless, because it is your strength, not your potential, that determines your success in this field. Now you need to bring your potential into play and turn it into strength. "
Ibrahimovic continued to nod.
Now that I think about it, he was too busy nodding at that time, which was very poor …
Now, it’s time to reverse this terrible image, and he wants to show Chang Sheng his own strength!
Yero noticed that Ibrahimovic wanted to turn around, so he strengthened the oppression and stopped Ibrahimovic’s exploration in this regard.
Ibrahimovic found that if he turned around in the same place, there was really no good way to take this experienced central defender.
So he passed the football back to aimar.
Seeing Ibrahimovic’s return, the target was really aimar, not anyone else, and Real Madrid was obviously relieved. It’s not that they look down on aimar, but because aimar didn’t plug in. This is a simple return, not something that plugs in and hits the wall.
After passing the ball, Ibrahimovic moved.
He didn’t run into the restricted area, nor did he pull sideways. He ran back to a position almost in line with aimar.
At this time, the football has already passed once again.
Then it fell to the feet of Ibrahim.
This time, he didn’t catch the ball with his back to the offensive direction. He faced the offensive direction head-on, and he didn’t have a difficult Yero with him. Because he had retreated to the midfield, he was worried that the restricted area would be emptied, so Yero did not follow.