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"eh? Aaron, don’t you fight? " May asked.

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"Yes, it’s up to you. Compared with me, you should increase your combat experience." Aaron said, continuing to sit calmly on the side of the rock.
"Anyone can do it. I made it!" Poké Ball was thrown across the street, and it was a diving fish.
"Jumping fish seems to be a new trainer like May," Aaron said, and Xiaosheng watched the battle carefully.
"Forget it, Torchic!" May finally decided to fight.
"This is the first trainer battle in May, which needs to be recorded well." Aaron said that he turned on his brain and turned on his brain camera. Although the definition is not very high, it is not very picky at this time.
"By the way, I’ll come here without a referee. Can Xiaosheng’s brain play?" Aaron suddenly found that he got up without a referee and gave his brain to Xiaosheng.
"The game begins!" Aaron announced
"Eh, that fire is against water?" The opposite side is very strange.
"I can’t help it. May is also a newcomer trainer like you. Seeing your diving fish, I know that May has no attributes that won’t be blocked by you." Aaron helped May answer the opposite question
"All right, Torchic starts to attack!" May shouted.
Nothing happened for a long time …
"Well, what’s the matter, Torchic?" Torchic suddenly turned his head with a face of injustice. May felt very strange and waved his hand to signal Torchic to attack.
"That May, what tricks do you want to instruct it to make?" Aaron said that it was really surprising that May didn’t know about it …
"Ah, yes, that Torchic made a spark!" May order
"The diving fish makes a water gun!" The other side also began to fight back.
Spark and water gun hit together, and the spark was scattered as soon as it met the water gun, and then the water gun hit Torchic and Torchic was knocked down.
"Are you okay, Torchic!" May immediately worried and shouted that Torchic got up and seemed to be able to continue playing.
"Then change the pecking attack!" May changed skills.
"How can you attack directly!" Aside a small victory is also can’t help but shout out directly.
Torchic rushed to the opposite side, although the momentum was sufficient, but …
"The diving fish makes a water gun!" Opposite order …
The water gun also hit Torchic directly from the front and then pushed Torchic out. Torchic was knocked down.
"Torchic loses its combat capability and the diving fish wins!" Aaron also immediately announced.
"yeah! Win win diving fish "opposite seems to be very happy and May still holding Torchic.
"Torchic, are you okay?" said May, and Aaron got a closer look.
"No problem, I’ll wake up after a rest," Aaron said.
"That’s great." May said that he was more concerned about Poké mon Ann than about winning the battle. It should be said that Aaron thought exactly the same thing.
"Although the battle was lost, if you want to live the experience you have learned this time, you will certainly be able to improve. After the calculation, there is still a long way to go." Aaron said to May that May was a little overwhelmed
"Yes … yes …" May replied that Aaron saw a trace of nai in his expression from a distance.
"Sure enough, you still don’t like fighting, May?" Aaron’s heart said, but it was also expected.
Ten VS rice spoon snake? Poké mon Gorgeous Competition?
After walking for a few days, May also fought several battles, but it seems that after all, he can’t like Poké mon fighting. But now, how can Ki fight? Yesterday, he finally won a game of Aaron. It’s not that May became a Poké mon trainer to let May fight more. But even if he wants to be a Poké mon trainer and participate in the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition in the future, he needs to fight. If he wants to be able to pass the first round of review, Aaron will have absolute confidence to defeat other coordinated trainers Poké mon in the second round .. It seems that the ribbon is not very difficult to take ..
In the past few days, Aaron has also collected a forest lizard in front of him, a Poké mon. It should be said that Aaron is not pursuing quantity as before, but is more inclined to develop qualitatively. Although Aaron knows very well that even so, he will still collect 6 Poké mon … and three people are traveling as usual. At noon, three people stop for lunch. Suddenly, a Poké mon comes out, and his tail is swept away. Torchic is eating Poké mon food, and then he swallows it.
"Is Torchic okay?" May immediately picked up Torchic. "What is that Poké mon!" May was angry. It was inevitable.
"It’s a rice spoon snake!" Xiaosheng said
"Rice spoon snake?" May didn’t know that he had opened the picture book, "The rice spoon snake snake Poké mon’s poisonous personality is extremely violent, and his bulky body will bind his prey and attack it like a sword, so that the prey can move and the mongoose can cut the water and kill the enemy." The picture book said.
"It seems to be a Poké mon with bad sex," said May.
"Eh, is it bold to run directly to humans to grab food?" Aaron said. "Teach it that forest lizards use knife leaves!" Along ling
As soon as the forest lizard rushed to the rice spoon snake rice spoon snake looked at the forest lizard and spat out its tongue with disdain, and then its tail gave off purple light and the blade of the forest lizard hit together, and then both sides bounced off!
"Close?" Xiaosheng said that although there are attribute bonuses when physical attacks collide, the impact is much smaller than that of long-range attacks, and the attack power of forest lizards is further strengthened by the gravity of the earth. The gap is almost reversed here. It is really close!
"The attack power is almost the same as that of the forest lizard. It’s as strong as I thought. This rice spoon snake" Aaron said and then laughed. "But these days, I’m not strengthening the forest lizard with strength, but with speed and explosiveness! Let the forest lizard shine! "
The forest lizard slammed forward and collided with the rice spoon snake! Then the spoon snake was hit and scratched back a little, then raised its head and spat out its tongue, which didn’t seem to be damaged.
"The flash of light actually works!" Xiaosheng was surprised.
"Did you rely on your body to bear the blow? It seems that this rice spoon snake is bullying here and has developed a necessary body." Aaron said that he should say that he appreciates this rice spoon snake.
This time, the rice spoon snake made a move. As soon as the rice spoon snake spit out the thick smoke, it was a black fog skill! However, it seems that this trick is not to fight, but more like running away to prepare.
"The forest lizard jumps to the tree. When the black fog arrives in the first year of high school, it will be blown away in the tree and can be chased. Don’t let the rice spoon snake escape." Aaron shouted that the forest lizard jumped to the tree and looked at a branch. Suddenly, a purple thing waved and hit the root of the branch and broke the branch! The forest lizard escaped without a surprise.
The black fog horse dispersed and saw the forest lizard tied up by the rice spoon snake!
However, the forest lizard didn’t give up and didn’t know what to do. The snake suddenly showed a painful expression, and then released the forest lizard. Instead, it knocked out a poisonous tail of the forest lizard. At the same time, the forest lizard also gave the snake a spoon with a knife on both sides. Look closely at a spoon of snake. There are many cuts on the snake’s body. It seems that the forest lizard used a knife leaf when it was tied, which made the knife leaf very powerful. Aaron really didn’t know that the knife leaf of the forest lizard was in that kind.
"Make the black fog is not to escape but to facilitate their own raid? It was a mistake. I lost a move, "Aaron said." But this alone can’t knock down my forest lizard. "Aaron shouted at the rice spoon snake, which also aimed at the forest lizard. This time, it seems that he is going to fight seriously, and he didn’t scream or show disdain.
"The rice spoon snake can see that it doesn’t want to fight, but it began to want to fight after fighting with the forest lizard." The dream came out and said, "But I was surprised just now. I didn’t expect to be tied like that and still be able to use the blade. In that case, it is impossible to make a successful calculation. With this, even if it is tied with a rope, it can be loosened, which is really in line with its former thief status. However, this rice spoon snake is really unexpected, and its strong skin is unexpectedly thick. It is also a minor injury."
"Well started the second round! The light flashes and the blade is added! " Along ling
The forest lizard quickly rushed to the opposite side of the rice spoon. As soon as the snake used its poisonous tail to meet it, the forest lizard suddenly jumped up. When the poisonous tail hit the ground, it broke a rock, while the forest lizard cut the blade! Straight to the head! This blow is impossible to see! The rice spoon snake was indeed cut down!
"Poké Ball!" Aaron threw Poké Ball out, and then Poké Ball, the spoon snake, stopped after a few shakes.
"Good meal spoon snake" Aaron picked up Poké Ball and said.
"It feels like an extra trouble companion." May looked at Poké Ball, the rice spoon snake, and said with Torchic in his arms.
"Don’t say that, Poké mon’s personality can be slowly modified and the rice spoon snake talk is such a role in nature," Aaron said and then opened the rice spoon snake Poké Ball.
"Well, the rice spoon snake just now, you hit Torchic. Now, apologize to it first." Aaron touched the rice spoon snake head and said that the rice spoon snake looked at Torchic and then at Aaron Ma, who apologized and bowed his head and called one.
"Wow, I’m really sorry." Xiaosheng seems to find it incredible to make the rice spoon snake apologize.
"Let me tell you, Poké mon’s character can be modified slowly." Aaron said that it should be said that the rice spoon snake was so frank that Aaron was surprised.