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"This please rest assured! First of all, because they already have a contractual relationship with you, because of the particularity of the contract, they can’t have the opportunity to unilaterally terminate the contract like pets! Furthermore, even if your mind control evolves into a super-spirit, with free will, at least, it can guarantee your previous effect! That is to say, when you fight with your spirit control, you still have absolute first-level access to all the skill attributes of the spirit control. This spirit control of yours can’t cause you any obstacles, even if they have a sense of freedom. "

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"So …!" System to help the elves is certainly not lying, get her affirmative answer, nine heavy finally completely relieved, and then continue to ask, "since my accused spirit has an unconscious spirit evolved into a super spirit, how to say it is also evolved, there should always be some benefits? !”
"Of course!" The system helps the elves to explain the benefits of the oversoul for Jiuzhong. "After your control spirit evolves into a oversoul, you have a sense of freedom, so after you and your control spirit enter a state of integration, you and your control spirit can use your control spirit skills at the same time!"
"That is to say, after I entered the fit state with the accused spirit, it is equivalent to two people manipulating my flesh to fight at the same time? !”
"It’s not like this …!" The system helps the genie to correct, "After you and your control spirit enter a state of integration, your body control right still belongs to you alone, and your control spirit can’t intervene. Their attacks are completed by using their super-spirit state, and there is basically no conflict with your body. The control of the super-spirit can directly attack the target by itself! "
"I see!" Nine nodded, "that is to say, my body is only a temporary boarding carrier for controlling spirits, not an attack carrier!" "
"It’s like this!" The system helps the genie to smile. "Kindly remind you, because your spirit control has evolved into a super-spirit, with a sense of freedom, it is equivalent to an independent life, so they are just like your pets, and there is an indicator of goodwill between them. The higher the goodwill towards you, the better they will naturally cooperate with you, otherwise they will act negatively or even not! Of course, even if they don’t act at all, you can still use all their skills completely, just equivalent to less helpers! "
"ok, I see, thank you!"
"You’re welcome! I hope I can continue to ask you for service next time, goodbye! " The system helps elves disappear out of thin air.
"This super spirit is really good, equal to for no reason more than a few super thugs, these guys were not built, with their help, is absolutely better! Moreover, if I combine one control spirit, I can pinch one for two, and two for three. Now I can combine three control spirits at once, which means I can pinch one for four … Ho ho ~! !” Nine heavy can’t help but smile smugly at the thought of the cool picture of bullying the less and blasting the opponent in the future battle.
"Master!" Jiuzhong was showing off in an ostentatious manner, when he suddenly heard a call from mid-air.
"hey!" Jiuzhong promised and waved to Xiao Huang in mid-air. "Xiao Huang is good, come down and let the master be rare ~!" "
With a long cry, Xiao Huang lowered his wings from mid-air and stopped in front of Jiuchong. "Master!" "
"Hey, how lovely!" Nine heavy hand brushed Quillfire, a kind of intimacy arises spontaneously. "Oh, it’s still good to have thoughts to interact! Xiao Huang, do you remember your past? !”
"Before what? ! Don’t understand! " Xiao Huang responded naively.
"Ah … yes!" Nine heavy a clap forehead, "you haven’t been born yet, it becomes my control spirit, and then it becomes a puppet without thinking. It’s strange to have it before! But this is also quite good ~! "
The existence of this "blank sheet of paper" is the easiest way to please and cultivate feelings. With nine thoughts, I fished out a soul fragment cut by Li Jing’s soul from my backpack. "Come to Xiaohuang and eat sugar!"
Because the soul fragment is a necessity for him and the accused spirit, Jiuzhong never forgets to make the slain opponent’s soul into a soul fragment by soul segmentation every time he fights. If he has nothing to do, he will eat it as a snack to supplement himself and the accused spirit.
In the battle of Lingshan, Jiuzhong captured many excellent soul fragments, especially the soul fragments made of the ancient Buddha burning the lamp and Li Jing, the king of Tota, were of the best quality.
Originally, Jiuzhong wanted to make the soul of the Tathagata Buddha into pieces of soul, but somehow, when the Tathagata Buddha died, his soul was not found, and it was probably because the jade emperor laid hands on him so dark that the Tathagata was completely destroyed.
Because of the contract, even if Xiao Huang is like a newborn baby, he knows nothing, but he knows that Jiuzhong is its owner and has an inexplicable affinity for Jiuzhong.
Therefore, it is natural for Jiuzhong to give something to the net, eat it directly in his mouth, and then rub Jiuzhong’s cheek with his head very contentedly.
Jiuzhong is also very happy to brush Xiao Huang’s head. "A piece of debris can rise by ten points, which is really worth it!"
To solve the problem of supernatural beings, I focused on the attributes of Xiao Huang. Needless to say, all the basic attributes have gone further, which has improved a lot, and compared with the special skills of Xiao Huang after alienation-reborn from the fire.
Although the name of the skill has not changed, it is still reborn from the ashes, but there is one more choice for launching methods, not just one.
Rebirth by bath fire was originally a passive skill. When Xiao Huang and Jiu Zhong are in a state of combination, once Jiu Zhong hangs up, it will trigger the effect of rebirth by bath fire, so that Jiu Zhong will be resurrected in place within five seconds after his death.
After skill alienation, there is an active effect, that is, when you are alive, you will have the effect of "phoenix is immortal" for five seconds, and you will be immortal for five seconds.
"… five seconds is a real man!" Swing your head, turn off the property panel of Xiao Huang, first take back the ethereal space of Xiao Huang, and then take out the aurora magic leopard Huan Wang, without further ado, directly empathize.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-four Meet an enemy is jealous.
It’s not much different from Xiao Huang’s situation. Originally, the spirit ball wrapped in black was broken like an eggshell, and a black lightning shot out from the inside, moving rapidly in mid-air and weaving a piece of optical network.
At the same time, the system prompt sounded in Jiuzhong’s ear. "Congratulations to the player, Longhua Aurora Leopard King Xiaohe succeeded, and the Aurora Leopard King Xiaohe evolved into the Aurora Dragon Leopard King, and his skills were alienated!"
The little black flying around in mid-air had enough fun, and suddenly he came to Jiuzhong in a flash, crouching on the ground by Jiuzhong’s feet. "Master!"
"Hey!" After Longhua, Xiaohei’s appearance has also changed a lot. The leading leopard is more sharp. Nine times he brushed the black hair like ink on Xiaohei’s body, conveniently fished out a piece of soul from his backpack and fed it to Xiaohei, and then asked as usual, "Xiaohei, do you remember anything before? !”
"I am the Aurora Leopard King, the fastest creature on land!"
"That’s it? !”
"Very good!" Blackie had a battle with Jiuchong before his death, and was forced to soothe by Jiuzhong after his defeat. In the final analysis, he was an enemy. Now he only remembers that he is the fastest creature on land, which is the most proud thing for Jiuzhong. This is also the best thing for Jiuzhong. I believe that Blackie’s goodwill is not difficult to cultivate, and he will definitely be a good helper in the future.
Then, nine focuses on the new attributes of the small black dragon. As a result, all the attributes have been greatly improved, especially the most prominent speed attribute of the small black, which is now more exaggerated.
The effect is like the performance just after the little black cocoon came out. In the past, he was able to see at least a ray-like trajectory, but now he is in by going up one flight of stairs, just like blinking.
In addition, the special skill attached to Xiaohe is "fast". After alienation, the name of the skill has not changed, and it is still called "fast". However, the skill has obviously changed dramatically, because the introduction of the "fast" skill after alienation has become "Long Xing without a trace, seeing the first and missing the tail".
After checking the attribute changes of Xiaohei, he called Xiaohei back to the control space, and Jiuzhong continued to the next one, calling Xiao Wang out.
"This guy … I don’t need to think about it, but I know that there must be memories before my death!" Regarding whether or not Wang, the King of the Earth in Longhua, is really a little hesitant. After all, his relationship with the King of the Earth and the issue of the whole Buddhism is too big, and it is simply bitter. Once this guy recovers his memory, he will be difficult to get along with.
But soon Jiuzhong remembered what the system had just said to help the elves. Even if the Earth-treasure king remembered his hatred with himself and refused to help him fight, he could at least use its attributes to fight as before.