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Liang Ru is going crazy again.

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Holding his hair with both hands and looking at Beier with a disappointed face, he said, "No, it’s a mother, it’s a mother. Hurry up and call my mother. Do you want to call you? Do you dislike me? I know it’s my fault that I didn’t take good care of you and let you disappear."
Chapter 163 Will be obedient!
At some point, Liang Ru talked to herself alone and cried.
Don’t look so pathetic.
Beier interrupted her soliloquy "Empress" by biting her tongue.
Beier shouted at her for two consecutive years.
Liang Ru slowly raised his head and a pair of eyes full of tears kept a close eye on Beier.
At first glance, Beier panicked and wiped her face with two chubby hands. "Hey, hey, why are you crying again? Didn’t I call you mom? You promised me that you wouldn’t cry if I called you mom. You can’t keep your word."
"Ha ha, my son called me Niang. My son called me Niang. Please call me again." Liang Ru grabbed Beier.
Shouted the hand crying and laughing.
North son looked at this silly aunt sighed and comforted herself in my heart, saying that since I called others two Niang, North son shouted several words to Liang Ru again.
At this time, Zhang Tingchao, who had been in the hiding place, shouted "What are you doing?"
Facing Zhang Tingbei, I heard the sound of my mother, and my horse froze.
It was a long time before Beier came to his senses and turned to Zhang Ting and stammered, "Mom, I didn’t do anything."
Zhang Ting was already in front of the two of them at this time.
Zhang Ting has also seen what happened just now.
Thought of here, Zhang Ting stretched out his hand and touched Beier’s head and felt that the child was really unconsciously growing up and knew how to deceive people.
North son let Zhang Ting such a touch head cute little face across puzzled expression.
What he just did was not a good thing. Why did Mother touch his head?
Zhang Ting didn’t know that Beier was thinking about this.
"Let’s Beier really grow up and do things that make mother feel particularly proud." Zhang Ting looked at the little guy with a happy face
Beier Zheng again, but he likes the sentence that his mother praised him for growing up.
"Well, mother Beier has grown up, and now Beier can help mother do a lot of work." Say that finish this sentence, Beier patted his small chest and looked at Zhang Ting with a triumphant face.
At this time, I felt that I was ignored by both of them. Liang Ru was a little dissatisfied.
Shouted at Beier, "Who is she, son? Why don’t you talk to her and your mother? Do you dislike your mother?" Is happy to hear this sentence Liang Ru north son face smile horse stiff.
Cute little face looked at Zhang Ting with a flustered expression.
"Mom, she, she" explained to Zhang Ting, pointing to a picture of Liang Ru almost crying.
Zhang Ting chuckled and smiled at Beier. "Mother just saw that Beier is doing very well."
North son little face puzzled expression staring at Zhang Ting.
What does mother mean by this sentence? I called someone else’s mother, and my mother even said that she did a good job.
After Beier touched his head and face, he continued to look at Zhang Ting with a puzzled expression and asked, "Mother Beier doesn’t understand mother’s meaning."
"Because Beier can deceive people, Beier has finished teaching Beier by her mother and helped her take good care of you. Isn’t Aunt Liang Beier doing a good job?" Zhang Ting smiled and told the little guy.
Beier bowed his head and said to Zhang Ting with a hint of uneasiness, "But it won’t blame Beier for calling her mother just now."
Say that finish this sentence with his head down, Beier hasn’t waited for his mother to reply for a long time, and the little guy is still angry with his mother.
North son quickly raised his little head and looked anxiously at Zhang Ting’s side.
I saw that it was not my mother’s irate little face, but smiling at him.
"Don’t blame the mother, don’t blame Beier, because the mother knows that Beier must have done this because Beier did it, right?" Zhang Ting touched the little guy’s face
North son listened to Zhang Ting this sentence little face horse smiled at Zhang Tingli nodded.
"Well, mother, you said that there is a reason for Beier to do this just now, because if Beier doesn’t do this, Aunt Liang will cry all the time. Beier just coaxed her into calling her mother. Don’t be jealous. In Beier’s heart, mother is the real mother of Beier." Those words behind Beier are to put your mouth to Zhang Ting’s ear.
Hearing these words, Zhang Ting’s eyes turned red.
"Mother, why did you cry? Don’t cry. How did you cry like Aunt Liang?" When Beier finished speaking, he looked up and saw that it was his mother’s red eyes that scared the little guy back to being at sea.
Zhang Ting suddenly smiled and wiped his eyes with tears on the back of his hand. He smiled and told Beier that "Beier don’t worry about mother not crying. Mother was happy just now. Beier is really happy when she grows up."
Say that finish this sentence, Zhang Ting took this sensible little guy into his arms with his own hands.
It wasn’t long before the mother and son embraced Zhang Tinghuai, and Zhonger was robbed by one hand.
"I, he is my son, and you are not allowed to rob me." Liang Ru grabbed Zhang Tinghuai and pulled Beier into her arms and hugged him tightly.
"Liang Yi, why are you doing this again? If you don’t listen, I won’t play with you." After staying with Liang Ru for so long, Beier is not afraid to blame his aunt now.
And he also found a way to deal with this strange aunt.
Just like this.
When Liang Ru heard this sentence from Beier, Ma Song Beier’s beautiful face showed a scared expression and stared at Beier and said, "Don’t ignore me, don’t ignore my mother. I am obedient. I am really obedient."
Beier sighed and looked at this strange aunt in front of him. He was so angry with this strange aunt.
"Mother, you wait for me for a while. I’ll talk to Liang Yi for a while." Beier turned to Zhang Ting and said.
Zhang Ting gently nodded his head.
The eyes are also fixed on their large and small bodies.
Zhang Ting is also very curious about what he will do to continue to coax Liang Ru.
Beier patted was frightened by what he just said. Liang Ru coaxed, "It’s good to be obedient. I’ll always talk to you if you are obedient. Beier likes to be a good person. You should be good."
Chapter 164 Come back!
Liang Ru gently nodded his head at Beier, and said to Beier, "I must be good, don’t ignore me, don’t ignore my mother."
"Know that I won’t ignore you" Beier sighed and once again stretched out his chubby little hand and patted it on the back of Liang Ru.
"What’s wrong with this big one and a small one, and how did Beier get so close to Lin Fu?" Zhang Ting suddenly sounded behind the British and American not white tone.
Zhang Ting looked back and replied angrily, "Didn’t I tell you to watch them both? Where have you been?"
That Britain and the United States let Zhang Ting ask this question, and her face flashed with an embarrassed expression, hesitating to explain to Zhang Ting, "I just went in and watched Tung RH for a while. When I went in, the two men were still getting along well. I didn’t go in until I saw that nothing would happen to them."
"Fortunately, Beier has a way to stop Mrs. Lin, or I’ll see how you explain it to me." Say that finish, Zhang Ting threw a dirty look at the British and American side