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"Daddy, peaches and peaches!"

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Li Ji was moved by this scene, not to mention the Qu family. Song Xing’s heart was so warm that it was going to melt.
"Let’s go in with Dad and Taotao. Although there is no place to sell corn in the commune, everyone will not make money, but we are law-abiding, not only Momo Taotao, but also let’s go in together."
"This little cub struggled to run to the commune. It’s just selling something. Where do you know the danger of acquisition?"
I heard someone’s eyebrows jump at the place, especially the captains of various brigades who have been watching the excitement behind.
Don’t look at it. Look, this is their way of making money now. There must be no problems. One by one, they come to plead.
"How can this child be young?"
"Is it not a fight? Who hasn’t fought in this town yet? "
"If anyone bullies my child, I have to beat him."
Li Ji consciousness to be driven to one side by the crowd nasty rang rang angry but couldn’t say anything Shi Gui corners of the mouth take a smoke.
Can this fight be the same?
I have to say that Song Xing is clever, and this pull has brought all the brigades in together. Li Ji feels a little headache.
"Even the comrade is really not this Shi Gui was beaten like this and could not speak to buy it. It was also a mess by a few small things …"
Therefore, what Li Ji means is that it is almost enough to figure things out and pay some money.
"Li Ji means that my two kids are jumping around when they buy, and this guy just looks like he’s dead and does nothing?"
This song hang can’t comply.
Although Song Xing has become a little more stable after becoming a battalion chief, it is not easy to change after decades of mixing.
"That’s not what I mean." Li Ji has a toothache.
"What do you mean? My kids are bullied one by one. Look at these red eyes. Why are you so biased? This commune acquisition is your own son, or do we have to fall behind? "
"Well, you said that" although Li Ji naturally wants to maintain the acquisition, this can’t be said.
"This is not asking the situation …"
"This question how qualitative? Don’t say that this acquisition is definitely not about my poor family. What do these two cubs do to lose money? They can count very much. "Song Xing said confidently.
Qu family …
What’s the big truth?
"That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. He hit the egg first, and we didn’t do it." Qu Liu was excited and cleared up
"Come on, we’re running on one side. It’s all running around things. Otherwise, we can be hit by him. The man himself went crazy and pushed the egg directly, saying that we did it. Qu was also angry.
"I’ve never seen such a sinister villain."
"You mean Shi Gui broke the egg himself and set you up?" Li Ji questioned.
"I broke the door and deliberately broke seven eggs without it."
Shi Gui’s words are still full of hate when he defends himself and looks at the Qu family.
"Public security comrades go to jail to lose money"
"Remember to trust me"
Although the acquisition was a mess after several people fought, the loss was mainly the pile of eggs with hundreds of eggs in it, which was several dollars.
But now both sides hold their own words.
On the one hand, it is the acquisition of workers’ fate, and on the other hand, it is natural to believe that Shi Gui recognizes Qu Liu and Qu shirks responsibility.
He frowned and said directly, "Although you are young, you have to be responsible, but you can’t lie and shirk your responsibility."
"Bad guys whoop" soft waxy with angry voice interrupted Li Ji words also blocked Song Xing was about to make a splash.
They looked at the past surprised.
No, when did this cub go from holding someone’s thigh to being held in his arms?
"Bad guy" Momo Tao continued to say angrily "bad old man"
In the face of everyone’s amazing eyes, they continued to hold the soft Momo peach without changing color, and then patted her on the head
"Children can’t swear."
Momo’s peach is flat, and the pouting Committee is wronged and continues to say "bad guys"
Even as didn’t see it this time, he finally moved holding people coming towards Li Ji.
"Comrade Lian, look at this?" Li Ji looked at and stared at him. Momo peach had some nai.
"Qu Liu and Qu Qi didn’t even splash any egg liquid at their feet." Even blazing with anger "This stone comrade is quite a lot."
Shi Gui panic moment hurriedly said "he they beat me"
"It’s possible, but all the people present were stained with egg liquid, so Qu Liu and Qu Shen didn’t say that they were some distance from where the eggs fell."
Shi Gui gritted his teeth and continued to panic to justify "things smashing"
"If you hit something, there will be egg liquid, but I didn’t see it just now."
"They are all playing …"
In fact, even the saying is not conclusive evidence, but what else can you not understand when you look at Shi Gui like this?
This egg is really planted by Shi Gui himself on two children.
"Shigui, you are confused." Li Ji was embarrassed and angry at the moment.
"It’s all their fault." Shigui didn’t hide his teeth. "It’s not that they jumped at me first. I really didn’t mean to."