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Danger eucalyptus said, look at the woman’s clothes, the value is two hundred, the beauty is amazing, and it is also good to be drunk in your hand.

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Looks like a young lady from a noble family.
"Apologize?" The woman spoke with these alcoholic spirits, and the end of her eyes was intoxicated with alcohol. "What is an apology for verbal apology? You owe me so much, but just talk about it?"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus … Mm-hmm? ?
Why can’t she understand what she is saying?
She thought like this, and when she looked up, she just hated her sad eyes.
Eucalyptus in danger …
Born with a sixth sense, Yu Nian eucalyptus wanted to escape. As soon as she turned around and her legs were lifted, her shoulders were buckled by the woman and she was dragged in.
"Why don’t you go and drink with me!"
Eucalyptus in danger …
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm? She doesn’t want to feed you. Let go. Hey!
You have something to say.
They want to send it earlier, but … (covering her face)
That woman is really a woman, not a woman disguised as a man or a woman.
Can you guess who it is? Ha ha ha.
(Mimi, there are not many women in front of me)
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
The moonlight is like practice. Tonight, the streets are full of lively lights and men and women are hanging out among them, wearing all kinds of strange masks and holding more or less delicious kits filled with lingering and subtle love poems.
Today is the annual matching season for men and women in the big week. On November 15th every year, every unmarried and suitable man and woman will go out to the street. Some people wear masks and hold sachets in their hands. When they see a man or a girl they like, they will throw them to him.
At this time of year, handsome men and beautiful women look at each other with joy, and I don’t know how many couples to make on this festival every year, which is a good time for each family to say goodbye.
Also because of this festival, the streets are colorful and beautiful, and the pubs and restaurants along the street have become good places to enjoy the scenery, especially the private seats on the second floor along the window, which are often full of people and in short supply.
As it happens, eucalyptus Yusui happened to be in the largest restaurant in this street and just sitting in a private room with the best scenery by the window.
But now she doesn’t care to look at the scenery outside the window.
The woman in purple clothes held a small jar of wine in her hands loosely, opposite the eucalyptus at the age of danger, and held out the wine lamp toward the eucalyptus at the age of danger. "Drink, burp, man … what a good thing is a man! I … He … And Yao for many years … "
"Hiccup … mutual affection, if you say you turn your face, you will turn your face … I must kill him with that … tofu after my mother!"
The woman was drunk, and her body was unstable. At this time, Eucalyptus Yusui was a ghost, and she couldn’t see the direction clearly. She hardly even talked upside down, but this did not affect Eucalyptus Yusui’s indignation and tears with her.
Yu sui eucalyptus red eyes a pair of moist grape eyes, which are hazy mist, showing that you are drunk and drunk.
But at this time, she also had an altar of wine in her hand, just like the woman. After hearing the woman’s drunken words, she even shouted her approval.
"Sister, you … burp." Yusui Eucalyptus pointed at the girl with wine and a sad face, and said, "You’re right! Men … all, all tofu. "
"Hard and soft don’t eat …"
Danger eucalyptus no matter what the man said, he always answered it. After that, the woman didn’t have any special reaction. Danger eucalyptus cried her eyes red and then took the wine lamp and poured it into her mouth.
Yuheng, he, he is just as soft and hard as tofu, and he doesn’t eat eucalyptus at the age of danger. He has already burned into a paste while drinking wine, so he thinks.
When she came to Ruanyuan to enter school, she stopped writing less lessons or asked Yuheng to release water for her. I don’t know how many charming words she said, but she was worn out. Business is business.
Have you ever been hard on him? Even at the beginning, the status difference between the two people was so big that eucalyptus looked at the wind and actually worried about Yuheng at the bottom of my heart.
She never really won.
Peach blossom is drunk and intoxicating, but its sexual stamina is also strong. The cold wine passes along the throat of eucalyptus in danger. Because she drinks too fast, her small throat can’t swallow so much wine, so the excess wine flows along the thin white neck and soaks into the skirt and slips into the clothes.
This is what Jin Lan saw when she broke into the house.
The window is hazy, hidden in dark clouds, the moon window is full of people, people are noisy, people are angry, and then eucalyptus is not well behaved and sits by the window. The mellow liquor slides along her white and fragile neck in a strange way, which makes his heart tremble and he can’t move his eyes.
"Don’t drink" Jin Lan took the wine lamp from Yu Sui Eucalyptus a few steps ago and threw it to the ground with these anger. "Don’t drink and I’ll take you back."
Yu sui eucalyptus is drinking hard, and the good things in his hand are suddenly taken away from him. Without this strong liquor, he feels a little empty at the moment.
She was drunk and drunk, and her mind was not clear. She felt that the whole person was uncomfortable and wanted to continue to feel the strong liquor entering her throat just now.
"Don’t, don’t …"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus hand followed the direction in which Jinlan took the wine lamp away and saw that the wine had been thrown to the ground by Jinlan and broke into a pile of pieces, so she climbed the nearest theory of throwing her wine to the bad guys.
Her one-handed soft lie prone to lie prone to buckle in jinlan one arm sitting is safe cross-legged staring at jinlan direction "you broke my wine … to compensate …"
At this time, I don’t know Jin Lan very well in the consciousness of eucalyptus in danger. Actually, if you bring Gu Huaijing or Xiaoqi to eucalyptus in danger when you are drunk, you may not recognize them.
For eucalyptus at this time, everything is a cloud, and drinking is the business.
Jin Lan originally thought of helping Yu Nian Eucalyptus, but we were really drunk. Yu Nian Eucalyptus was so difficult.
Her eyes are crimson at the end, a pair of moist grapes are separated by a layer of fog, and he looks at each other cross-legged, sitting on the mat, with a restless hand on his forearm and little strength to shake his arm, mumbling to ask him to pay for the wine.
Chapter 63 Chapter 63
The milky way flows, and the moon is bright and the stars are sparse.
In the distance, a series of purples lanterns are hung high on the street, swaying with the wind to illuminate the golden fire flow in the dark night. From a distance, it seems to flow in the half-galaxy. The lanterns are festive, and the lampholders are also happy. The red lanterns shine red on the cheeks of boys and girls.
A street is full of laughter along the street. In the midst of all the excitement, a man looks lonely and lonely and walks alone in the street.
He has a high crown of hair, a black brocade robe and the same color belt, and his waist is fine and thin, with a soft, greasy and smooth suet jade pendant on his side, or he looks like a mountain today.
Plus, over the years, his eyebrows and eyes have become more and more beautiful after his appearance has been opened. The outline of a knife and a painting is like the top craftsman’s most proud, perfect and exquisite.