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"Masato will fight if it wants to fight. You are so late today. Why don’t you make a move now?"

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Master Zhou Shan shouted at Masato lightly. Although he urged Masato to push, he was still a light cloud.
"Zhou Shannian, you’re old, you go first."
Masato said slowly in the shade that he seemed nervous when he spoke, and he had to be careful because he was worried that Master Zhou Shan would launch a thunderbolt.
"Speaking of which, your master and I are the same generation. Are you a big fellow and put garlic in my nose? I think you are the younger generation. Today, my ordinary pike is playing against your Tianye Yun Jian. "
Master Zhou Shan is a little faint, but his hand has not seen the shaking pistol, but it is buzzing.
Masato, it’s not true that Master Zhou Shan’s pistol was repaired in Chapter 4 of overlord gun three days ago, which determines success or failure.
Although he was scolded by Zhou Shan, his heart was hooked up and thought, "Old things, you are dying. You don’t have a overlord gun. If you can file my career in Yun Jian, I still have to kill []."
"Zhou Shan, you are too old-fashioned, aren’t you? Do you really dare to use ordinary weapons against our Tianye Yun Jian?"
Masato exulted, but he spoke to stimulate Master Zhoushan. He was very wrong. If Zhoushan didn’t shoot the overlord gun, his chances of winning would increase a lot.
"The old man speaks naturally."
Master Zhou Shan said that there was a landing
"This is your own death. You can’t blame me for coming to Zhoushan!" Masato whistled for a long time, but he still didn’t take the initiative to attack, but waited for Master Zhou Shan to attack.
Zhouyi will feel a little abnormal in all these eyes.
Because Masato has never come out from the shade of that big tree since he entered the hospital.
"Is this guy up to something?"
Zhou Yi secretly thought with a overlord gun. At this time, he seemed to feel the danger and felt uneasy.
"Masato has been hiding in the shade, so I won’t let him do it."
Zhou Yi’s brain runs fast, and Ma thought of a way.
"Light up!"
Zhouyi suddenly lang shouted
As Zhouyi shouted, the lights in Zhoujia villa courtyard lit up, and the whole courtyard was as bright as day!
And Masato’s position is also illuminated by lights.
To the college lights up Masato eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Masato’s subtle movement naturally fell into the eye of Zhouyi, and Zhouyi was more sure that there must be a conspiracy in the shadows as soon as Masato came, or that this was a trap set by Masato.
"Zhoushan, take that."
As soon as the light came on, Masato suddenly made a move. Tianye Yun Jian flew out of his hand and pointed out the other master Zhoushan.
At this time, the distance between Masato and Master Zhoushan is about 30 meters, and Tianye Yun Jian is as fast as a flash!
Master Zhou Shan snorted and didn’t see him. If he moved, he suddenly shook the pistol and turned it into a bow. He suddenly went out and skillfully mastered the hilt of Tianye Yun Jian.