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Looking at the ancient times, you can tell at a glance that the astronomical phenomena and the nine-breath gas in China and France really have their own mastery of several magical powers and belong to the same level

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Unfortunately, the nine-breath qi method is slightly incomplete, but it can also benefit a lot from enlightenment alone.
This magical principle is also the word "refining qi", but the deeper you go, the more amazing all kinds of wonders are, and you can turn everything in the world into vitality, enhance your mana and strengthen the Yuan God.
The supernatural powers of Yu Fa Tian Xiang are indeed as expected, just like when Monkey King came out.
The natural phenomenon of dharma and heaven is not simply becoming bigger and smaller, but it can greatly increase its own aspects after imitating the display of heaven and earth.
The remaining doors and the Eye of Heaven is a skill that requires a high degree of talent and understanding. After the magical power is achieved, it can penetrate the whole world, and it is more powerful to attack mana.
On the contrary, the immortal door is obscure and obscure, and it will be released after a glance.
"It seems that the Palace of Fuli is not the only way to obtain the magical power of the highest heaven, or is it difficult to see the magical power on ten continents now?"
Qing Wei He Gu smiled and said to Qingyuan, "I also have several magical powers here. Just think of it as an exchange with my senior brother."
With that, he handed Qingyuan the insight of burning the partition wall, flying and tracing, and scattering beans to become soldiers
It’s reasonable to exchange three complete avatars for his slight disability
Qingyuan took it with a smile and browsed it from door to door, and soon came to my senses. "Teacher younger brother, there are a lot of good things. This time I took advantage."
Although there are many similar results in Qingyuan Gate Eye, it is true that two magical powers want to help him a lot.
And Qing Wei’s interest in Dharma, heaven and earth, whether it is good or not, can be of great help to his own cultivation, and the avatar obviously does not lose money
The most obscure and indestructible, I feel that there are many mysteries worth studying slowly.
Two people in practice avatar communication after a few flicker back to the door.
This trip has confirmed something, but it’s still foggy.
Miaole closed his eyes and gave Shoucheng a look at the fierce beast sea snake.
"Who talks so much to enlighten the fierce beast?"
Shoucheng couldn’t help laughing after checking. The soul of fierce beasts is composed of many fierce spirits, even if the emperor pours it into barrels, it may not be effective.
"The results are not directly proportional, but you need to wake up everywhere. After all, the head has not turned, and the fierce beast suddenly changed the routine, which is also a bit troublesome."
Qing Wei nodded his head, and they were not worried about someone’s fierce animal body.
Throwing a lot of resources at those fierce beasts is just a bit clever. What’s wrong with having the kung fu to cultivate something?
So it’s very likely that some monk saw this novel thing and did an experiment privately.
Qing Wei was just about to leave when he heard Shoucheng suddenly say, "An Yang in the new Song Dynasty achieved the goal of Emperor Yan and joined forces with barbarians to formally fight against Da Chu at the same time."
"War? Even if An Yang’s achievements in Dharma and New Song Dynasty are somewhat exaggerated, even with the help of barbarians. "
In addition to many sects, the forces of Yuanzhou are the grassland barbarians in the northwest of the big and small dynasties
Although the new song dynasty seems to have developed well and has a magic weapon, it has always been merged with the law
Now An Yang’s achievement in Emperor Yan’s life is also a matter of fact.
But at this time, I dare to establish a big Chu war with a long-lived family. Why should he?
Shoucheng shook his head. "Although we have a good new song, people are not attached to us. They decided to inform us naturally, but there may be other foreign aid besides barbarians."
Qing Wei’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and his hands are constantly counting in an attempt to break through the fog and find out what the new Song Dynasty relies on.
After a long time
"There is chaos, and some people take the initiative to stir up this Yuanzhou, so they can’t live in peace for a few years."
Qingwei skimmed the pie mouth and let go of no more work.
"The establishment of the emperor monks has gained more or less the legal system of several ancient emperors, and the wider the territory, the more people will live and work in peace and contentment, and the more humane they will be, the faster they will practice."
"Now that the new Song Dynasty has been dormant for many years, it seems that this initiative is also a determination."
Keeping honesty is also a sigh, and others have not spoken about it.
"The original An Yang breakthrough opportunity will be a treasure house of the Arctic Ice Palace. Now it seems that it really has a chance." Qingwei thought for a moment and could not help but shake his head
Shoucheng smell speech a smile "just watch it first."
Qing Wei nodded slowly and was also curious about An Yang’s confidence in the new Song Dynasty, but there was a magic weapon of humanity at the fairy level, Yandi Seal.
And just playing the big Chu face has a fairy, two fairy magic weapons and Zhao Yun a fairy.
Although it is not clear about the barbarian side, it has been crushed by Dachu for many years.
It is impossible for a close power war with the three mortal families in Yuanzhou to have no influence on all parties.
Is An Yang after the breakthrough, I don’t know if I need Yang Xuance, a cheap son, to give him a treasure house in the Arctic Ice Palace.
The three-way war is not small, but it has no effect on the strength base of the Guizhen Sect at this level for a short time, but just note one occasionally
However, Xin Song’s sudden confidence has to make people wonder where he can get foreign aid.
"You will contact a young friend of Yang Xuance later, but he knows it is unlikely."
Shoucheng confessed Qingwei, but obviously he didn’t offer any hope.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Changes gradually rise
The sun rises and the sun sets, and it’s a few months later. The practice of practicing acupoints and orifices is going on in an orderly way.
One day, Xuanlei robbed Dengxian Daoti to lay a solid foundation, and the purple elixir was very powerful. This level of cultivation was much smoother than others.
Sitting in the Hall of Mixed Yuan, the figure is thick and ethereal, and it seems that it can’t swing.
The true Taoist bodies in the Big Five Elements Cave are bright and chaotic. If you look closely, there are more than fifty, which is much better than his breakthrough in Dharma body for about ten years.
The reality is uncertain and hazy, and there is a real and heavy fairy mana flow to polish this acupoint. Soon, I feel that the Taoist body is slightly trembling and has completely completed the cultivation of this acupoint.
Several projections of different images outside the body flash by, and if others look at them, they will feel that the faintness will become extremely unpredictable in an instant.
"It is said that the characteristics have been slightly strengthened, and now it is a dharma body that can enlighten him and me, which has slightly accelerated the pace."
After his projection is completely formed, Qingwei can mobilize a little of his cosmic energy with the help of projection to bless himself.
However, the number has been too small, and he and I are not at a high level, so there is no performance.