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I don’t believe Su Wei and Xuan Ci asked him not to give it.

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With the consumption of reality
The former barren hills suddenly shook violently, and the rocks broke and the Woods overturned.
Violent shock went out very far, even the capital …
Those people who are rushing about for their livelihood have suddenly set their pace, and their faces are indecisive and uncertain, feeling the shock from their feet.
Metropolitan city is naturally built on the plain.
I haven’t heard of it since the city was built …
Now that they suddenly feel the shock, they naturally find it difficult to be amazed.
Shiyan is frowned sink a way "and Huashan suddenly appeared in overseas general scene? Religion … Is it really a god? !”
"Our current scientific and technological means should also be miraculous in the eyes of our predecessors a hundred years ago?"
Shi Qing smiled and explained, "I know how he did it."
"oh? How to do it? "
"If this method is still available in science and technology at present, but the principle is well understood, it is necessary to change the original arrangement of objects and compress them, and the extremely large objects can also become very small. It is by this means that he directly changed a mountain."
"Oh, that’s the truth. This Su Wei is amazing."
I don’t know much about it, but somehow it feels reasonable.
Shiyan nodded in agreement.
"Yes, it’s a good thing I didn’t have his enemy … but I became a friend." Limit "L is amazing."
Shi Qing glad said
Shiyan was silent for a moment, and somehow thought of the two girls in the game.
Without him, I don’t know what happened to them now
I don’t know if the master mass production plan can put them both …
Thinking of him, he tentatively asked, "Qing Er, if you say … I mean, if I find you a …"
"No … nothing"
Shi Yan looked down and sighed faintly. "My father was a little lost. He shouldn’t have been interested in sandwiches in those days, otherwise he would regret it today."
I don’t even discuss that a woman who is thirty like a wolf, forty like a tiger and fifty sitting on the ground can suck soil.
That is to say, in the game reality, he is equivalent to having two bodies to barely cope with it and get it into reality?