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"In order to implement the tonnage allocation measures, I think the channel committee should issue a formal document and send it to the wharf and other departments. In addition, I propose to take out 1 ton of channel tonnage to implement the policy reward and punishment measures … Please vote." Zhou Zhao is a good speaker. At first glance, he is a bit of a foreign priest and has a considerable appeal.

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Forming a formal document does not mean that it can be implemented immediately, but it reduces the risk from the legal point of view.
A group of people applauded and passed the vote.
A family representative shook his hand and said, "I’m sorry, I can’t agree with you. I suggest ending the meeting or inviting Chen Jia and others again."
"I invited Mr. Chen Yi, who voluntarily gave up his strength." Zhou Zhao smiled seriously. "This is beneficial to everyone, and Mr. Chen Yi will not object."
"How do you know?"
"that Chen family eat meat and we drink soup. if the Chen family objects, then we should oppose them, right?"
Someone shouted "Yes! Yes! Right! "
There are always people who echo and shout, but the small number does cause it to seem that many people agree with the posture.
Just now, the representative of the opposition family knew that Zhou Zhao had arranged it, and he didn’t want to get involved in the catwalk. "I’m against it and I’m leaving with someone?"
Seven representatives followed out of the meeting room.
Zhou Zhao metal gray face turned my head but said, "on such as the file out first."
He took a risk to make the reason that the first bird didn’t quit halfway.
Politics, like military affairs, often depends on decision rather than judgment to make a decision. It is not necessarily the best decision to carry it out firmly, but it is enough to win. Hesitation is just to make sure to lose.
The so-called military affairs cannot be provoked easily.
No one can accurately predict what kind of result a war or a political storm will cause.
After all, the document was made out in the name of the channel Committee, but only five people signed it in the end. Zhou Zhaoru was given a treasure and quietly copied it and sent it to important institutions in Xijiang city-state. At the same time, he ordered his cronies to secretly carry a copy and bring it back to earth.
Zhou Zhao himself took the original to find Sima Jian, pretended to be an ancient strategist and said, "Mr. Sima, I’ll give you a big fortune."
Sima Jian was startled.
When Zhou Zhao grasped it, he gushed, "Now the situation is that Mr. Sima also saw that Chen holds all the benefits in the western continent, and it is not easy for the Sima family to come here. There is no qualification to speak at all in the Committee. I want to say that there is a way to break the situation and it is here."
He knocked on his file box and laughed. "Can Mr. Sima guess what’s in the box?"
"What is it?"
"It’s great wealth!" Zhou Zhao "ahahahaha" laughed.
Sima Jian’s two bodyguards are holding their faces and almost dying.
Zhou Zhaoxiao had enough to tell what happened today and added, "Now I want Mr. Sima to come forward and let the channel departments perform their duties. I dare to give you two guarantees."
He raised his hand and pointed out, "First, I promise you that the tonnage of the passage will be 3 tons per month for three months. In the second year, I promise to nationalize the passage."
"Nationalization?" Sima Jian had this idea long ago, but he didn’t expect a year to be so fast.
The other party didn’t believe in the tone, but Zhou Zhao was greatly encouraged to clap his chest and said, "It won’t last long to gradually nibble away the exclusive channel supported by various families."
Sima Jian asked curiously, "What are your plans?"
"What’s the plan? Isn’t it enough to prove such a thing today? "
"Besides, what’s the plan?"
Zhou Zhao was speechless, but he stopped for a moment and said, "I will give you 3 tons of channel tonnage every month." There’s no harm in asking you to come forward once. "