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The two men looked at each other. Is this guy crazy?

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When they looked out of the window at night, they felt that Sanjin was very tall and ugly, and they didn’t even notice his real appearance.
After a moment, the big column said, "I want to change careers …"
"Big column you are not you don’t like to stimulate? Are you not excited for several days when you sneaked into the military facility in Nut State? "
"Mom eggs are a little too exciting …" Big column eyes glazed over.
"What about our business?"
"Do you want to continue?"
"But we are professionals …"
"Professionals sometimes make uncertain …"
In the middle of the night, director Zhao of Huancheng received the deposit from the professional company of Banzu dialect, and the deposit will not be refunded.
Banzu also denounced Director Zhao, "Mom has been cheated by you for a second time, and then I will hack you!"! No, it won’t happen again! Old career change! "
Director Zhao looks stupid and forces them to be big companies, right? Not a professional company? What’s going on? What the hell happened?
Wait, now is not the time to care about others … The key failed!
Jia Yelian almost dropped his words when he received them.
What professional company? I thought it was a bunch of lies at the beginning!
In the end, it was a lie!
"Sure enough … or the old way …" Jia Yelian frowned and thought.
Isn’t Zhuang not far away like long-legged sports beauty? Otherwise, find a long-legged beauty to give her a letter. A hot-blooded young man can hold on to the honey trap. Why don’t you ask and answer when the pillow wind blows?
But these days, you can get technical information from others. Beauty must have a high IQ. Low IQ can’t be understood, but high IQ is really not far from Zhuang. Where will you be a spy for him? You must be your own housewife!
I wish I had a daughter. I’ll marry Zhuang not far away. I’ll have to call Dad and listen to me!
While daydreaming there, the assistant knocked at the door and reported in a low voice, "There are a lot of people claiming compensation from the chairman’s sports car club. I’m afraid Kun Shao …"
Before his voice fell, Jia Yelian’s mobile phone rang. Jia Yelian was so angry when he saw Jia Yikun’s words. "Want money, want money, want money, always have no money. How can I give birth to you, you bastard? Why didn’t I send you to Taizhou at the beginning? Now I can marry you to Zhuang …"
Assistant tingling shuddered.
Is it not far to marry Jia Yikun to Zhuang? How terrible!
Chapter 29 A good attitude towards admitting mistakes
After scolding Jia Yikun, Jia Yelian looked up and saw the assistant’s surprised face.
"Er … what did I just say?" Jia Yelian asked in wonder.
Assistant Zhang opened his mouth and didn’t know if he should repeat his words. Jia Yelian suddenly remembered that he had slapped his forehead and waved his hand. "You don’t say it … you go out first …"
After the assistant turned away, Jia Yelian sat behind a desk and was sluggish for a long time.
If it weren’t for the sudden awakening just now, maybe he didn’t realize that his attitude towards Zhuang not far away had changed greatly.
At first, Zhuang Yuan was a "humble and polite young man who knew how to advance and retreat" in his eyes.
After being defeated neatly by Zhuang not far team, he felt that Zhuang not far was an "ungrateful young man"
It is very beneficial for him to fight back when he suppresses Zhuang not far from everywhere, which makes him feel that Zhuang not far is a "difficult young man"
Zhuang is not far from competing with him for the tunnel bonus and his ambitious six words "finance, innovation and future" to sum up "Huanzhou New City". Compared with Zhuang, it is "biology, ecology and life", which makes him feel that this young man is simply short-sighted
What industry can make money?
Can agriculture make big money? Huh? Can I?
Why can’t the unprofitable industry compete with me?
But not far from hou zhuang, it was revealed that the speed of tunnel construction made him puzzled and frightened.
This is not scientific!
After being blackmailed by the board of directors, I have regained a feeling that my destiny is controlled by Zhuang not far away.