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Some people are really talented.

adminq 1 week ago

Some people can choose decency.
"There is still a chance!"
Goethe sighed lightly.
He felt that he would be resurrected if he left the examination room.
Simply packed his bag and walked out of the classroom with ease-at this moment, he had a complete and detailed plan for passing the exam in his mind.
A’ blood crow spirit’ has already gone with Judy.
Surveillance? Peeping?
He’s just trying to protect Teacher Judy better.
After all, the city has become a lot more dangerous because of his arrival.
Goethe thought as he walked out.
He was in a lot of trouble when he left.
It is not necessary to inquire about the situation in detail.
Although the "mysterious power" in the sub-world probably won’t do him any harm, the "scientific power" is different. He remembers that there seems to be a "nuclear level" here!
He doesn’t have the strength to fight "nuclear parity"
It is still necessary to keep a low profile in front of ordinary people.
Moreover, it seems that the "mystery" and "science" in the present world have reached a certain consensus, and a non-interference approach has emerged-of course, saboteurs and gainers often appear.
For example, senator Burton
I don’t know what happened to each other.
If he’s not dead, he’ll mend it.
If you die, it’s natural that everyone will be happy and celebrate.
He doesn’t want cockroaches to appear when he is planning something more important.
Just as Goethe was thinking, the familiar sound appeared.
Tall, short and neat, Ann was waving and smiling at him by a heavy motorcycle, and then her helmet was thrown at Goethe.
Policewoman An said
Goethe didn’t hesitate to wear a helmet, and even less politely hugged Ann.
"Easy, you’re hurting me."
"I told you to be gentle, not to change places."
"No, no, no, there’s no uneasiness."
Goethe said that he could put his hand behind his motorcycle and stop it immediately.
In the end, Naineng is to let Goethe embrace himself again.
"I can drive next time"
Ann said this.