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But Liu Zhen, a beginner, said that the ability to speak with one hand can kill people.

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Miao Hong’s hand is not to say that ordinary people even a tiger with a rough scalp is nine times out of ten dead if it is hit in the face.
Smelting dirty fighters can’t do the same!
The palm of your hand is not full of gamey smell.
It’s dark, palm-strong, poisonous and fierce. If you resist it, the poison gas alone can be fatal for a moment.
In the face of danger and poison, Miao Hong’s eyes are wide open, and Qin Lei’s expression on Zhou Yi has not changed.
At the same time, the left hand hangs suddenly.
Violent violence flooded into the palm of his hand, making him raise his hand with one hand, like a stone tablet, a millstone wrapped in great force, and a strong wind hitting people.
Dacheng realm stone wrestlers are not ordinary.
Two abnormal sounds come at the same time
Qin Lei put his hand over his throat, and his eyes were full of despair. The pike had fallen to the ground, and the whole person stumbled backwards for several steps. After all, he failed to stop his throat from spewing blood.
"Er … er …"
He stretched out his hands and looked ferocious, trying to say something, but he threw himself to the ground involuntarily. His body was conditioned, convulsed and his body was bleeding.
the other side
Zhou Yi took a few steps back and dumped her numb arm and looked across the street.
"palm method?"
Miao Hong’s canthus twitches.
He didn’t expect that Zhou Yi was still familiar with the palm method and was extremely good at the head-on collision between the two people, and he only occupied a little.
"What about that?"
Miaohong pounced again in the roar.
"If you are poisoned by black poison and want to run your qi and blood, it will cause the poison gas to attack you more and more, and the faster you die, how can I see you die?"
"Zhou Xiong be careful," Liu Zhen shouted reluctantly during the meeting until now.
"In addition to the dark palm, the dark martial arts school also has a flying cloud step, which is extremely matched with two achievement methods to achieve the owner’s name."
"Fucking thing!"
Miaohong gritted his teeth and growled.
"Deceive the teacher and destroy the ancestors until I teach you a lesson."
I haven’t lost my palm yet.
Step on foot, flying clouds, Miao Hong’s figure twitches and changes unpredictably, and his hands are still in front of him one moment and appear behind him the next.
Zhou Yi slashed his body with a knife and tossed around.
A few knives in a row made Miao Hong’s heart jump wildly, not just warning signs.
He knew that even if Zhou Yi was poisoned for a while, he wouldn’t die. This meeting would be very dangerous, but he still had to fight.
Otherwise …