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"Extremely sword tactic!"

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"Mid-term repair of gas refining!"
Seeing this, Zhao Kui couldn’t help but bite Kouga with his eyes wide open.
"Very good. I knew you were hiding the means. No wonder Zizhen asked you to come and investigate me. It’s really a good thing."
Having said that, he was not afraid of throwing out more than a dozen talismans in the face of coming Kang Rong by his own means.
Flame, Xuan Bing, Golden Knife, Trapped Wood …
Zhao Kui, one of the three giants in Shenfang City, has accumulated many charms?
More than a charm
He waved a dozen round thunder beads again and flew out of Lei Guang, interwoven with the figure in front and blasted out harsh thunder.
Such means don’t say that Kang Rong, even Zhou Yi, has to escape as far as possible.
Chapter 13 Stay away from
"Hum …"
Qi quivered and a dark brown tortoise shell shield appeared.
The shield blooms with mixed yellow light, and the earth is connected with it. The thick and earthy atmosphere is like a mountain, which firmly guards Kang Rong.
The deafening roar can be clearly heard ten miles away in all directions.
After the explosion, the surrounding trees were lifted off the ground, and there were ferocious cracks, and the thunder ball broke out in a visible way.
Deep behind the tortoise shell shield, Kang Rong turned out to be exhausted and unscathed!
"Pole multiplier!"
Visual shield Zhao Kui’s face is ferocious, and many emotions such as greed, ecstasy and surprise emerge in his eyes.
"Go on!"
Polaroid is second only to magic weapon.
In the hands of many Daoji monks in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the number of pole pieces in the black wind tunnel is no more than five.
One of the younger brothers is also in his hand.
Moreover, defense instruments are usually rarer and more expensive than attack instruments. If you can start with them, the chances of saving your life will be greatly increased.
A lot of gas refiners embraced it.
Charms, implements, and venom are all in harmony. Even if the shield in Kang Rong’s hand has a good defense, it is still a slap in the face.
In a flash, it is in jeopardy.
Zhou Yi hid in the dark and his eyes flashed.
Although I thought Kang Rong would be in trouble before coming, I didn’t expect it to be so dangerous.
So many gas refiners besiege the talisman and bombard it like they don’t want money. This situation may not happen even if he appears.
Look at Zhao Kui’s crazy expression. If he breaks his good deeds, he will not stop.
That’s all!
Shook his head and was about to retreat when Zhou Yi’s eyebrows picked up the interest, and the whole trunk was integrated.
Seeing Kang Rong, there will be no sudden changes.
"Shua shua …"
Fan is like autumn wind, sword is like thunder.
As thin as a cicada, the wind blade is like a torrential rain falling from the sky, and the harsh sword light comes out from the clouds, and the sword swims like a fish in the field.
The protective talisman passed by the wind blade can be easily penetrated into the realm of refining gas, and the fierce body of the five poisons can’t stop the sword light from being exterminated.
Suddenly screaming again and again
Come and choose the right time, others are paying attention, and when Kang Rong is in the body, he is violent.
A bunch of gas refiners fell to the ground like wheat harvesters.
There are two more smells falling from a height, and the smell is more abundant than Zhao Kui’s, but he is not impressively a monk in the later stage of refining gas.
Two people, a man and a woman, hold a folding fan and look handsome; The female flying sword is wrapped around her body, and her facial features are pretty. Her personal breath is extremely pure and clear, and hundreds of mountain savages are completely different.
A gas refiner from outside the mountain?
Zhou Yi’s eyebrows are slightly raised.