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Seeing two fallen dragon people in the bullets, they grinned with big mouths and ugly faces and smiled comfortably.

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"Three catties on the earth is so cool! I like the earth very much! "
"Yeah, every day can rob to get cool not only won’t be punished after will be praised! I’m so happy! My generation also wants to be an earthman! "
"No, no, no,no. How can we be earthlings? We have to be fallen dragons! The earth people were robbed by us! "
"I love the earth!"
"Earth people are our good partners!"
Two people with their mouths open roared with laughter.
"Fallen Dragon Man?"
"Is it really a fallen dragon man?"
It’s so happy that the world outlook has been righted.
No, no, it’s not the right time …
"Run!" A few people hurriedly flee ignominiously.
Three catties and four Liang shot wildly in the middle of the hall and laughed while shooting.
In an instant, pots and pans, decorative fragments of chandeliers are flying about, tablecloths, decorative fabrics, and various colored curtains are flying like colored snowflakes.
The people who were shot were scared to cry. Dad shouted Niang, "Ah, ah, we are going to die! I’m dying! Dead! "
"Mom, I don’t want to be eaten by monsters!"
But after shooting for a long time, everyone got into the bunker, the desktop, and there was not even a body in the hall behind the column.
"I’m a good marksman!" Three catties proud way
"I’m not bad either!" Four, two, aha, ha, ha, ha.
Behind them, a photographer wearing a black tights and carrying a camera nodded again and again. "Not bad, not bad, the camera was very impactful just now!"
"But what can’t kill people …" Sanjin was a little dissatisfied.
"Our film has to be shown all over the world and it can’t be restricted, otherwise what should we do if we scare the children?" The photographer said, "Besides, you love the earth people and the earth people are your good friends!"
"Yes, yes, we love people on earth!" Three catties, four twos, nodding, unaware that they were brainwashed by the photographer.
The whole hall was driven away by three catties and four ounces, and the muzzle was still smoking.
Just then, someone suddenly screamed, "Help … Help … Somebody help me!"
I saw a female researcher who somehow climbed to a column and grabbed a piece of cloth curtain and it was torn by a bullet. At this time, it was already crumbling, but it was a table. At this time, all kinds of pots and pans were broken all over the floor. If it fell, the consequences would be unimaginable.
She struggled desperately to climb the second floor, but the more she struggled, the slower the curtain tore.
"Well … although we are good friends of human beings, we can watch if human beings die by themselves."
"Yeah, yeah, watch."
Three catties and four Liang just held their shoulders and smiled at the female researcher struggling in the broken glass and waiting for something to happen next.
"Help … who will help us … ahhh …" The female researcher finally couldn’t support her weight in a tear from a few meters high.
The surface is broken glass, and the tragedy is about to happen.
Just then, a virtual figure flew in from the outside, flapping its wings and catching the female researcher.
"Oh, it’s no fun. Work, work." Sanjin and Siliang were disappointed.
"ah!" The women’s research institute screamed for a long time but suddenly found that she didn’t fall on the broken glass.
She opened her eyes and saw a handsome face hidden in a black mask.
Taking a close-up camera
Da Zhuang is a bit silly, but he really doesn’t look like a tough guy, except that he always smiles a little.
However, the shortcoming of wearing a mask was perfectly covered up in the past.
Mysterious, handsome, slightly dark and attractive.
The female researcher’s face turns red as soon as she gets there.
"Thank you … thank you, sir …"
The camera suddenly hit the big strong face waiting for him to say something.
Dazhuang blinked and then grinned. "You are so heavy that you should lose weight …"
"Hum!" The female researcher struggled away from his arms.
Da Zhuang scratched his head in wonder. What did I say? Why is she angry? Didn’t I save him?
Three Jin and four Liang came to the last gate, inside which was the "magic knife" of Indigo (the emperor of clothes) which was closed.
"Good show!" Three catties and four ounces, raise your gun.
I have to say that this place deserves the highest level of defense and security in Nut State. At last, this gate was bombarded by two people for a long time, and the explosives in their hands were almost gone, and the iron gate was still motionless.
A guard officer carefully poked his head out and shouted, "Give it up! The defense facilities here can withstand even nuclear bombs!"
"And you don’t have any bombs. Now surrender is coming. We promise to give you fair treatment!"
I saw three pounds of pie pie and said, "Let’s be serious when the toys are light!"
"Good" four or two machine guns in their hands were thrown to the ground and stretched out with their right hands, and then a few sharp claws were clicked out.
He stretched out his claws and grabbed a big hole from the door where even a nuclear bomb could be defended, just like pulling out dough.