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After two years of energy extraction, at this time, the energy of the four elephants’ large array of light walls has weakened by more than half, but the strength of the three people has soared. Now the joint three human resources should be able to explode a gap. Thinking of these, Du Yun immediately went to Mu Yue and Jiao Jiao and said softly, "I just checked that a large array of light walls has become very thin. I think we should be able to explode the light walls."

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"really?" After hearing Du Yun’s speech, Jiao Jiao has been very calm. He "snapped" and eagerly looked at Du Yun and Du Yun, with a hint of nervousness. This can’t blame Jiao Jiao for such a reaction. Three people have been trapped here for two years. If all three people are determined people, they would have collapsed. It is understandable that Jiao Jiao has such a reaction now …
Of course, it is impossible for Mu Yue to be indifferent to such good news, but there is no response from him except for this little mental fluctuation at the beginning, but she has always been a cold face, and even if there are changes, she can’t tell.
Three people trapped in a large array of four elephants are almost different from those in prison. Three people have had enough of this boring day. All three people want to go out and breathe the free air outside. Now that the large array of light has thinned a lot, they decided to experiment again …
After the three people gathered together, they walked to the light wall of the four elephants. Of course, can you go out? Du Yunshen’s fire dragon is also an indispensable assistant. Of course, he has never returned to Du Yun’s consciousness since the fire dragon enjoyed the softness of the weapon on Jiao Jiao’s chest two years ago. In the past two years, the fire dragon has stayed with Jiao Jiao almost all the time, but he has thrown it hundreds of thousands of miles away …
The fire dragon is full of spirituality. When he saw several people coming to Guangbi, he knew what several people were going to do. In the past two years, Du Yun has tried dozens of times, and the fire dragon always sits on the same mission. Therefore, at this time, the fire dragon already knows his own work in detail. Therefore, before Du Yun and them talk, he swoops out from Jiao Jiao’s arms and then bites the Guangbi with an open mouth …
Although at this time, the light wall has been extracted a lot of energy by the triangular shaped array, but there is still a lot of energy on the other side, and the large array of four elephants has the function of automatic recovery. Almost at the same time, the fire dragon just tore a trace, and the surrounding energy quickly rushed to the other side, which quickly made up for the energy being swallowed at the crack, and the light speed was much faster than that of the fire dragon, so even if the fire dragon kept biting, it still had little effect …
This ending is surprisingly similar to the previous ones. Therefore, Jiao Jiao and Mu Yue are somewhat discouraged. This time, they are happy for nothing. However, after just measuring, Du Yun is sure to recognize that if they go out this time, they may hurriedly call the two people who want to go back to practice and clap their chests to ensure that "believe me, we will definitely go out this time."
"Du Yun, don’t lie to us. You have said dozens of times in the past two years that we can go out, but now we are still here and you don’t have much food and water left. We will die here soon and never get out!" Jiao Jiao shouted with tears in her eyes. After dozens of blows in this environment, everyone would collapse. Although she was trained as a successor by her family, she was battle-hardened, but she was a girl and her heart was weaker than that of men. If it weren’t for Du Yun, he wouldn’t have been able to persist …
Du Yun walked over and hugged Jiao Jiao gently and comforted, "Believe me, we will be able to go out for the last time at this moment." At this moment, Mu Yue also came over, but it always seemed that she didn’t understand others or didn’t know how to express it. She just grabbed Jiao Jiao’s hand and held it tightly …
After a while, Jiao Jiao’s mood finally calmed down and returned to the original capable touch. Gently dry the tears in the corner of his eyes and turn his head to the side. It’s awkward to dare not look at Du Yun. He said, "I made you laugh just now."
"Ha ha, it’s good to have nothing to do with you!" Du Yun casually smiled and said, "Now that everyone is all right, we will attack and bombard this light wall with the strongest attack of the three of us. Do I have a very strong feeling? This time we will definitely be able to go out and ask you to believe me."
"Ok, let’s try again!" After saying his word, all three people broke out with their strongest momentum, and at the same time, the body immortal power broke out in an instant. Du Yun pulled out the square-day painting halberd and injected all the immortal power into the halberd. In the past two years, the strength of Du Yun soldiers has reached the fifth order of immortal strength, and the array mage repair has also reached the peak of the large array mage, and both of them are breakthroughs at any time. It may be said that the strength of Du Yun is absolutely different from that of two years ago. Therefore, at this time, there are several dark blue silk threads hidden in the pale blue of Du Yun square-day painting halberd, and
Feeling the horror of halberd, Du Yun nodded with satisfaction and was very satisfied with his cultivation achievements in the past two years. At this time, Mu Yue and Jiao Jiao’s strongest attack have also been prepared. See the long sword in Jiao Jiao’s hand. The dark blue light is bright and the sword is awn. There is consistency in the light and shadow. The white tiger shuttles back and forth and feels the momentum of the white tiger. Even Du Yun is not sure to pick up such a terrorist attack.
On the contrary, it is the movement of the moon that only condenses a black whip with a new chill. People may not know it clearly, but Du Yun knows it very well. This ice crystal whip is weird and unpredictable, and its power is huge. Before Du Yun once competed with this whip, he has learned his poor power, and from the current whip momentum, it is definitely ten times stronger than the next time.
Three strong attacks have been condensed, and when the fire dragon tore out a gap and the large array didn’t come back automatically, three people launched the strongest attack at the same time and smashed it in the past.
Three people feel that the whole cave is shaking violently, and the surrounding sounds are constantly rumbling. It should be that the vibration caused the cave to collapse just now, but these movements are all four elephants outside the large array, but there is not much change at this time. "Did it fail again?" Three people have an idea at the same time.
When the three people failed this time, they saw that the light wall in front of them was bombarded, and a gap with a radius of about one meter slowly appeared. When they saw the gap, the three people were slightly stunned and then ran forward as quickly as possible.
However, the four elephants and the large array have a strong ability to recover automatically. Mu Yue just drilled out and found that the hole behind him has become the size of a basketball. Even if it is relatively thin, Jiao Jiao is also a method through the crisis. Du Yun raised his hand and suddenly bombarded the gap again. The hole has become smaller and expanded again.
Du Yun roared, "Jiao Jiao, get out of here and I’ll break up!" With that, he gave a push with the help of Du Yun’s thrust, and Jiao Jiao finally managed to escape from the four elephants array, but at this time, the gap in the light wall of the four elephants array was already very narrow.
Outside the large array, the two men saw that the gap in the light wall was getting smaller and smaller and quickly shouted, "Du Yun, come out quickly or you won’t be able to come."
At this time, of course, Du Yun knew that the speed was faster, but the shrinking speed of Guangbi hole exceeded his expectation. When he sent Jiao Jiao out and wanted to go out again, the hole had become the size of a football.
Seeing the hole the size of a football, Du Yun secretly complained, "This is a good man, but he planted himself inside." But Du Yun is not a pessimist. He will never give up easily until the last moment. There is a small hole with a large array of light walls. Du Yun hurriedly waved the square painting halberd and smashed it again.
Once again, the cave was violently shaken, and the whole cave was about to collapse. Now it is once again shaken. The stones at the top of the cave are constantly broken, and the moon and Jiao Jiao caves are constantly dodging. However, there are more and more gravel at the top of the cave, which is almost like rain. Fortunately, both of them have been protected for a long time. This is not affected by Chapter 301.
Du Yun’s heavy halberd force exceeded 10,000 Jin, but not only did he tear a hole in the light wall of the four elephants array, but he was painted halberd in the cave of the card array. Du Yun knew that this was a bit bad. Now that the four elephants array had almost recovered, it was difficult to tear another hole. Du Yun knew that it would be difficult to go out again this time.
The rock crumbled and kept coming from the top of the head, as if suddenly thinking of something. Du Yun hurriedly shouted to the two people outside the large array, "This cave is about to collapse. You two go!"
Jiao Jiao dodged a boulder from his head and turned to Mu Yue next to him and said, "I’m going to stay in Du Yun to save you. If you want to go, go first!"
After that, she stopped looking at Mu Yue and rushed directly at the large array of four elephants. She was very fast, but as soon as she was near the large array, she saw the figure flashing around her. A person had reached the cave in front of her. There were two people except her. Of course, that figure could be Mu Yue.
Two women arrived at the side of the large array almost at the same time, and then shipped their own strongest attacks to bombard Du Yun’s halberd. When they saw the two women’s crazy behavior, Du Yun was in a big hurry. "You go quickly or you won’t be able to come."
But the two women didn’t listen to the crazy bombardment of the four elephants, and the huge array of rumbling caves was continuously shaken and finally reached the limit, and the top of the whole cave collapsed.
"There is danger, you flash!" Du Yun roar loud at the same time, his physical strength condensed to Fang Tian painting Ji. At this time, he lost Jiao Jiao and left Du Yun with the fire dragon. At this time, it seemed as if he felt Du Yun’s lofty sentiments, and a little golden light was scattered into Du Yun’s body. Suddenly Du Yun felt that he had endless strength to suddenly draw Fang Tian painting Ji, which was originally stuck in a large array of light walls, but he couldn’t pull it out. At this time, Fang Tian painting Ji was pulled out.
"Give me a break!" As Du Yun roared, the painting halberd was severely cut toward the large array of light walls, which were harder than the four elephants. Even if three people worked together to break the light walls, the light walls where the painting halberd passed were scratched with a long mouth.
See can go out of Du Yun, of course, won’t stay directly jumped out, but as soon as he arrived outside the large array, he felt great pressure on his head, and quickly looked up and saw a huge stone with a width of dozens of meters hitting the three of them. If it is hit, even three people are rare masters and will be seriously injured. At this time, the injury is a death.
Du Yun’s heroism did not decrease. He waved his halberd in his hand again and slammed the boulder. Bang, the boulder should be broken and scattered. Stone chips splashed everywhere. Instead, everything he got was blocked by his sword.
However, the more forward the situation is, the more dangerous it is. After the rock wall of the cave is broken, it is the magma inside. Now the magma is out of the way, and the farther forward the cave is, the smaller the magma is, and the closer it is to them. In the end, the competition is that only two or three people have to pass through the small hole together, and the magma is constantly gurgling next to it.
Three people each use protective means surrounding magma although terror also didn’t cause any harm to them, so they went forward a few hundred meters distance, and three people saw a round light place on the top of their heads. Three people were overjoyed to know that the ground was not far away, so all three people rushed away like a plane at a faster speed.
Three people look at the top of their heads, the size of the bowl is getting brighter and brighter, and their hearts are happier. "After living for two years, three people can finally see the familiar and unfamiliar blue sky and white clouds in the past. How can they not be excited?" Hundreds of meters away, when they step out of the hole, they can’t say how happy they are.
However, when they released their happiness, they felt a terrible pressure coming from the top of their heads. Du Yun, two people in the world, had never seen anything, so although he was very excited, he didn’t show too much as Jiao Jiao and Mu Yue.
Feeling the danger coming, I took two women and quickly flashed to it again. Then I heard a loud noise. The place where the original two women lived was thrown out of a five-meter Fiona Fang pit. I just escaped the crisis and didn’t wait for Du Yun to relax. I felt another round of attacks coming again.
This time, Du Yun, even if it is faster, is also a method to evade the attack. The attack power is extremely strong. The three people’s defense is competitive, but they are crushed by his blow. The three people’s bodies are also crushed by huge impact. But before the three people get up, a round of attack has come to the great surprise. All three people don’t know that it is a good day. The attack hits the three people and bombards them. All three people are poof and spit out one mouthful blood.
At this moment, three people’s blood seems to wake up three people’s hidden things. After three people spray blood, their bodies become different and steep, and a golden dragon shadow and a frost wyrm emerge from Du Yun and Mu Yueti respectively in Du Yun. After circling a few times above their heads, they roared and rushed to the side.
And Jiao Jiao’s chest was stained with a piece of white jade, and Yu Pei’s white light flashed all the time, and the virtual shadow of the giant white tiger jumped out of it, screaming and pouncing on the top of the chamber of secrets.
Suddenly, the sounds of dragons and tigers were very calm, and the sounds in the hidden place of God were so shocking that treasure hunters in this castle were scrambling to look at the ancient original forest.