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"That’s right!"

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Zhou Yi waved a hand to signal that the tsunami-like crowd was quiet and then said slowly, "Are you from Russia to Bella?"? I don’t want to talk too much nonsense with you. Let’s divide it up. It seems that you can’t afford our martial arts, so I’ll tell you what it is. "
Zhou Yi didn’t have the arrogant tone of "Bella" when he spoke, but he was confident as a dragon.
"All right, but I declare that you are my last opponent in your school, and my horse is leaving. There are no masters in your school, and I don’t want to fight you losers again."
Bella felt the powerful momentum of Zhou Yishen, and she also felt a high sense of heroism with Zhou Yiyi.
"Don’t worry, I won’t wave you too much. You and Luo Qing had a snowball fight earlier, which is fair. You can take a break first and I will beat you with three moves. If I don’t beat you with three moves, I will lose."
Zhouyi touched a nose and said simply that he was secretly looking at this expert from Russia and didn’t really look at Bella One.
"It’s impossible for the world to beat me with three tricks, even if we are the first Russian fighter’ Feiduo’. You are similar in age to me and you are the top master of the century?"
Bella got angry after hearing Zhouyi’s words and glared at Zhouyi with her eyes wide open.
When I heard that Zhouyi was going to beat Bella with three strokes, there was an uproar all around, because although everyone knew that Zhouyi was powerful, it was not too big to beat Bella with three strokes. Even the old headmaster Ye Chong and Ye Qingcheng showed surprised expressions on their faces.
"Old headmaster, you are arrogant enough."
Marcus, the teacher led by the Russian student group, naturally heard the conversation between Zhouyi and Bella, so he once again teased the old headmaster.
"Arrogance is not arrogant, and it is not necessarily arrogant to know that a powerful person speaks."
Ye zhong, the old headmaster, walked over and replied that Zhouyi’s school coincided with his mood.
"I said three strokes is three strokes."
Zhou Yi looked directly at Bella and said, "I’m afraid you won’t fight with me. If you don’t dare to leave directly, I’m a man and won’t entangle with you and a girl."
Zhouyi is naturally goaded, and women are easily goaded.
"Well, I want you to beat me with three tricks!"
Bella was furious.
"You’d better take a rest first. You’ll have to wait for an excuse if you lose." Zhouyi laughed and continued to stimulate Bella.
"I’ve never lost Bella. I just didn’t have any physical exertion, so don’t rest." "Bella" was a little higher in decibel and said to Zhouyi. Then she posed as a hand and prepared to fight with Zhouyi.
"You shoot first, or you won’t have a chance to shoot again."
Zhouyi Xingyiquan Santi is looming, but the boxing frame is extremely boxing. His innovation is unique, and ordinary people can’t root out his martial arts skills.
"flashy and four unlike"
The Russian teacher who led the team posed for Zhouyi and made a small comment because he didn’t understand what Zhouyi was.
"Laugh at me. You’re not good at martial arts, but you brag first-class."
Bella sneers that now she regards Zhouyi as an arrogant guy, because it is impossible for Zhouyi to beat her with a few moves.
"How about my martial arts? You’ll know if you try."
Zhouyi replied that the hand beckoned Bella to attack.
"Well, I’ll teach you a lesson, you little guy."
Bella went to Zhouyi, and the recruit was angry and unbearable, and the footwork urged her to move closer to Zhouyi quickly, and then she punched Zhouyi in the head with a jab.
Bella’s move is naturally a virtual move, trying to test the real strength of Zhouyi, but Zhouyi didn’t intend to make a virtual move and directly split it out with a fist-boxing’ split mountain palm’
The speed of Zhouyi is naturally much faster than that of others.
Before Bella could react, Zhouyi’s "split mountain palm" split in front of her with overbearing arrogance.