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"You’re an old thing. Who are you teaching? ! What are you? Although you are so old, I will still pick you up! " The big-headed family planning master was scolded by the old clan, and then he grabbed the old clan and pointed at his crutches to start work.

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Li Hushan looked at this posture, and it was going to be a war. So he smiled and went to an old clan and a family planning master, and caught the crutch near his hand. When he first came, the old clan was almost shaken by the deadly family planning master, but Li Hushan immediately reversed his advantage when he put his hand to the surface. Seeing that the deadly family planning master gritted his teeth and dragged the old clan crutch, he secretly clamored with Li Hushan, but Li Hushan remained untouched.
"fuck! I still don’t believe it! " The deadly family planning master looked at Li Hushan as cool as a cucumber. Suddenly, he was so angry that he simply played a trick, put the other hand on the crutch and pulled the old clan crutch to his side at the same time. Li Hushan is still cool as a joke. Just because you are pampered all day, that bear wants to compete with Li Hushan’s hard-working family all day. This is not playing broadsword in public-you can’t chew your teeth! Seeing that the family planning master was almost sucking his strength out, the old clan crutch still didn’t move to his side.
"What the fuck are you doing? Hurry up!" The family planning master couldn’t hold it any longer. He looked back at the bystander behind him and immediately scolded his grandmother. The master was almost exhausted. That group of people who didn’t know that somehow the unintelligent goods were still there applauded. I’ll take care of them later, the family planning master thought maliciously.
After being scolded by the family planning master, those watching officials and villains hurried to or hugged the family planning master or grabbed the old clan crutch to make a forceful posture to prepare for Li Hushan to tug-of-war individually. Li Hushan looked at that group of worthless goods and smiled and said to the old clan, "Old clan, you just let go and rest there and give it to me …" Said to a brother and made a look. The brother of Loyalty Hall quickly came to hold the old clan.
"Can you do it, son?" The old clan obviously doesn’t trust Li Hushan because he can see clearly that there are four or five people on the side of the deadly family planning master. One person and four or five people tug of war. There is no loss!
"Ha ha, don’t worry, old clan. Just flash here for a while. Don’t shake your old …" Li Hushan smiled and said to the old clan that four or five unintelligent goods Li Hushan really didn’t look at them, let alone tug-of-war, that is, one-on-one hit Li Hushan was sure to beat them to death in five minutes.
The old clan was dubious. A brother from Loyalty Hall came to one side with help, and then watched Li Hushan and the family planning master tug-of-war and saw that the family planning master was biting his teeth and staring at him. But Li Hushan’s side was still calm and can’t help wondering if this guy really had natural divine power. Why is he so calm and innocent? Especially his crutch still seems to be fixed there. Seeing Li Hushan smiling at the old clan and then letting go of the family planning master’s four or five minions. Fell to the ground, but the crutch of the old clan was still despised by Li Hushan’s hand. Li Hushan glanced at a group of bureaucrats lying on the ground and then handed it to the old clan with a crutch and said with a smile, "You have a good old clan …"
"Ha ha a good boy is really awesome! Old man … "The old clan looked at the amazing scene and sighed, thinking that when he was a strong guy in his twenties, he used to carry sacks on the dock, and more than 200 kilograms of goods were also shouldered. Time and tide wait for no man. Now I’m afraid I can’t even pick up 20 kilograms of heavy objects.
When dry elder brother and Li Hushan finished speaking, Bai Zhongwu sat there and asked with a smile, "What’s the matter, brother? If you have something to do, will you hurry up? "
"Ha ha, there’s nothing wrong. There’s something wrong with my hometown. I asked my brothers to deal with it. I can’t go now …" Brother Gan smiled and drank a glass of sake.
"Brother’s family is a big deal, so it’s sloppy to have to go back in person?" What happened to Bai Zhongwu’s family when he heard it? According to his nature, there is nothing at home. If he had spoken, he would have driven him home. Bai Zhongwu is not allowed to hurt his family.
"It’s not home, it’s the village. I was forced to buckle a village hat a while ago by the old clan leaders in the village. It’s not an accident in the village. Come to me. I’m a new village chief, let alone a fire. This time, the villagers are in trouble. I have to let people deal with it quickly. Otherwise, I will be ashamed to see my hometown elders when I get home. The villagers have to poke my spine and say that I forgot! "Dry elder brother put the glass after drinking wine explained in detail.
"Ha ha, you are the right person to treat your brother like this. If you are developed, you can’t forget to forget your roots, otherwise it will be really finished … What is the matter with your brother?" Bai Zhongwu nodded his head and patted Brother Gan’s shoulder. He agreed that maybe it was because he had drunk a little wine. Maybe he met an opponent who was usually difficult to talk to. Now he has a curiosity to inquire.
"There’s nothing really wrong with Bai Ge’s rural areas. Feudal remnants are more serious and conservative. Everyone thinks about what to inherit, so every family says that it is necessary to have a boy. Otherwise, they are all called unfilial by the older generation or jokes by others in the village, so they don’t talk about family planning. This is not the case. A family in the village was arrested by the town police station because of super-life. If you don’t pay 20 thousand yuan, it will take three months. You said that it is busy farming and autumn harvest, and there is no labor at home. You let a man sit on the moon. What about women? The old clan leader can’t help it. You said I could care. Then I arranged for one of my brothers to deal with it in the past and I don’t know how to deal with it … "Brother Gan saw that Bai Zhongwu’s enthusiasm was so high that he explained the matter.
"It turns out that this is the case. If you have a baby, you can’t put it back. Just fine it and arrest people?" Bai Zhongwu puzzled and asked, although his family is not rich, Changcheng City still doesn’t understand those things in the village.
"Hey, don’t say goodbye. Those officials are all uncles. What they say is even worse. The legal awareness of the villagers is weak. If they are scared, they will be stunned. Who still has the mind to think about whether to arrest people!" Dry elder brother sighed and said
"Also by the way, brothers, I have long heard that your brothers in the Loyalty Hall are famous for their loyalty. To tell the truth, although I have no loyalty, it’s been 20 years in Changcheng, and I haven’t seen that doing good deeds is all loyalty gangs. Do you dare to go to your hometown with me now? To verify whether your brother is really a loyal man? " Bai Zhongwu suddenly remembered something full of pondering and looked at the dry elder brother and said
"Ha ha, what’s wrong with that? But I can tell you, Bai Ge, if I expect your cool bike in Juye, my hometown, I guess I’ll have to ride it for five days and five nights, and I don’t know if I can get there by then. It’s estimated that my brother has already dealt with it!" Dry elder brother smiled and joked and replied.
"Really?" Bai Zhongwu confirmed that he looked at Brother Gan and asked again. He was joking with Brother Gan, but I didn’t expect Brother Gan to take it seriously.
"Go, of course, want to go! If Bai Ge can find a means of transportation, I will take Bai Ge to review the guidelines for my loyalty and loyalty brothers so that you can see whether it is in name only or in name only! " Dry elder brother must have replied that dry elder brother was originally thinking about how to befriend Bai Zhongwu and woo him. Now there is an excellent opportunity for him to know about Loyalty Hall. Of course, dry elder brother has to seize it, but it depends on whether Li Hushan is powerful or not. But with dry elder brother’s understanding of Li Hushan, Li Hushan will not let himself disappoint Bai Zhongwu.
"good! The proprietress checks out! " Bai Zhongwu came to the fun, took a table and shouted.
"Come on … White boss how to eat so fast today …" The wife of shop-owner said with the bill came to the dry elder brother and Bai Zhongwu table.
"Today, my brother will come back sometimes afterwards …" Bai Zhongwu said and settled the account, and then went out with the dry elder brother to see Bai Zhongwu push his broken bike away. He said to the dry elder brother who followed closely, "Let’s go back to the repair shop and I’ll show you a good thing …"
The two men came to Bai Zhongwu’s motorcycle repair shop in a few minutes because they wanted to see the drama. After Bai Zhongwu parked his bike, he hit a shutter door and waved his eyes in confusion, calling him in. Then he mysteriously looked at him and lifted something covered with tarpaulin.
Brother Gan’s eyes lit up when the tarpaulin was lifted. The tarpaulin was parked on a modified Harley motorcycle. Although it didn’t look very good, Brother Gan saw Harley’s abnormal six-cylinder engine at first sight. It felt much better to ride Harley when he was performing abroad. So Brother Gan looked at it with bright eyes and asked excitedly, "Brother Bai, do you still have this baby?"
"Ha ha, I used to play with the engine. It’s Harley’s leftover shape. I designed it myself …" Bai Zhongwu said with a smile.
Brother Gan didn’t say anything about giving Bai Zhongwu a thumbs-up and then smiled and said, "What are you waiting for? Let’s go!"
"Haha, easy to go!" Bai Zhongwu said, stepping across the tall Harley-Davidson motorcycle and starting the car, he gave a roar. Brother Gan smiled and sat down behind him. Bai Zhongwu gave the throttle to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and rushed out like a runaway wild horse. Chapter 48 Let you hit it. Do you dare? !
Although Bai Zhongwu usually doesn’t like to talk and feel bored, Bai Zhongwu has a way to control the wild like a dry brother in his bones. This is the master’s distress. Bai Zhongwu rides that broken bike during the day, and the speed seems to crawl like a snail. Don’t say that people who walk behind him are tired of watching it. It’s almost like riding a bike, but when night comes, Bai Zhongwu becomes a different person, especially at the Changcheng Ring Road. You will always hear buzzing and roaring and see a high-powered Harley motorcycle galloping at high speed.
"Ha ha, Bai Ge, I really didn’t see that you still have this side …" Brother Gan sat behind and felt Harley’s powerful horsepower and blood boiling, and said to Bai Zhongwu, who was in front of the car.
"Just fooling around. Anyway, I’m idle and idle. I’m going to speed up …" Bai Zhongwu smiled and replied, then handed a helmet to the elder brother, and immediately wore a helmet myself.