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At this moment, Su Aidi’s hand was so small that it was so close in front of him that he clearly saw that the hand trembled very slightly, and then returned to normal and put the sapphire back firmly.

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I remember very clearly that this sapphire should belong to the ancient days.
Su Aidi started to smile and said, "This demon is very interesting. His body is made of white jade, but it is a piece of inferior sapphire. This vision is too bad."
Forgotten Sichuan Jun laughed. "He is just an inferior demon. Of course, he can’t compare with my beauty. You are so boring."
Su Aidi covered her lips with a charming smile, and her eyes were as bright as spring water, and her little face turned twice. There was a faint seduction meaning. Be careful, be alert, hold your breath and lower your head to think, "There must be something wrong with this woman. Although I am still safe, I must not make any mistakes."
Forgotten Chuanjun looked at the jade pot and said, "He needs to repair his body in a day or two and then integrate the ability contained in the soil and jade into his body. Little teacher younger brother, come back to the palace with me first." Then he turned and ordered, "Dance on the moon and fire, you two carry this demon to the temple and watch it carefully, so as not to let him have an accident."
The source of forgetfulness is quite vast. If you follow forgetfulness all the way, you can’t see the edge in the distance. The hills are all black and it looks cold. The winding mountains are the Forgotten River. Obviously, the river here is black and shiny, which is slightly different from the river outside. Although it is far away, you can faintly see the large chunks of ice on the beach. It looks like Xuan Bing will never change.
After walking for a while, they felt a biting cold coming from the front and looked up and couldn’t help but "ah"
"This is where I live │ │ Dragon Palace" Forgotten Chuanjun laughed. "What do you think of this place, little brother?"
Small nodding "big is definitely big!"
The palace in front is majestic, and the whole building turns out to be a complete dragon shape, stretching from the leftmost part of the line of sight to the rightmost part of the line of sight. At first glance, it is almost marginal. The towering faucet seems to be going to Ling Fei, and even the most critical architect will feel a sense of dust when he sees it.
Forgetting Chuanjun added, "Have you ever seen such a handwriting before?"
I made a contrast quietly in my heart. The pavilions and pavilions of the floating clouds and waterside pavilions are exquisite but a little less domineering. The Shushan Hall has a long history after hundreds of millions of years, but it is a bit less. It is a great temple created by the Creator, but its appearance and momentum are rough except for its scale. He carefully looked at the Dragon Palace in front of him. Needless to say, the corner of the cornice is incomparably exquisite, and even the slightest trace of splicing can’t be seen. The faucet is lifelike. A pair of eyes are shining with cold light, and it’s a real dragon flying to the artistic conception.
There was a long silence before I sighed, "Brother, I have never seen such handwriting."
Forgotten Chuanjun suddenly laughed. "Do you know who built this palace?"
Trail "I’m afraid only the creator can think of this palace."
"You are wrong," Wang Chuanjun proudly said. "This palace was built by me alone for a thousand years."
When I said this, Xiao suddenly gasped and said, "Really?"
"It’s nothing to be surprised about." Forgotten Sichuan Jun looked more proud. "When I entered Forgotten Sichuan, I was known as the top five masters of the underworld, but I didn’t even have a place to live! At the moment when the demon king laughed at me face to face, I was determined to build the most magnificent palace in the underworld to shut them up. I spent a thousand years studying the knowledge of architectural structure, another thousand years searching for 100,000 tons of Xuan Bing, and another thousand years laying the foundation of the Dragon Palace. When everything is ready, I will carve Xuan Bing and carry it by hand every day, and ban and strengthen the ice layer at every turning joint until the whole palace is completed. This has never received the slightest external assistance. It is all my credit! "
Xiao suddenly said, "Oh, no wonder this palace is chilly. It was originally built in Xuan Bing."
Hu Nian interjected behind him, "But this palace is forgotten about the underworld of Chuanyuan, and others can’t see it if they want to?"
Forgotten Chuanjun said, "They can’t see the Dragon Palace, but I can see their palace. I am much better than them. Since this is the case, what does it matter if they admit it?" Alas, it’s a pity that the fellow of the lich king was murdered by his hand and disappeared for ten thousand years. It is estimated that even his soul has been refined. It seems that he has no chance to see my Dragon Palace. "
Careful head did Sarah laugh and thought, "I’m afraid you’ll never dream of it in my arms."
Chapter 174 Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 174 Equivalent Exchange
When they entered the main hall, they found that the hall was not spacious, but rather beautifully decorated with various lintels and screens. Along the way, there were winding corridors and various arch bridges. The flowing water was actually quite artistic. Every time you turn around, you can see the beautiful inferno female guards in twos and threes. You can’t help but say, "Brother Forgotten Chuanyuan is so mysterious, why did you get so many demons in? Aren’t you afraid that they will reveal the secret?"
If you forget about Chuan Jun, "I don’t worry that these inferno families have already died cleanly. Since they have come in, of course, they will never want to go out."
Little surprised. "But it’s not easy to find so many qualified inferno women, is it?"
Forgetting Chuanjun understated, "It’s not easy to kill their families directly. These women are playing with me, of course."
After a chill in my heart, I stopped talking and didn’t say it.
Forgotten Chuanjun gave him a strange look and suddenly smiled. "Teacher younger brother, since you are my teacher younger brother, it is the underworld with status and status. This law of the jungle must be firmly remembered."
There are many houses in the Dragon Palace, and the Erling quickly arranged accommodation for everyone. Forgetting that everyone else had retired, his face suddenly became serious. "Teacher younger brother, let’s talk about resurrection grass and sand wood."
Small also awe way "you say"
Forgotten Sichuan Jun Shen said, "I might as well say that I do have a resurrection plant and a sand tree in my hand. According to the usual practice, it will be time for me to close my practice in another hundred years, and then I will drop them. But now I have decided to give you a chance and ask you to promise me the conditions, so I will fight for five thousand years without practicing and give you something."
Small wry smile way "brother to tell you the truth, I also have to get these two things if you have any conditions, just say it."
Forgotten Chuanjun nodded, "It’s very simple. I want you to blend in with the Berg family and steal the ripped pangu axe for me."
A little frown said, "What is a Pangu axe?"
Forgetting Chuanjun’s way, "Pangu axe is the treasure of Berg family and the most famous magic weapon in the underworld. The Berg family claims to be able to break all the seals of the Three Realms to a great extent. If you steal this axe and tear off the skin, you will definitely not be my opponent."
Be careful when you move your head. It suddenly occurred to me that the fourth page of the word "Day" once indicated that the Berg family had a magic weapon of the highest level. However, due to the lack of time, it seems that the magic weapon may refer to the Pan Gu axe.
Forget Chuanjun. Seeing that he doesn’t talk, he doesn’t want to add, "Little brother, since we are other disciples, I naturally won’t intentionally harm you. It seems very dangerous for you to steal things, but there are seven points to be sure."
Small shook his head and said, "Brother, I’m skillful and I can’t be invisible. Even they can’t get close to tearing the skin. What can I do?"
"Of course, you are different from them." Forgotten Chuanjun stared at the little word. "Because you are a magic alchemist."
Xiao suddenly remembered that Gu Tianyi once said that Forgotten Chuan Jun hated most is that the alchemist always saw a killer. He quietly got up and said, "What do you mean?"
Lost god tactic this achievement method has a problem, once the exercise body will glow, the little body will flash red and forget Sichuan Jun can not but laugh. "Little teacher younger brother, you are too oversensitive. If I want to kill you, which one will need to wait until now? Do you know what I hate most about the alchemist? "
A little embarrassed and quickly dispersed his skills. "What?"
Forget Chuanjun carefree way "Because the guy who tore the skin likes the magic refiner the most, I have to hate the magic refiner, of course."
Xiao Zhang has a big mouth.
Forget Chuanjun, hey hey smile, "You are a very good magic refiner. The bottle you just came to deal with me is comparable to the advanced inferno. Even if Gu Tianyi meets you at this level, it is hard to please you. If you improve your skills, I’m afraid even the magic of God level can be refined."
Nodded his head and said, "There is no doubt that the ancient days are lying in my arms now."
Forgotten Chuanjun added, "Ripping the skin loves to study the seal array science, and the most important thing about the seal array science is to have a supporting magic device, so the underworld collects talents who are good at refining devices, but people in the underworld are selfish in nature and take care of their own cultivation. No one is willing to study the refining device means, and there are only a handful of powerful magic refiners in his poor life. If you want to mix with the Berg family, you must go in as a magic refiner."