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Now Ye Han obviously failed to master this point. When he can have starlight, he can practice the root method in his spare time and cast the star cold tactic.

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Lengling didn’t know this, so he decided that Ye Han had been practicing like this, and it wouldn’t be long before he could practice successfully.
Because Ye Han practiced silently, Lengling naturally gave up on the many embarrassing situations that happened before and wholeheartedly guarded Ye Han to protect his practice.
Quietly looking at repose is in the middle of the science of uniting the cold ling heart suddenly a sweet, this more than two months to get along with experience also timely appeared in her mind.
Recalling that I was a sealed stranger in the lake outside Xingyuan City with the help of the cold water, I happened to meet Ye Han. After that, I am now out of the torture of inflammation and cold.
The original Ye Han had a soft leaf in his heart. Now, after many twists and turns, he has completely replaced Ye Rou Ye Han’s position in his heart. Although this has a deep suspicion of body double, it has become a reality.
Ye rou has now become someone else’s wife, which may be lucky, but it has also become a realism. For example, she can’t be Ye Han’s wife.
Naturally, this may be a good thing for Lengling, but it is not the case for Ye Han and Ye Rou, or both of them have already engraved each other’s figure in their hearts. This change also makes both of them hide a pain.
Although the former Ye Han used to be white, he was a kind of dependence on Ye Rou, not love, but Lengling knew that this was for Ye Han. On the one hand, no one could be white, since the former Ye Rou had already moved his true feelings.
Even at the moment, Ye chilling is still struggling whether he really depends on Ye Rou or has already understood the truth, which he himself has not been able to understand thoroughly.
Thinking about thinking about Lengling, she couldn’t help but feel sleepy, so she also sat up to guard Ye Han and took a nap herself.
When Lengling woke up, there was enough light around her. When she looked up, the sun had risen from the top of the mountain. Obviously, it was the morning of the second day.
Seeing this situation, Lengling not only had some remorse, but also agreed to guard Ye Han well. I didn’t expect to fall asleep until now.
Self-reproach Yu Lengling’s eyes looked toward Ye Han’s cultivation position, where it was already swinging and could not find Ye Han’s figure at the moment.
Just as LengLing felt bad and was ready to get up and look for Ye Hanshi, she felt a familiar smell behind her, so she was busy looking round.
However, as soon as Leng Lingtou came back, he listened to Ye Han’s smile, followed by Ye Han’s smile. "If you are sleepy, sleep a little longer!"
Listen to Ye Hanyan Lengling this just rest assured immediately embarrassed smile "cold brother I’m sorry before it was too sleepy"
Lengling listened to Ye Han and smiled. "It’s okay. You took care of me these days. Now it’s my turn to take care of you!"
Ye Han sat up and gently took Lengling’s sweet shoulder, and immediately put her in her arms and patted her sweet shoulder and said, "Go to sleep!"
Seeing Ye Han so caring for Lengling naturally feels happy, perhaps because he didn’t get enough sleep before, or perhaps because he was lying in Ye Han’s arms, Lengling quickly closed his eyes and went to sleep with a happy face.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han bowed his head to Lengling’s eminence and asked gently for a while before he smiled and looked at Lengling, who suddenly opened his eyes and blushed, and nodded his head to signal him to continue to sleep.
Lengling closed her eyes again without refusing. This time, she didn’t get Ye Han to disturb her and soon fell into a deep sleep.
Seeing Lengling fall asleep, Ye Han sighed lightly, "It’s really wronged for Linger to let you a pregnant woman follow me to suffer from the cold again!"
With that, Ye Han no longer worries about disturbing Lengling’s rest, and at the same time, he can’t help but flash many pictures in his mind, which are all memories cherished in his heart.
Naturally, the most of these is Yan Yunzong’s dribs and drabs, not only with his soft and sweet memories of leaves, but also with many feelings during practice.
In addition, it is Lengling, the woman who has paid the most and is now the closest. Together, she has portrayed Ye Han’s heart.
The second time, I was left with Yan Xin, who only got along for ten days. Although she has not yet occupied Ye Hanxin, that memory is also beautiful for Ye Han.
For Ye Han, he has never had feelings for Yan Xin on the surface, but in private, he will constantly ask himself whether he has understood the truth about Yan Xin.
Although Ye Han barely came to answer himself when he finally found the answer, he often denied the answer in his heart.
Although it was not a long time, it has also portrayed the depths of his heart and made him constantly struggle.
"What’s wrong with me?" After struggling, Yu Ye’s cold heart has several similar problems, that is, he is not a playboy and will have feelings for so many women.
First it was Ye Rou, then it was Leng Ling, and then there was another Yan Xin. Although this Leng Ling was the most important person to him, he also finally released the two of them.
Even now, he still clearly remembers that Yan Xin once showed his sincerity to him before leaving the fierce yuan city, and also told him that he would wander the Jianghu from now on.
But what about the result? As a result, Ye Han disappeared inexplicably, and finally another woman got married. What kind of harm would it be for Yan Xin?
Although all this is not in Ye Han’s mind, it is already like this. If you can clean this layer, even if others agree, he will not feel at ease.
There is also Ye Rou, a daughter who has been dependent on him for many years and eventually became someone else’s wife. This may be a blow to Ye Han, but what about Ye Rou himself?
There is also Lengling, a woman who has been accompanying Ye Han all the time. Although she has got Ye Han’s sincerity, she often lives in pain.
Although she is really happy on the surface, Ye Han knows that this happiness is so cold.