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Liu Yunfei was filled with excitement at the thought of his mother’s imminent recovery, and quickly left Gu Shan behind her unhappiness with Lin Yu.

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"Boss, I don’t think it’s that Miss Liu is superstitious about Xue Imperial Doctor, but that she put all her hopes on Xue Imperial Doctor." Ouyang Xiu said quietly, "You can’t blame her. I would also like to believe that Xue Imperial Doctor is no problem."
Be OuYangXiu so say Lin Yu this just white his previous words really overdone.
But I don’t know who made that woman so stupid to be taken advantage of.
"Well, don’t see her again if you have nothing to say." Lin Yu grunted and released ten Yaoling. "Hey, I’m sorry. Now I’ll let you go back and have a good rest for an early recovery."
"I don’t want you to pay for our medicine if I don’t leave!" Those children and small animals kept clamoring towards Lin Yu, and they were not afraid of Lin Yu because of their arrogance.
These medicines are very spiritual, and they have been playing tricks since Lin Yushen didn’t realize the malice.
The so-called bullying honest people is the face of these ten drug spirits. If the wicked people were changed, they would dare to ask Lin Yu for compensation if they could not come anywhere now.
Lin Yu shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry, I have nothing to compensate you for your medicine."
"Why not?" The naked child who first appeared shouted, "There is a world of clouds and mud everywhere in your school, that is the best tonic for our medicine spirit!" "
"heaven and earth?" Lin Yu said, "You mean the brown mud?"
Bare-ass children nod repeatedly. "It is you who want to plant us in it that we can grow rapidly. If you don’t kill us, we can always give you our body medicine. You know, we are refining the ninth-order Dan medicine."
"Come on, come on, stop boasting and stay as long as you like." Lin Yu "sou" took these ten Yaoling into his own hell and planted them in the brown mud of hell.
"It turns out that this brown mud is called heaven and earth, and you must ask Lan Er what’s going on when you go out." Lin Yu secretly thought, "If I can get a lot of words, I will sprinkle them in the magic mirror so that I don’t worry about the lack of energy there."
"Well, let’s go and continue our trip to find crystal source!" Lin Yu slightly convergence mood summon up morale and Ouyang Xiu two people move on.
There is a big mountain in an independent place on the mainland of the sky. There is a lot of smoke and transpiration on the top of this mountain, as if someone steamed rice on this mountain.
At the top of the mountain, there is a big square filled with medicine stoves, from which a lot of smoke rises.
At the end of the square is an alchemy room that doesn’t look big. A red door is closed and no one knows what’s going on inside.
Liu Yunfei and her sisters appeared in this square and asked the girl who refined medicine earlier, "Did your master, Nellie, say exactly when it will come out …"
Lillian was about to shake her head when suddenly the quaint door of the alchemy room came, and a woman with strong green wood came out from the inside.
She has a fragrant smell of herbs, which makes people feel close to nature.
"Rhyme Fei I’m out." The woman smiled at Liu Yunfei and her sisters. No one would think she was a bad person.
Liu Yunfei quickly greeted him and said, "I think I have found the ten kinds of nine-order heaven and earth elixirs, but I didn’t bring them back much. I don’t know if they are enough."
When I heard that Liu Yunfei had brought these medicinal materials back, Xue Siru, a doctor of medicine, suddenly lit up her eyes as if her mother was about to be saved. "How much did you bring back?"
Liuyunfei wanted to hand over everything, but suddenly she remembered Lin Yu’s warning and handed over half of it.
Xue Siru glanced at the ring and said with regret, "It’s a pity that if I can add half of these, I can refine the pills to save my aunt. These herbs are not enough!"
Liuyunfei’s heart sank and he thought that he was right by Lin Yu.
Judging from all the signs, Xue Siru didn’t forget to explain, but Gen didn’t intend to tell Liu Yunfei how much medicinal materials she wanted.
Now that medicinal materials are not obvious enough, I just don’t want to refine Dan medicine for myself.
She and Xue Siru have been dating for thousands of years. I didn’t expect Xue Siru to calculate her.
Even so, Liu Yunfei can ask for it or pin his hopes on Xue Si.
"I’m sorry, I forgot there’s still half here." Liu Yunfei handed over all the remaining medicinal materials. She hoped that Xue Siru would covet the ninth-order medicinal materials and give her more and she would refine Dan medicine for herself.
Xue Siru’s face showed a change, but she still took another ring spirit from Liu Yunfei and scanned it coldly. "It’s really enough, but even enough herbs won’t save your mother."