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Tengqingshan also frown thoughtfully.

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Suddenly Teng Qingshan recalled the first time he chased the red scale cub, which climbed a high mountain and then jumped from the cliff.
Teng Qingshan moved in his heart. "I chased the red scale cub. The red scale cub felt that he was in danger. He must choose an safe way to run around the peaks. What specifically chose that one? And after it jumped, I followed. Why can’t I find it if I can’t slow down for a few seconds? Is there anything special about that canyon? "
"Come with me!" Tengqingshan ordered immediately rushed to the original canyon.
In the canyon
"This black fire fruit is really mysterious. The entrance turned out to be this place. Who would have thought?" A lean man climbed out of the lower cliff covered by vines on the other side of the canyon. The vines actually hid a cave. The lean man’s face was full of pride.
Now he is the only one who knows about this black fire fruit hiding place.
"Hum, I don’t say out every day staring at the black fire spirit fruit is me! Although my strength is poor, even if I can’t take away the red scale beast, at the very least, I can still eat the black fire spirit root. Then I will be a first-class fighter. "The lean man is very proud.
But his face suddenly changed. He stared at a group of people in the distance. The man in black with a pike was staring at him.
Chapter 60 Underground
The lean man changed his face when he saw the other person’s costume. "It belongs to Yuan Zong people!"
Nowadays, several big sects at the foot of the Flame Mountain are all in the same costume, which is easy to identify. When encountering these big sects, ordinary fighters will choose to avoid them.
"I must be caught by them now. I can’t escape this strength and be arrested by Yuan Zong! There is no other way! " Lean Han looked up and gritted his teeth and grabbed Fujiman to climb quickly. After all, he is also a fighter, and the climbing speed is very fast.
If he jumps, he will be caught.
Running towards the cave of Tengman? When the other party enters the cave, they will also chase it quickly.
If you climb fast, there is still hope to climb to the top of this low cliff first.
Tengqingshan foothill looked up at the cliff and quickly climbed lean Han.
"Let’s not chase them?" Du Hong some anxious way
Tengqingshan picked up two pieces of gravel from the ground with a weak smile, and then watched Fang climb to the steep place without Tengman’s grasp, which made it difficult to climb. Lean Han casually threw a stone in his hand as if a meteor had quickly crossed long and accurately smashed the lean Han’s right arm.
"ah!" The lean man grabbed the rock and his right hand could not help but cry out in pain.
The whole person lost his center of gravity and couldn’t help falling.
This is more than ten feet high. If it is a leg fracture that jumps the most, but this lean man loses his center of gravity and leans back and falls, even the first-class fighters will be killed alive.
Tengqingshan a gust of wind in the face of that as if shells from high hit the human body stretched out his hand-
More than ten feet, that’s about forty meters, which is equivalent to Tengqingshan’s previous life, where more than a dozen stories of buildings are so high that the impact force is the first-class fighters. If they pick up their hands, it is estimated that their arms will be broken. See Tengqingshan’s right hand, the lean body will be unloaded and unloaded with nine points of impact force, and then stop with lean hands.
Remove the impact of nine points. The lean man fell to feel his chest breath and was not seriously injured.
Real impact Tengqingshan can be hard-jointed with one arm, but if Tengqingshan is hard-jointed, it is estimated that the lean man will be killed alive by such soft means.
"I know the secret of Heihuolingguo. He saved me now. I don’t know the situation in the cave. He wants me to lead the way once they find Heihuolingguo! They will definitely kill me to kill me. They will never let me be free. They will monopolize the black fire fruit! " The lean man is not stupid, but also an old Jianghu.
White people find that the reaction of black fire fruit is monopoly!
Fall to the ground, he suddenly waved a hand and a cold light stabbed Tengqingshan in the chest at close range, and then the whole person’s hands were going to fly in the distance with a whoosh.
"Hey!" Tengqingshan gave the dagger a flick of his finger.