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Shao Yifu said, "Mr. Hai speaks directly and simply is very good!" Very good! Let’s talk it over in the backyard, shall we? "

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He is one of the best figures in the local underworld. At this time, he should talk to the waves in such a humble tone, which not only says that this lady Shao has a deep calculation, but also says that he is open-minded
The waves are not unappreciative. Of course, when people give him enough face, they should take it away, otherwise they will set themselves too high and get angry. Shao Yifu will suffer or himself.
Imagine that Lady Shao is an equal person, such as the waves, which is not a trick in his eyes. If he didn’t want to attract the waves, he would have done it on the spot.
The waves nodded in agreement.
The waves headed for Shao lady.
Before he approached Shao lady, he suddenly felt a very strong and rich murderous look coming at him.
His heart was shocked and he felt that murderous look was so cold that he had a creepy horror.
He stopped and looked up at the front.
A very thin and short young man, Shao Yifu, was staring at him with a cold eye.
This young man is only about twenty years old. Although he is thin and short, he has a kind of cold, cruel, wild and wild power, which makes his thin body look like a leopard walking on the American prairie. Every inch of his body is full of poor energy and explosive power.
The young man is there, staring at the waves, but he feels that the young man is moving all over. This is because the young man gives him a kind of explosive power.
The young man’s facial features are very common, but no one will recognize them in the crowd, but his eyes will never be forgotten for a generation.
That’s hardly human eyes. It’s wild animals that have eyes that are cruel, aloof, mean, cold, sharp and bloodthirsty!
The young man doesn’t look like a man, like a beast who has just escaped from prison. He looks at others like a beast is ready to pounce on his prey and bite his throat at any time.
The waves froze and stared at the young man.
The young man couldn’t stand still and stared at the waves.
The confrontation between the two people’s eyes almost sparked sparks and flashes.
They all feel that they have met the most formidable enemy and the most terrible person in their lives!
Two people stood there quietly, but they fought thousands of times and tens of thousands of times in spirit and consciousness.
They just stood for two seconds, but it was only a blink of an eye for others, but it was longer than three days and three nights for them.
Shao lady gently cough a say "name"
This animal is as poisonous as a cold and arrogant young man, but he listens to Shao lady very much and has never said a word since he retired
Kun yang pushes wheelchair waves to follow behind.
The young man was called to protect the place one meter away from Shao Yifu at any time to guard against the waves against Shao Yifu.
Four people came to the backyard, and there was another two-story small building in the backyard, which was quite narcissistic.
In the courtyard, the artistic conception is hazy and beautiful, and several high lamps are decorated with flowers and trees, and the light is bright.
Step into the backyard, walk along a gravel path, cross the flowers, cross the bridge, cross the rockery and cross the pond to the front of Xiaoyanglou.
All the way, Shao Yifu talked with the waves. From Shao Yifu’s mouth, she knew that this time Shao Yifu was going to take him to see a person, which was an important figure in their gang. When asked who it was, Shao Yifu smiled mysteriously and said that she would know when the time came.
The waves are not much, and he still thinks about the name of Shao lady in his heart.
The information and tip he received did not have this name. It can be seen that this name has just come to Shao Yifu.
But who is this name? Why should he be so respectful to Shao lady?
With this skill (although the waves didn’t see him shoot, he still believed in judgment), it was definitely not money that could buy Shao Yifu. What can be done to make this name obey him?
In the heart of the waves, I secretly compared this name with myself, and I don’t know if I can beat this name.
He couldn’t help but smile in his heart.
It’s not that his martial arts is superior to the waves, but he can be regarded as a super master. Although he is cunning, there is a kind of light and strong wind.
But this name is not a master, he is a killer among killers!
Masters come to fight, killers come to kill. These are definitely two different concepts.
Although his heart is cruel enough and his hands are poisonous enough to kill people without blinking, he is definitely not a bloodthirsty person, and he will never kill people easily unless he has to.
But with a different name, he won’t do it easily. His moves are not to fight, to perform, or to make people appreciate him. His purpose is to kill you! Kill to the death!
Lights come out from the small building.
Four people approached the steps at the entrance of Xiaoyanglou.
The steps are more than two meters wide, and Yang Kun pushed Shao Yifu’s wheelchair up the steps by himself.
The door has been open for a long time and a girl in white came out and bowed and said, "Shao Lao, you are here!" "
The sharp eyes of the waves quickly observed the girl in white. At the sight of her, she was about ten years old. Her skin was fine and white, her cheeks were rosy, her eyes were black and her lips were red and small, so she was clean and beautiful.
Shao lady said with the wave "! Is Xiaoxue Miss Liu asleep? "
Xiaoxue said, "Miss hasn’t said that when you bring guests, you can bring them directly in."