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"I guess it’s two things."

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Zhouyi some nai ground to say
"Which two?" Xiaoxiao asked
"First, you have brought Li Li, a distant cousin who is generally an animal, to justice. In addition, you must have come to me again to ask for information from the Japanese Yamaguchi group."
Zhouyi thought about it and said that his analytical ability is amazing.
"You are very clever. You are right, but you are not right."
Xiaoxiao took sunglasses and wore Zhouyidao. "The first thing you guessed right, Xiao Tianyue was dead, and his two lines were arrested by the police. Many children and women who were abducted by them were rescued, but the second thing you said was half right. I not only came to you for information but also came to congratulate you."
"Hi, never?"
Zhou Yi asked in his heart, but said, "You have to talk to me privately in this way. This is not to congratulate me, but to get me into trouble. After you left, it is estimated that I will spend a lot of time explaining to Ye Qingcheng that it is difficult to coax a woman’s jealousy."
"You can’t guess this, can you?"
Xiaoxiao laughed. "You asked the head of the headquarters to promise to let you become a part-time agent, but it was due to the fact that General Su Lao gave me a report to our head. The head actually said that General Su Lao had told him that you said that you were a young talent and a person, and you would succeed after a dragon and phoenix."
"So easy to agree?"
Zhouyi knew that General Su Lao admired himself very much, but he was still a little overwhelmed after hearing Xiao Xiao’s words. Xiao Xiao didn’t come to take his heart or cheat information, did he? Guoan, but there are some great and magnificent people inside this organization to ensure the country’s safety. Where is it so easy to get in?
"I don’t have to lie to you"
Xiaoxiao see Zhouyi a don’t believe expression hurriedly explained.
"Then bring me the national security certificate," Zhou Yi said.
"The certificate is so fast. I only reported to the headquarters last night. How did you get the certificate so quickly?" Xiao Xiao explained
"Then come back to exchange information when you get the certificate, but I still thank you when you punish Xiao Tianyue." Zhouyi got up and went back to the classroom.
It’s hard to join the national security, but it’s hard to see the national security issuing special documents. Zhouyi wouldn’t just give Xiaoxiao information. What if Xiaoxiao lied to him? What if something happened to this matter?
"You don’t believe me. Well, you wait for me to come back. I’ll get my certificate to find you. It’s really a cheapskate." Xiao Xiao nai said to Zhouyi that she didn’t expect Zhouyi to insist on information until she got her certificate.
Zhouyi didn’t look back to the classroom. Xiao Xiao was so angry that she couldn’t take Zhouyi. If someone else changed her, she would be furious and pull out her gun or start work.
To xiaoxiao soon left the whole leaf a little peace of mind, but her heart was still a little uncomfortable because xiaoxiao was too sexy and beautiful, and she felt that xiaoxiao was a great threat to herself.
"Zhouyi Xiaoxiao didn’t bother you, did she? How did she come to Hangzhou?"
As soon as Zhouyi returned to the classroom, Su Mengyao sent a text message to Zhouyi, and at the same time, the discussion about horses in the classroom stopped. Now Zhouyi is a school leader, and no one dares to offend him. Naturally, he dare not talk about Xiaoxiao, especially Xiao Qiang, and other nine people dare not participate in the discussion for fear that Zhouyi will be unhappy.
"She’s here to perform, and she wants to ask me for a little help, not trouble."
Zhouyi to Su Mengyao back message way
Su Mengyao is a clever girl. Zhouyi knew that Su Mengyao was worried that Xiaoxiao was coming to school to find trouble with him. He specifically said that he told Su Mengyao Xiaoxiao not to find trouble with her.
When Zhouyi first met Xiao Xiao Su Mengyao’s family, they exchanged a few tricks. However, Xiaoxiao thought that Zhouyi was not effective in dealing with her and was disrespectful to her. Xiaoxiao always wanted to find trouble with Zhouyi.
Su Mengyao knew this. Su Mengyao didn’t think that Zhouyi and Xiaoxiao had experienced maritime events these days, and there was a great improvement before and after what happened. Now Xiaoxiao still has a good impression on Zhouyi because Zhouyi saved her life and took pains to heal her, which made Xiaoxiao a little moved.
Su Mengyao also smiled when she received the text message from Zhouyi. Zhouyi and she were in the same heart. She didn’t ask Zhouyi yet, but she knew what she wanted to ask. It was really heart-to-heart.
Knowing that Xiaoxiao didn’t come to trouble Zhouyi, Su Mengyao stopped texting Zhouyi and set his mind at ease to review his English.
"Hum, I have to ask about things today. I can’t let Zhouyi have an affair outside."
After knocking over the vinegar altar, Ye Qingcheng corridor thought for a while and then decided that she went to the podium in the classroom and said, "Dear students, when you handed me the layout yesterday, the representative of Zhouyi class sent the class to my office."
"Teacher Lai Ye wants to call me to the office to question me."
Others didn’t feel the mystery contained in this sentence of teacher Ye Qingcheng, but Zhou Yi was very clear in his heart.
Industry soon handed it to the podium. After class, Zhouyi took the industry into Ye Qingcheng’s office.
"Who is that Xiaoxiao?"
If not, Ye Qingcheng will stare at Zhouyi at the office door and ask questions.