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Because of the loss of the best time to retreat, hundreds of people were surrounded by the strong in the sky and the strong in the sky except Ryukyu and Chi, and several vitality was blasted out towards them.

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"chase!" Yuan clan ten pale space in the strong mobile body towards Ryukyu and Tzu Chi to recover behind them.
"Fight with them!" Surrounded by Ryukyu sword Sect, the strong people in the heaven and earth are not eating for nothing, and the colorful swords are flying wildly.
Sword vitality and Yuan vitality collide together, and their vitality spreads everywhere, giving off a magnificent buzz.
Even if the dimension is so stable, it still can’t bear thousands of strong people in heaven and earth and thousands of strong people in reincarnation. The vitality of the boom has violently shaken, and even the hanging emperor has a slight sense of instability.
Poop, poop, poop …
Suddenly, thousands of people with sharp swords drilled themselves out and broke the body of Tianyuan clan.
Thousands of metempsychosis and hundreds of strong people in heaven and earth have been hit hard by their swords and fallen from high places!
"How is that possible?" Yuan emperor that ten pale Yu condition the strong surprised to see this scene at that time actually failed to react.
Even if his father and his son didn’t make moves, the Yuan clan is also an absolute number and strength advantage to suppress each other. How can the other party win?
When his father and his son saw more than 200 Yuan souls fleeing towards the distance, Yuan Huang’s face could not help but draw a fierce smoke.
He never dreamed that these guys from the Ryukyu sword Sect blew themselves up and turned into such a sharp but firm but gentle attack, which was several times stronger than their opponents.
"Want to escape? Leave it all for me! " Yuan Huang roared a small tower flying out from his right hand.
As soon as the small tower flies out, it is several times larger than the transient, glittering and colorful.
This tower treasure looks solemn and sacred, which makes people feel a sense of prostration immediately.
"Ah-"Ryukyu sword of the heart that more than two hundred heaven and earth strong yuan soul bellow moment was sucked into the pagoda.
"Old guy, if you dare to kill us, you will die when we kill Liu Xin Jianzong!"
"Just let us go and kneel down and beg for mercy. Maybe our patriarch will let you live!"
Even if they were put into the tower, their arrogance and blind worship of Ryukyu sword Sect remained unchanged.
"Hum!" Yuan Huang was so angry that his eyes almost popped out by himself. "Go to hell, all of you!"
The Yuan Emperor’s spirit is a course, and this more than 200 Ryukyu Heart Sword Sect’s soul of Heaven and Man is crushed to pieces.
Even after killing these guys, Yuan Huang is still in a bad mood at all.
No one has ever dared to yell at himself like this. Does the Ryukyu sword Sect think that his life is long?
Seeing that his father was furious, Yuan Fan quickly woke up. "Dad, it’s weird. I’ve never seen those guys. They named me and said who they were fighting for?"
"Every son, you have to do one thing," Yuan Huang said coldly. "Father, I’m not more stupid than you. Can you think of me? I think of you?"
Yuan Fan pondered over his father’s words carefully and finally got some understanding.
It’s not that the Yuan Emperor didn’t know it was weird, but someone else came to kill the door and killed tens of thousands of his own people.
If you still talk nonsense with each other about "misunderstanding", it will not only make the other party look down on you, but also make your Yuan people look down on you.
In this law of the jungle world, fist is the last word.
Which mainland walker hasn’t killed anyone? If you have to explain every person you kill, can the Yuan people still be called descendants of the ancient gods or dominate the whole Cangyu continent?
Who will seek revenge and directly kill him until he is afraid? This is the idea of Yuan Emperor.
Compared with Fang Jiang, whether it’s a misunderstanding or something, it’s convenient. I dare not come to the door again and maybe I will try my best to please.
"This Ryukyu sword Sect has great ambitions and wants to get their hands on my Cangyu mainland." Yuan Huang went on to say that it is like educating his heirs. "The forces like this don’t need to explain to them what to do, so many people will be directly destroyed."
Yuan Fan nodded and approved his father’s statement.
In a short time, the ten Yuan clans, Cang Yu, and the strong ones flew back. They were very resistant to the Yuan emperor and said, "Let those guys escape."
Yuan Huang said slowly, "It doesn’t matter. They will come here again to look for Lin Yu. Yoda will continue with you."
Yoda’s sad face, Yuan Huang’s order is obviously not to let him continue to search Lin Yu, but to let him stare at the so-called Ryukyu sword Sect here.
Yoda, the fierce swordsman of Ryukyu’s heart, has seen the other side. If you kill him again, you will definitely kill Yoda directly because of this heavy loss.
Staring at the sword Sect of Ryukyu Heart here is a dead job.
"Obey orders" Even if Yoda knew in his heart that he had narrowly escaped death, he could not disobey the orders of the Yuan Emperor.
Who told him to screw up this thing and kill all the elites of the three ethnic groups of the Yuan Dynasty?
Yuan Huang never needs an excuse to do things under his command. Success is success and failure is failure.