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"Well, then I’ll take him back to Xingyuanmen first!"

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Nai, she may choose to go first with her, so as not to let Ye Han care for her before and after.
"Well, let’s go. Don’t worry about me!"
Finally said the blue son Ye Han suddenly feel relaxed a lot.
Blue son smell speech also no longer say what busy display on the wind flying tactic pulling her around to continue to fly towards the south.
Looking at the blue son’s back fading away, Ye Han was busy looking back and staring at the west gradually clearing several figures.
This time Ye Han face was worried about color again.
His perception of Yuan Dao is not difficult to find that each other is a master of Yuan soul realm, and one of them has entered the peak realm of Yuan soul.
In the face of such a master, he doesn’t want to talk about World War I, and even what he says about running away has some strength.
"Hanshan this old guy also personally? Do you know that I am going to personally avenge his son? "
A closer look at Ye Han is shocked to feel that the master of the Yuan soul peak turned out to be Hanshan.
"It seems that today is not the first world war. Xiao Er, Xiao Er, you have to fight for breath. Don’t let your master die here!"
With a sigh, Ye Han looked at the jade flute in his hand and suddenly a wry smile.
Death may not be terrible, but Ye Han feels that he must live now. Otherwise, it is not worth it to deal with the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons or to practice together with the stars around him.
"Linger, don’t worry, you and I won’t die today!"
Bite teeth Ye Han whispered in my heart that I had cast my flying tactic on the wind and my body suddenly flew towards the Hanshan and others.
When I flew up, I saw that the jade flute in his hand was shaking and a pure star was already in it.
Shape a flash Ye Han whole person jade flute first a light blue light whew has come to Hanshan and others.
In wartime, giving people a horse power can effectively suppress the power of the other side, which is still white.
Before his strength was at its peak and he was not suppressed, he chose to scare each other with the help of his own flying speed.
"So fast!"
Sure enough, Ye Han came to their front and didn’t live, so he heard a horror in the other crowd.
"Is it okay for the cold patriarch to come in?"
Ye Han heart secretly wry smile face but with a smile at Hanshan dozen hello.
Hanshan was shocked by Ye Han’s speed, and now he immediately came to his senses when he heard his own greeting.
"So it’s you!"
Hanshan was also surprised when he saw the face of the bearer clearly.
"That’s right. I didn’t expect the cold door master to know me?"
Ye Han smiled noncommittally said
"Hum, even if you turned to dust, I would know that he wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for you and me!"
Hanshan cold hum a face of anger and said
"Your son, who covets the beauty of my wife and children, has malicious intentions. This is purely self-inflicted. How can it be because of me?"
Ye Han shook his head and refused to admit it.