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Although the householder’s adult doesn’t worry, but now those deacons are loyal, of course, they won’t miss such an opportunity, so they are ready to rush to surround the deacon, but when they just want to do so, Du Yun gives them a shocking answer. Seeing that Du Yunshen has been practicing in their eyes, the light blue fairy halo suddenly appears and quickly condenses into a thick layer. With the fairy armor, the people’s sword root method can prevent Du Yun from being hurt.

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When Du Yunshen suddenly appeared a surge of immortal power, the deacon holding Du Yun was fiercely stunned. Although this leng was extremely short, it was enough for Du Yun to change its present form.
See the kidnapped Du Yunshen wriggle as flexibly as a fish, so it’s easy to get away from the man. After being kidnapped, Du Yun immediately waved his big fist in the light blue bag and slammed it into the man’s chest.
Although the man became speechless, he didn’t lose consciousness, but he sensed a strong breeze on his chest and knew that there was definitely an attack on him. The man’s reaction was also to know quickly that he would not dodge, and then he erected his chest with a big sword in his hand to make a defensive posture.
Du Yun punched and carried the howling wind, and soon he had reached the deacon’s chest and saw a big sword standing there. Du Yun smiled and didn’t change the attack direction, but roared with one hand and punched the big sword.
Come big sword is made of fine steel is very hard, don’t say it’s a fist or an axe chisel, it’s hard to break him, but now they are directly surprised to see the phenomenon, so that their mouths can almost be stuffed in a chicken. Chapter three hundred and forty Eliminate spies.
Originally at this time, Du Yun’s fist bombardment heard Peng crunchy, the deacon’s defense against the big sword was actually directly broken, and one of the two sections was still in his hand, while the other was falling off the floor.
At this time, Du Yun’s fist smashed the deacon’s chest after passing through broken arrow. Suddenly, the man smashed the bag door like a broken kite and flew out. After slamming the ground, he twitched a few times and stopped moving. They didn’t go to verify and saw the big fist mark on the chest and knew that this person would never live.
Du Yun’s sudden blow shocked the deacons, but it was mostly happy. Now even Du Yun, who can’t practice, is so strong that the possibility of winning by submitting to Du Ping has increased a lot.
Now that the spy is dead, it’s safe to ask him to find a place to bury it, and then let his deacon work as usual. Don’t look for our clues easily unless it is necessary.
Those people, of course, understand these truths and readily agree to carry the spy away. When everyone leaves, the Lord’s adult and Du Yun sit quietly in the box. Although they didn’t speak, it can be seen from their looks that they are very happy now.
The silence lasted for a few minutes, and the Lord smiled and asked, "Now we have successfully joined forces with the law enforcement elders and these family deacons have surrendered to us. What should we do next?"
"Hey, hey, the early goal has been achieved. The next thing to do is to find a way to win over some frustrated people on the elder’s side, but these things still need the master’s adult to do the best!" Du Yun thought for a moment before he smiled and said.
I heard that this kind of thing should be done by myself. The householder shook his head. I can be a householder. The householder can’t buy people by myself, of course. Otherwise, going out will affect the family reputation, but it must be done and it must be very hidden. It is necessary to find a reliable talent.
The householder’s adult filtered his hand again in his heart and found that no one else met such conditions except Du Zhen, his personal bodyguard. Alpha followed him for many years and was absolutely sincere, and he and himself were absolutely excellent. After a period of serious thinking on their own behalf, the householder’s adult had already decided.
Looking at the face transformation of the housemaster’s adult, Du Yun knew that he had decided on the candidate, but according to the personality of the housemaster’s adult, the plan would be implemented soon, so he quickly stopped the way, "The housemaster’s adult is in a hurry to come, or it is likely that the elder will have a trail to follow, so that all our previous efforts will be wasted."
"But now urgent! It’s a few days since the big family alliance meeting, and I’m afraid I can’t come if I don’t hurry, "said the Lord’s adult with some concerns."
Du Yun got up and gently pressed the chair of the householder’s adult and said with a smile, "Please rest assured that the householder’s adult will not delay things. Now what we have to do is to watch the fun and think about how to deal with the elders."
The householder pondered for a few seconds and thought that Du Yun said it was very reasonable. After all, the householder is very clear about the truth that you can’t eat hot tofu with impatience.
Du Yun saw Du Ping disturbing you, and then he sat and ate the table with delicacies and wine, and kept giving praise. Although the Lord’s adult was not in a hurry to woo those elders, he could not meditate and taste the food like Du Yun.
Du Yun saw that the housemaster was not in the mood to eat, and he couldn’t eat a little too much. Then he went back to Du Gu together. When they returned to Du Gu, Xiao Zi and Du Xiao chatted in Du Yun’s yard and saw that they hurried to meet and asked, "How did things go?"
Two people sit quietly on the stool, and one doesn’t answer Xiao Zi’s question. She smiles and looks at her. Xiao Zi sees that both of them are ignoring some depression in their hearts. Just want to ask again, she hears Du Xiaoxiao say, "Xiao Zi, sister, don’t ask Du Yun and the householder’s expression, you can know that this time is absolutely accomplished, otherwise the two of them can have such an expression …
There are still ten days before the big family alliance meeting. In the past two days, Du’s family has been a little restless. A family deacon has magically disappeared, and many people have been sent to look for it without any clues.
At this time, the elder kept growling and kneeling in his room, and everyone was afraid to speak with his head down. "You losers have been living for two days, but you still can’t see anyone, die or see a corpse. What do I have to raise you?"
"The master is not waiting for us, but it’s really weird that he disappeared. We asked the deacons who were with him and didn’t find any clues. Even when he disappeared and where we disappeared, they didn’t know, which was very bad for us to find." A certain person said with trepidation.
A man next to him saw that the elder wanted to get angry and quickly dissuaded him from saying, "It’s not worth being careful when the elder sent a family deacon to get so angry."
After hearing this, the elder glared at those kneeling members angrily and said, "Get out of here!" "
Those who assume that the elders let them roll like a great help and dare not stay for a second are all in a hurry to retreat outward in anger. When the elders saw that they were behaving like this, they were about to get angry again. Finally, they saw the second elders next to them gesturing to him to produce good life and pressing their anger back.
Wait until everyone has withdrawn from Room 2 and the elders finally gather together to say, "Elder Elder, we still have many more important things to do now. It’s not worth it for a deacon to lang for so long."
"Alas, a family deacon is dead or alive. I am responsible for this deacon. I planted an undercover. Now he suddenly disappeared. I feel very strange, and in the past two days, I feel that there is something wrong with the family atmosphere. At this moment, I planted an undercover in the group of neutral deacons, but it is strangely missing. I have to worry." Elder Du Jiang sighed and said in a low voice.
"It is true that since Du Ping came back with the two puppies, the family atmosphere is indeed different. People in the family are constantly discussing them, especially Du Xiaoxian’s return. Not only has his strength soared, but he has also made great progress. In time, after hard practice, he will be able to become a master of the God King level, which makes those ignorant people envious." The three elders next to him also leaned in and said.
"Big elders, I think you are overrated. Most of the family are in our hands, and the law enforcement elders are not willing to unite with the householders. Even if they have any ideas, they can’t turn out any lang flowers." Two elders said with a cold hum.
"Brother En is right. Let’s ignore family matters and step up our efforts to do what we should do." The Third Elder solemnly said after hearing the analysis of the Second Elder.
After listening to it, the elder also recognized that the two men said it was reasonable, but somehow he felt a little worried as if he had overlooked something, but he couldn’t remember it at the moment. Finally, he nodded and said, "You should step up your contact with them and urge them to prepare for the province of big sleep quickly."
Immediately after the order of the second and third elder street elders, they hurried to the outside, watching the two of them feel impatient. The elder woke up again and said, "You must be careful not to show any clues. If you let the master get the news, we will be in danger."
The two men freely promised, but they didn’t wake the elder up and watch at ease. The elder didn’t listen to his words. In his heart, he secretly regretted that he shouldn’t give such secret things to these two men. But although he has a large number of hands, there are few talents. Who can he give it to if he doesn’t give it to him? Think of these elders Du Jiang faint with a little sad …
"Well, don’t worry, I have my own discretion. I didn’t expect that deacon to be a big elder undercover. It will never happen again after being so careless." Du Ping patted Du Yun on the shoulder and said with a smile, "On the contrary, you should be very careful when you monitor the second and third elders. When you beat Du Xiao seriously, the Dewey brothers have not come to your trouble. If you know that you are monitoring them now, he will never show mercy."
"Master, rest assured that I will be careful!" Du Yun said cautiously, but Du Yun didn’t think so at this time. It was just the two elders and the three elders. If they dared to offend me, I would directly do them. Of course, Du Yun would never dare to show it in front of Du Ping, otherwise he would never let Du Yun monitor the two elders and the three elders.
Now that we have decided to divide our troops into two ways, Du Yun will not dare to delay to prevent the two elders from going too far. If we can’t find them later, we will find out the intention of the elder. Therefore, Du Yun will leave with the householder and quickly walk out of Du Pingfang and then follow the street of the second elder and the third elder.
See Du Yun leave back home Lord adults smiled, he found that his recent performance is some poor many things actually need Du Ping wake up, but the home Lord adults heart is not unhappy, but very pleased that Du Yun growth degree is big and fast, even knowledgeable Du Ping is a little shocked.