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A few guys at the sentry asked with a cigarette in their mouth

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"Kill your people"
Zhouyi sneered at one or more flying knives and shot them out. The horse reaped several lives.
"No, there is an enemy invasion!"
A sentry leader, anyway, something is not normal. The horse shouted and sounded the alarm.
Immediately, the alarm at the West Lake Help Headquarters began to whine.
Zhang Weigang ran out of the dining building and saw at a glance that five people, including Zhouyi, were killing people.
"Zhouyi actually came in."
Wei Zhang was so surprised that he almost fell down. He was so steady that he took out his mobile phone and called Yan Shaogu.
"Eldest brother Zhouyi brought someone to kill him."
Wei Zhang words yell up!
"What? How many people did Zhouyi bring? Wei Zhang, are you right? How dare Zhouyi attack our West Lake Gang headquarters at this time? "
Yan Shaogu’s face changed when he received Wei Zhang’s words, and the horse yelled at him and almost knocked off his bowl. However, he really couldn’t believe that Zhouyi had chosen this time to attack his headquarters, which was a bit strange.
The West Lake gang and Koji Murakami attacked Zhouyi’s family, but they still had to wait late at night, just not letting others know for fear of attracting the attention of the police.
However, it is not normal for Zhouyi to bring people to go shopping with him in broad daylight, because once such a large-scale warfare is discovered by the police, the government will certainly investigate it, and both sides will be more than one bargained for. Based on this, the underworld shopping is secret, and no one is stupid enough to engage in a large-scale armed conflict and die.
"Eldest brother, I know it’s definitely Zhouyi. I know his appearance even if it’s turned to ashes. I estimate that the previous loud noise was that they broke into houses. I’m afraid that more than a dozen gatekeepers were killed. Now Zhouyi, they killed many of us when they saw everyone. There are not many of them, but they are all overwhelming for the time being. The night before yesterday, Chen Hu also had a big one, which was even more fierce. It was just a blow to nullify one person. Our sentries have almost been killed by Zhouyi and others."
In Wei Zhang’s words, the answer is more anxious because he arrived at this time, and five people, including Zhouyi, were on a roll, constantly harvesting his life.
"Mom, the five of them dare to kill me. I have 500 brothers who are afraid of a bird. You organize a sentry. Brothers will resist my horse for a while and then bring people to kill me. This is to find their own way. Since he doesn’t want to live to the day, I will kill him today."
Yan Shaogu heard that there were five people killed in Zhouyi and gave Wei Zhang a little peace of mind.
"Eldest brother, I organized people to besiege Zhouyi and others. Hurry up and bring people to the sentry post. I’m afraid this person can’t cope with Zhouyi."
Wei Zhang words replied.
"Shan Jun Cun Jun can’t eat this meal. Zhouyi brought people to kill him and came in. We have to fight with him before."
Wei Zhang hangs up Wei Zhang dialect and says to Koji Murakami and Takeda Yamada.
"Good Zhouyi is here, so I’ll kill him now. Master Yan, you go to transfer people first. Shan Jun and I will go to meet Zhouyi and Chen Hu the night before yesterday. I’ll kill them myself."
Koji Murakami got up and said excitedly that it was a good thing that Zhouyi had been killed in the West Lake gang headquarters, because he had the opportunity to fight against Zhouyi and kill Zhouyi.
"Good, then please two."
Yan Shaogu nodded his head and took the lead in rushing out to call five hundred elites, while Koji Murakami and Takeda Yamada followed him out of the dining room and prepared to kill Zhouyi first.
Wei Zhang made a phone call to report the situation to Yan Shaogu in just one minute. At this time, Zhouyi and other five people rushed to kill people, and even killed more than a dozen people to kill the West Lake gang. It was a series of screams. This horse triggered the West Lake to help him guard posts. Everyone paid attention to these posts. The West Lake gang brothers attacked Zhouyi and others from all directions, trying to stop these five people from killing God, but they still didn’t understand what Zhouyi and other five people came from and had the courage to kill them in their headquarters.
"Brothers, pay attention to the boy in black is the biggest enemy of our West Lake Sect. Now we have been attacked by Zhouyi. Master Yan has ordered whoever kills them to be rewarded. Now everyone rushes over to surround them and chop them up."
Wei Zhang hid in a corner and then came out. Ma shouted and organized the sentry to surround Zhouyi with dozens of hands to prepare Zhouyi to make dumplings.
"Hum, these men also want to stop us. It’s really overreaching. The screaming guy in front of Chen Huzhou is Wei Zhang. You two are coming with me to catch the thief and get the king first. Let’s kill the king’s egg, Jingge Qin Feng. You two and the five of us are not separated so that we can take care of each other."
It’s a trick to kill one person. Zhouyi heard Wei Zhang shout and sneer at a horse. He responded to the order. He wanted to make the West Lake gang lose their fighting capacity. He had to kill Wei Zhang and Yan Shaogu first. Now this guy in Wei Zhang appeared alone 200 meters away. Of course, Zhouyi didn’t want to miss this opportunity to prepare to slay Wei Zhang first to bully.
Chen Huzhou chi Jingge Qin Feng roared together and followed Zhouyi to make a rapid dash in the direction of Zhang Wei’s office.
At the beginning of Zhouyi, Chen Hu and Zhou Chi respectively formed a very aggressive glyph, while Jing Ge and Qin Feng followed each other with a knife.
Five people, such as Zhouyi, rushed in the direction of Zhangwei Institute, while Wei Zhang commanded dozens of genera with machetes and iron bars, and rushed towards Zhouyi and others to block Zhouyi and others.