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Since we have chosen to directly swallow two kinds of wonders of heaven and earth, we can combine them into one kind of energy to refine our body.

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But at this time, the two energies are attacking each other, and there is no sign of fusion.
Feng Yang suddenly remembered that when there was a breakthrough in Yuan soul force behind the inn that day, Xunyue once said a word, break it and then die!
"Since you want to attack, let’s be violent." Whispering in Feng Yang’s heart suddenly controls the attribute energy in three acupoints: Weizhong, Quchi and Shangyang.
The energy in the three acupoints is also quite powerful, but compared with the energy of Tianxuan ice crystals, it is like an elephant and an ant, and there is no comparability.
But the attribute energy wins is organized and disciplined, and the energy can be manipulated at will by Feng Yang.
It’s like a group of prostitutes who are not under the jurisdiction of brothels may be beaten by clients without money, and after being organized and disciplined, they can well curb the situation of being bullied.
Although the attribute energy of the wind-blown body is not comparable to the essence of the ice crystal in Tianxuan, the collision of the attribute energy of the wind-blown body in the past has also caused considerable shock to the two energy sources.
However, this time, the impact of three strands of energy has caused tragic damage to Feng Yang’s body. The attribute energy seems to be frozen for a while and seems to be incinerated for a while.
The attack attribute energy of Tianxuan Ice Crystal and Goblin Fire Milk also suffered from the two days of ice and fire, which caused Feng Yang to directly look up and spit out one mouthful blood and almost fainted.
However, the extreme cold of Tianxuan ice crystal and the extreme yang of goblin fire milk are constantly invading the attribute energy, but they are not instantly assimilated by the attribute energy.
It may be that extreme cold and extreme yang are too strong to assimilate these two energies quickly.
Although it has not been assimilated by the attribute energy, the attribute energy bridge and the device are extremely cold and extremely yang, and it has become a soft and agile energy like water, but it exudes energy that is more violent than arrogance.
Fusion into energy is the assimilation of wind and uplift by attribute energy method, which can control attribute energy and infiltrate the successful fusion energy into the skeleton of limbs to strengthen quenching.
What makes Fengyang feel gratified is that this kind of rigid and flexible harmony between Yin and Yang and strange energy has not caused much pain to the body, but the strengthening effect is unprecedented.
Everything is hard to get started. With this first step, things seem to become simpler, and many of them are difficult and painful, but they have not decreased.
The wind blows the attribute energy and collides with the extremely cold and the extremely yang again and again, introducing the two kinds of energy into the attribute energy for slow fusion, and then infiltrating the fusion energy into the skin and flesh and blood meridians of the limbs for quenching.
It was the collision with extreme cold and extreme yang that caused serious trauma to the body, which produced the kind of painful property. The energy riots made the wind rise and die again and again, but it also caused the effect of strong energy healing and strengthening refinement.
Hand-written novels
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Come here
Welcome you to come.
In the spring of April, when all kinds of birds and animals mingle with Qi Fei, people are lazy and want to cultivate a generation of warm sunshine to bring warmth to the earth, when birds and flowers are blooming and flowers are being picked to chase beautiful women, When most people enjoy this beautiful time, couples walk hand in hand every sunset, the moon rises and the dusk walks every beautiful scenery and birds contend, and their warmth and color are fully released in the elegant environment ~ When the wind is young, it is dead, and the people are suffused with resentment and anger in the mausoleum, and they are suffering from ice and fire. * * Fei Yunmen’s mausoleum keeps coming to hell, and ghosts are generally miserable and harsh. If there are others here, they are expected to be scared and creepy. It is a ghost call from an ancestor of Fei Yunmen.
The wind blows, the eyes open, but two different kinds of dark eyes burst out at the same time. The left eye is like burning fire, which penetrates people’s hearts, but the right eye is like being filled with cold air.
These two different kinds of breath converge instantly, and the eyes return to the usual dark hole.
"It was finally absorbed clean when it was two months old". Feng Yang sighed lightly that the energy of Tianxuan ice crystals and goblin fire milk has been expressed in surprising language.
Rao, it took him two months to absorb these things, but the effect was also very remarkable. At this time, Feng Yang could clearly feel that his physical strength was not what it used to be, and he was filled with a surging force, and his body flowed like a tide.
Because it is to control the collision between the attribute energy and the extreme cold and the extreme yang, the two energies are merged, and the attribute energy is equivalent to two months of continuous refining, and a little extreme yang and extreme cold are slowly assimilated. Now the strength level of the wind has reached the second martial arts.
In a blink of an eye, I saw a small pit not far away. There was some water in the pit, and the corners of my mouth suddenly raised a smile. Then I went to the puddle and shook my hand with my left hand, which already gave off a very cold feeling.
The wind blows the palm of your hand like a puddle, and the water in the puddle suddenly condenses into ice.
Feng Yang pulled his left hand out and looked at the puddle that had been frozen into ice. His right arm followed a shock, and his right palm turned red in an instant, which made the surrounding temperature rise a lot. When the right palm stuck to the puddle that had been frozen into ice, the ice in the puddle melted at an extremely high speed, and suddenly it turned into rolling boiling water.
"The combination of extreme cold and extreme yang says that the effect of energy refining the body is really remarkable." Seeing this effect, Feng Yang is filled with joy and thinks that he believes that he has been refining his body in the future, even if he doesn’t make Wushu rely on * * strength and strength, he can laugh at the sky.
"Whether it’s cold or hot, I can adjust the temperature by myself. I’m simply a human being." Feng Yang looked at his left and right hands and gave off two diametrically opposite smells, which made him feel dark and cool.
Returning to the house from the mausoleum, however, when the scene of the house at this moment is clear, Rao is the wind and Yang has the strength to sit still, but he is still shocked by the situation of the house.
At this time, the house has been deserted and silent all the year round, and it has become as lively and noisy as a vegetable market. Looking around the surrounding environment suspiciously, he once wondered if he had gone to the wrong place or traveled in time.
But when I saw that the surrounding environment was the residence of my mentor Zhao Lao, I was puzzled. What the hell was this? Are these people all here to visit the grave?
There are dozens of people in the house, and everyone is enthusiastic about talking, talking back and forth, calling each other brothers, and expressing their lofty sentiments and ambitions incisively and vividly.
There are also several beautiful young girls, and these girls are suspected to be eye-catching among many animals, and they are the targets of many animals.
Almost every girl is surrounded by 70 animals, who are constantly talking or experiencing themselves or telling anecdotes through hearsay, so that five girls are not happy to keep smiling or smiling or smiling lightly like a flower.
Five girls laugh like stimulants and chicken blood, so that the animals are eager to throw out all the interesting things in their heads. When there is no goods, they will use their own imagination to make things up.
There is a wretched guy who talks about himself and the wind blows. There is a story that I have to tell in the cliff forest.
Feng Yang’s mouth twitched after hearing this, and he almost didn’t rush over to make the obscene teenager who insulted his image incontinence.