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Blue Moon lost her usual ladylike demeanor in a hurry and shouted, "The waves must make the plane try to stop the plane!" "

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Kameda unhurriedly walked out of the living room and smiled, "Miss Lan, be calm. Your friend is not in danger. He is just …"
Xiaotian jumped up with an arrow, punched Kameda in the face, knocked Kameda down and shouted, "If something happens to the waves, I will kill all the Japanese here!"
Kameda’s two hands quickly pulled out their pistols and aimed them at Little Sky Blue Moon. Four bodyguards also pulled out their pistols and pointed them at Kameda. The two sides were on the verge of tension.
Kameda waved his hand to put the gun away, then stretched out his hand and wiped his mouth with blood, smiling and saying, "I can say that the waves have not died yet, and it depends on whether Miss Lan will die later. If Miss Lan chooses the wrong wave, of course, the waves will die. Even if you kill us all, we are not afraid of our fearless spirit. It is world-famous!"
Blue Moon stopped Xiaotian with a wave of her hand and rushed to calm down and said, "How do I know if the waves are still alive?"
Kameda pulled out a communicator from his waist and shouted, "Miss Xue, please ask that China person to answer the Star Star to help Miss Lan to make sure he is still alive."
Kameda handed the communicator to Blue Moon, and as soon as she heard each other’s high school, there were vigorous machines and propellers roaring, and then a weak voice came, "Good Moon, I’m not dead. Don’t worry …"
The other party quickly dropped the com. Obviously, he didn’t want Blue Moon to talk more with the waves, but Blue Moon recognized that this was the waves, especially the half-joking, half-self-deprecating "Good Moon", which made Blue Moon listen to tears and show his true feelings.
Blue Moon turned her head to quietly wipe the tears in her eyes, then turned to look at Kameyama coldly and said, "What are you going to do with the waves?"
Turtle Tian Shengli smiled and reached into the living room. Please come in politely and say, "Can we go into the living room to discuss it in detail?"
Blue Moon frowned and said, "Well, no matter what you say, you saved the lives of the waves! I want you and Miss Xue to make such a promise to me, otherwise there is nothing to talk about. You call Xiang Xue and ask her not to hurt the waves! "
Kameda smiled. "Miss Xue, of course, we are your friends, we are in your hands, and everyone in your hands is good to sit down and talk about it. Please!"
The two sides entered the living room for a negotiation
Chapter four hundred and nine The cargo ship rolled.
The waves and Ouyang were tied with ropes by Yamazaki Snow and a Japanese pilot with a helicopter. Yamazaki Snow was very careful and both of them sprayed crispy cartilage. This time, it took three hours for two people to regain their energy. Worse, their hands and feet were tied behind their backs and they tried to escape.
Soon after the helicopter took off, Yamazaki Snow received a communication from Kameyama, asking the waves to answer the waves. I knew that my recorder had sent a blue moon to catch up, but I still missed it. I couldn’t help but smile in my heart. Simple and blue moon said a few words and was cut off by Yamazaki Snow.
The waves were tied behind their hands and feet in the back cabin and said, "Hey, snow, do you really want to take me to Japan?" As far as this small plane of yours is concerned, it will crash and fall into the sea in less than half of the flight. "
Xue sat in the co-pilot position and directed the pilot’s flight route while turning around and saying, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you die in the belly of a fish. Our cargo ship will go to Japan."
The waves closed their mouths, and their brains turned rapidly. He couldn’t move now. If he could move, he would pull Ouyang and jump out of the plane without hesitation, which is much better than being insulted and dying on the day.
The waves know that if they are dragged to Japan, the Black Dragon will never release Lan Tianxing, so it is another matter to negotiate with each other. Although the Black Dragon will not let go of himself, there is no deep hatred with Ouyang, and the main purpose of Lan Tianxing is to return to Ouyang. If the Black Dragon will not let go of him, Lan Tianxing will not fight with him to protect him. If the Black Dragon will not let go of Ouyang Lanting, it may really fight with the Black Dragon.
The helicopter flew for half an hour and came to a dock along the coastline. There were several cargo ships parked at the dock, one of which was a Japanese cargo ship with a plaster flag.
When the plane landed half a mile away from the code word, it was informed that the Japanese came from the dock and Yamazaki Snow jumped to command the car after the helicopter stopped. Two Japanese put the waves and Ouyang in the back seat of the car and Yamazaki Snow took the car to the dock.
After the helicopter rose, it circled for a while and then flew to another place to hide.
When the car arrived at the dock next to the cargo ship, two Japanese jumped from the cargo ship and helped the other two Japanese to carry the waves and Ouyang to the cargo ship.
At this time, it was more than two o’clock in the morning, and the dock was quiet and no one noticed all this.
Before the helicopter, the waves and Ouyang’s hands and mouth were blocked and there was no way to make a hullabaloo about.
A Japanese man on the boat said, "Is Miss Yamazaki on the boat now?"
Yamazaki Snow said, "Has the ship gone through all the formalities? Don’t the sea was found by the patrol. "
The Japanese said, "Miss Yamazaki, please rest assured that the formalities will be completed this afternoon. Because one of our team members was ill, we were delayed to prepare the celestial ship. It was my honor to be able to meet Miss Yamazaki when Miss Yamazaki called."
Yamazaki Xue said, "It’s a boat."
This Japanese is the captain of this ship, and this cargo ship in the well is the cargo ship that the Black Dragon will deliver to their China company.
Inoue ordered the ship to return to the cabin to chat with Yamazaki Snow.
Yamazaki suddenly frowned, looked at the waves in the tired corner and Ouyang asked the wellhead, "How many times will we meet the sea patrol in the sea?"
Well said, "This is the sea area of China, and it will be encountered twice. When it comes to the future, we will encounter more. This cargo ship is not afraid of going through formal procedures."
Yamazaki Xue said, "If you meet the China Marine Police, they will find out that they need to find a place to hide them, and they will not be afraid if they are found by the Japanese Marine Police in Japan."
Well said, "Under normal circumstances, the patrol will not carefully check the goods. They just go through the formalities and turn around. There is a sundries room in the innermost cabin where these two China people can be put. The patrol will not go to that room to check."
Yamazaki Snow said, "OK, then carry them to that room and have them watched closely. When will the cargo ship reach the shore?"
Well said, "There are not many goods on the ship now, which will be faster than the ship. It is estimated that it will arrive in less than two days."