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The waves proudly smiled, "Be the strongest one if you want to be the first one!"

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The wind glanced at the waves and smiled. "The strongest thing is to make it, not blow it out!"
The waves are staring at the wind, and their eyes are sharp and sharp, as if they can reach the wind, and the wind is fluttering in the heart. "This man has a sharp eye. I wonder if that thing will be as hard and sharp as his eyes!"
The waves said, "Why don’t we make an appointment and come out to practice!"
The wind flutters and says, "Yes, you can book the place and you can choose it."
The waves said, "Book this room in three days."
Both of them speak concisely, and the rhythm is extremely fast. The dialogue is compact, like the tone of Jianghu characters in Gu Long’s novels.
The waves are people in the rivers and lakes, but they are both white. If you know what the other wants and what you want, you will be hypocritical-isn’t it sex!
The wind fluttered over the shoulders of the waves and looked at the big bed with a smile. "The battlefield is big enough, but you have to change the sheets. I don’t want others to just kill the battlefield and kill it again."
The waves smiled and said, "I will never ask for help if I have you in three days!" "
The wind glanced at the waves and smiled and said, "Then I’ll go first. If you fight, I’ll help you clean up the battlefield!" "
The waves laughed, "Please!"
"Don’t bother, this is what we should do!" The wind is fluttering and seductive, glancing at the waves, twisting the thin waist, swinging the plump buttocks and high-heeled shoes, stepping out of the crisp sound and leaving.
The waves looked at the wind fluttering and twisted, and the smile in the waist gradually cooled down, followed by a murder. Of course, this murder was not to kill the wind fluttering, but to kill a person and a woman!
This woman is a Japanese pocket beauty-Ayu!
Thirty minutes later, she appeared in front of the wave bed.
The waves didn’t hear the knocking at the door and heard the door ring, and then a man’s footsteps came up gently and came up to him.
The waves lie in bed in a comfortable posture with their eyes closed. He still didn’t open his eyes until the man came to his bed. His eyes were as cold as a cold star and as sharp as a sword, staring at the face of the bearer and staring straight at the eyes of the bearer.
The bearer is Ayu!
Chapter one hundred and sixty Two worlds of ice and fire
The waves have long been washed clean and covered with a wide robe, and she is lying on the bed with a pillow and watching Ayu.
Ayu is the woman who received the words from the waves.
She is wearing a pink leather coat, which is smooth and soft, giving off a cool feeling and a dazzling luster. This visual sensory stimulation adds to the violent desire and animality of men.
Ayu is obviously a woman who knows how to attract men. She knows better than seducing men.
She ourtenant doesn’t talk. A pair of amorous eyes tempt her to stare at the waves. Her face is Gherardini, like joy, like anger, like resentment. She twisted her slender waist and charm, making people come to the waves.
There was a strange smile in the eyes of the waves, staring at Ayu’s waist and breasts, slowly approaching and still lying in bed.
Neither of them spoke, but both of them knew the meaning expressed in the other’s eyes and the other’s needs.
Ayu wriggled her waist in a very sexy and seductive way and walked to the bed. When she lost her foot, she kicked her shoes off, crossed the bed and rode on the waves.
The waves are still lying in bed, ourtenant staring at Ayu.
There is no denying that every move, every look and every expression of Ayu is full of temptation, which is the result of her natural beauty and acquired training. Ayu’s every inch of skin from her hair to her toes and every finger of hair are so perfect and lack of meticulous carving, which can be said to be natural! If her figure is the same as that of a normal person, she is absolutely a peerless beauty, but "skin is like congealing fat and eyes are like painting." To form her figure now has a special seduction, which can induce a perverted beast in the deepest part of a man.
Ayu’s amorous feelings are between * * and girlish amorous feelings. She has both the mature beauty of Liu Yifei’s * * and the pure and beautiful beauty of Zhang Yi.
Her expression is not lewd, but it can arouse your desire, especially her clever smile and charming expression, which makes you trapped in her pear-shaped dimple.
The waves stared at Ayu and suddenly felt that he was not willing to kill this pocket beauty. It would be a pity to kill such a woman. It would be a waste of time!
Although Ayu is a Japanese and once wanted to assassinate him, he just can’t hate Ayu. Although she is a member of the Black Dragon Club, she is not the mastermind of the whoring incident. The head office of Yamazaki Sakura and Japanese Black Dragon Club is even a left-wing politician!
Of course, the waves know that she has her own selfishness. It is because she and she have sex that she wants to spare her.
But the reason for this is that the waves are independent, and no one wants him to kill the Japanese in retaliation. He has decided to kill a person and let a person go! He’s not human. His boss is himself!
She sat on the lap of the waves and stared at the eyes of the waves. Her hands slowly and gently grasped the bathrobe of the waves, and suddenly the waves suddenly appeared in front of her.
There is a hint of enjoyment in the corners of the mouth of the waves. Ayu moves sometimes delicately and sometimes rudely. It’s really nice for the waves to be a man who is occasionally roughed up by women. This is called role exchange!
Ayu, this rude attack on the waves has undergone a qualitative change, and the male glory has gradually come forward and stood tall and upright!