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Tianyu answered with a quick laugh, "The game is to have fun. Of course, besides these, we have to fill our stomachs."

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Then Tianyu got up and planned to return to his red-eye arms.
But Tianyu was shocked and motionless when he looked at the guest screen beside Fang.
Two whew at this time has also got up and came to Tianyu only to find that Tianyu has been slow to start, so he put his hand in front of Tianyu.
Tianyu blinked and grabbed two whew fingers to just watch the screen.
Two whew at also leng speechless.
(A friend came out with a gunner’s plate armor and a hand gun and stepped on the authenticity of the relics. I went back to these chapters to find a video. This is the link vyuku/v_shw/id_aznzg1juhl? F=876134 If you don’t believe me, you can post it in Baidu to see that there is a big gun with the wrong title, not heavy armor but plate armor).
Chapter 52 Mountain one gun king!
Tianyu and Erxiu are like two wooden stakes, and their eyes are shining with envy and golden light.
"This … this warehouse has so many artifacts!" Tianyu heart exclaimed
"Silly bear, his warehouse looks at least worth 70 thousand?" Two whew will sound very low very low asked
"Time star meteor knife Ssangyong magic shadow sword Wang Xing ruling blade national mourning spirit rhinoceros ring …" Tianyu heart roughly counted, although these equipment is not too rare, you can occasionally see one or two things in the street.
But a warehouse full of this equipment, how should it be shaped?
See the spectator head also didn’t concentrate on pulling his warehouse scroll bar conveniently take out ten pieces of equipment to the body and walked out of the Zeilya room.
That man is a gunman by profession. Judging from the heavy firearms behind him, it is a big gun with a wrong level of 6.
Tianyu and Erxiu just stared at the man moving his role to the west coast, lit a donkey and started to set up a stall.
"Isn’t it? Does he want to sell these equipment by setting up stalls? " Two whew in Tianyu ear novel way
"Maybe … it’s a joke." Tianyu looked at the man and frowned and replied.
And the man seems to have heard the sound of Tianyu, smiled slightly back at Tianyu, and then turned away to start dragging and paving the equipment.
"This ….. gold rack? !” Erxiu was shocked!
Is there really a player who doesn’t play games who decisively throws away the artifact package when he leaves the game?
Five meteor knives, three Shuanglong magic shadow swords and two rhinoceros rings.
You know, the current market price of the meteor knife is about 3, the shadow of Shuanglong is about 15, and the ring of the rhinoceros is more than 9 ()
If all ten pieces of equipment in the shop are sold, that guy will lose almost 20 thousand rb directly
"Is it difficult for local tyrants to be so stupid?" Two whew scratched his head and sighed in his heart, then added "I don’t understand the local tyrant world"
"It’s the game currency carrying limit," Tianyu said definitely when he saw the amount of game currency carried in the other backpack.
"limit?" After Tianyu showed two wheezes, he also noticed the amount of the other party’s game currency, and then he ate an exclamation, "300 million whole …"
More than 300 million gold coins, not much, not less.
"This ….." Two whew Chen eye tongue way
"It’s okay, others can’t buy it anyway," Tianyu said lightly.
The man looked back at Tianyu again this time, and his original cold eyes became a little warm. He seemed to stare at Tianyu as if he appreciated art, and seemed to appreciate Tianyu in his eyes.
After that, the player opened his backpack and put a number of speakers in it. He ordered a typing, "The gold coin at the entrance of the west coast of Line 18 sells artifacts, and the meteor black light can buy you!"
At the same time, the spectator smiled contentedly, but the smile was cold and frightening.
"This guy ….." Tianyu listen to each other coldly sneer at heart like a piece of rag rubbed his feet to be itchy.
The other party is showing off while he is naked and jealous.
"I really don’t understand the world of local tyrants …" Two whew at this moment will be just my heart words HuaHuan appearing nai and don’t understand through the throat.
"The game is different for everyone. Maybe you feel happy when you brush the picture pk, but I want to find this kind of pleasure wrapped in people. Those pairs of eyes full of vivid gaze stare at me in front of me, but they will never touch it." The man looked at his screen and heard Tianyu and Erxiu talking behind him.
Tianyu pricked up his ears and replied, "Well, the pursuit of the game is the happiness and satisfaction."
By this time, the west coast was already crowded with people.
Some shouted, "Cheat to count to 31 and send equipment."
"What can’t I buy?"
"What a bargain! I can’t believe my eyes, but I can’t buy anything? "
"Local tyrants! ……”
Fortunately, it is not popular at this time to open "local tyrants, please be friends with me?" Otherwise, it is estimated that people all over the street will shout this sentence as a parade.
Tianyu shook his head and wanted to go back to his seat. When he flashed the player id out of the corner of his eye, he buried memories in his heart and fermented like a hundred-year-old cellar.
"Gun king? This id seems to have been heard somewhere … "Then Tianyu’s thoughts began to drift away and returned to the beginning of the game before rebirth.