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Only after mental fatigue is relieved can we continue to practice and accept it.

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It’s a pity that after returning to Muye Village, whether it’s Lu Jiu or four generations of Huo Ying needs to deal with a lot of things. There is no time to guide cross-country practitioners, and now it’s Matt Dai, the guy who likes to abuse himself. Naturally, no one can give directions on cross-country issues.
In the cross-country body, he is a traveler. Yes.
But he didn’t go to war in cross-country before crossing, and he didn’t explain such mental illness in the original plot. How can cross-country realize that he cares about being sick?
Thanks to the cross-country continuous cultivation of vortex clan spiritual occultism, the spiritual energy far exceeds that of ordinary people.
Otherwise, even if the cross-country mental energy is different from ordinary people during that half-month penance, it is estimated that the final result will lead to his mental breakdown.
However, it is not an option to delay the treatment of illness.
Although cross-country practice vortex clan spiritual occultism, it is certainly no good if his illness is delayed.
Fortunately, when the cross-country was penalised for half a month, the things that Lujiu had to deal with were basically completed. After half a month, the Spring Festival was coming. It was on this day that Lujiu summoned the cross-country and just saw some negative emotions from the cross-country eyes. Lujiu knew it with high emotional intelligence.
Cross-country is the time to have a good rest and have a perfect holiday during the Spring Festival!
Chapter 187 Party
"A holiday?"
"What should I do if Uncle Lujiu has a holiday?"
Since the day of returning to Konoha, Lujiu has been busy every day. Except for occasionally seeing Lujiu in the Huoying office, it is estimated that even the future of Lujiu’s wife, Nara Shikamaru’s mother Nara Kenai, can rarely see Lujiu at home. What Lujiu heard and called herself to go cross-country was originally thinking of catching up with Lujiu.
Who would have thought that Cong Lujiu had just appeared in front of Lu Jiu and discovered the problem of cross-country
And it’s like being afraid of cross-country and not agreeing to rest and recuperate for mental illness after the war. Lujiu actually wants to make cross-country compulsory to stop practicing and maintain a one-month holiday in the New Year!
Obviously, if three generations of Huo Ying and four generations of Huo Ying ask cross-country to stop practicing, then cross-country will definitely give birth to some rebellious psychology
After all, the cross-country player’s Nara mark is that he and Huo Ying may break when they touch it slightly.
However, it is strange to be able to produce rebellious psychology in the face of deer cross-country for a long time!
Especially on weekdays, deer staying cross-country for a long time is just like their own children, which makes cross-country resistance become so powerful.
On the contrary, Lu Jiu seems to have guessed that cross-country should take the science of uniting things early, and he smiled when he heard the cross-country rebuttal.
"Cross-country, I feel that you have made great progress recently. Let’s put your cultivation aside."
"No matter who comes back from the front line of the battlefield, it is necessary to have a good rest. Look at those companions in your sharp-edged squad, such as stopping water and kakashi. They all take a good rest after coming back to practice. Just like a madman, you follow Akai for such harsh practice every day. Don’t you know that practice requires relaxation?"
"You’re a talented ninja. If you practice hard, it’s likely to destroy your talent and your spirituality."
"I think you have found it all?"
"Is the recent progress of cultivation minimal and the same as no cultivation?"
"It’s right to feel this way! Listen to your uncle and relax for a month. You will definitely be surprised after a month! "
Listen, Lujiu is going to refute it again after he finishes cross-country
But the words are on the tip of my tongue. Cross-country is still swallowing back.
After all, cross-country can’t tell Lujiu that there are still a few months before the start of the Kyubi no Youko War, right?
What’s more, after listening to Lu Jiu’s statement that cultivation requires relaxation, the IQ and EQ are also very high. Off-road, I found that Lu Jiu’s statement meant something.
At that moment, I found some problems in my own spirit before I recalled the cross-country practice.
Especially after you come back from the battlefield, you can’t eat or sleep well every day, even when you are resting, you are thinking about the battlefield life. It is a mental illness to be alert to the enemy’s sneak attack every day!
Maybe cross-country doesn’t understand that there are mental diseases in the ninja world.
However, coming across the country is very familiar with how terrible mental illness is.
On the one hand, it is mandatory because of Lujiu, on the other hand, it is mandatory to take a vacation for a month if you feel anything, and it is decided in the conversation between Lujiu and Cross-country.
The next day, because I was going on vacation, I went to Matt Dai for a consultation.
What cross-country never imagined was that even Matt Dai agreed to take a cross-country vacation for a while!
Almost when Metdai’s voice just fell, cross-country people thought Metdai was a deer for a long time. After all, it is well known in Muye Village that one is Akai and the other is Akai’s father Metdai!
I don’t know that Matt Dai also discovered some changes in cross-country training during the recent days. I heard that Lu Jiu asked for a compulsory holiday in cross-country, and Matt Dai also thought that cross-country might be sick. Only then did Matt Dai encourage cross-country to stop practicing after a good rest for a month.
"Since Lu Jiu’s uncle Matt Dai has suggested that I take a vacation, I will stop practicing in other aspects except chakra’s practice and whirlpool clan’s spiritual occult practice every day."
"I hope it can be like Lu Jiu’s uncle Matt Dai said."
"After a month’s rest, you can see surprises in practice!"
With a deep sigh, Matt Dai went home after asking for leave. He took off his training for the first time in the days when he returned to Konoha Village. He changed his black and pedaled clogs at will and was ready to have a good stroll in Konoha Village to pass the time.
It’s not easy to talk about that and its origin.
That’s aunt Lujiu Yoshino Nara. He sewed new clothes specially to welcome the Spring Festival.
Moreover, it was only when Kenai in Nara brought that set of black embroidered with the family emblem of Nara and came cross-country that I realized that there was also a New Year’s Festival in the ninja world, and I didn’t care much about it before the cross-country crossing.
Followed by the clogs, I talked about walking on the street of Muye. At the beginning, I was not used to the leisurely life.
However, gradually cross-country suddenly found that walking in the street seemed like relaxing, so I couldn’t help but sigh, "It seems that taking a vacation is really good, at least this relaxed feeling will help relieve my mental fatigue."
"Uncle Lujiu said that it was true that cultivation requires relaxation."
"What Kyubi no Youko war what spot ye conspiracy to play with eggs!"
"I’ll have fun in a month!"
Secretly heart way a cross-country then touch to the arms of a lot of money all show eat goods.
I’m usually busy practicing cross-country and rarely have a chance to appreciate the beauty in Konoha Village.
Now, it’s great. When you have plenty of money, you can squander cross-country. It’s really a bit unfinished to eat from the street to the end of the street!
However, just as cross-country was thinking about whether to stroll around the busy street again, suddenly a familiar figure appeared in front of cross-country
It’s Sarutobi Kurenai!
"Hey? Didn’t cross-country practice today? "
"Er uncle LuJiu mandatory to give me a holiday is not uniting the red are you going to stroll? Let’s do it together? "