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After all, Su Qiyan is a Jianghu Lang Ke, and he is also a guest in a hospital. He will never be suspected of participating in the factional struggle.

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Chapter 65 Intensify contradictions
Day news is much slower than Wan Lingyao news.
Since that day, even after hearing what Yue Wang said about the snake lady, I have been perfunctory in telling Yue Wang not to worry, but I still have to let Wan Lingyao get the news out quickly, but now this palace is no longer her last haven.
And today, she is the most risky way to let Wan Lingyao people enter the palace directly.
Wan Lingyao is not a poor-looking child, and although she has married Guo Jinghan, the Guo family will go its own way, even if Wan Lingyao doesn’t let her hair go.
Jing Zhe ran to the palace gate to meet her, "Mrs. Guo!"
"Ahem, that’s right, but just call me Ling Yao."
"But since you married Guo Jinghan, I haven’t dared to look for you. I went directly to A Liang for something several times."
Wan Lingyao nodded. "By the way, today I told Guo Jinghan that I would come to the Empress and he stopped me."
"Alas … master guo still can’t forgive the empress? Ah, by the way, don’t tell Empress about this matter. Empress actually cares about this matter! "
Two people chatted all the way to Fengqi Palace.
Wan Lingyao is indeed a particularly attractive woman. She is always smiling, with white teeth. Although she is not as sharp as a fox, her round face looks a little simple.
The two sisters of the Phoenix family are preparing to go to the side door of the palace to pick up the things sent from home, so they are attracted by such a staggered moment.
Feng Xi Rou walked directly to the position of Jing Zhe.
"live! Who are you? "
"Ignore them and go, Ling Yao." Shelley and Lianjia are not around now. Is she worried that she will be scolded?
"Empress left palace around the female officer turned out to be so rude! Just a handmaiden yelling at the Lord! "
Jing Zhe pulls Wan Lingyao to leave.
Wan Lingyao is no longer as arrogant as she used to be. She has erased the edges and corners in her life of intelligence and self-sufficiency.
"Ling Yao has told you that no matter whether the Empress is anxious to see you, let her wait for Chongyuan to be beaten as a woman!"
"Bitch handmaiden! How dare you bring your identity into the palace! "
I was shocked to see that she picked her eyebrows. At least she is the highest maid-in-waiting except Yuheng Order! Was scolded by an ordinary maid-in-waiting A finger was shocked. "Who are you cursing?"
If you are shocked, you will directly pinch the dog’s leg and neck and pull her arm and directly fall to the ground.
And it doesn’t take long for this shock to come and go. When she taught the maid-in-waiting, Shelley vaguely felt that something was wrong.
"The empress was shocked and stung a lot late … What happened?"
Even Jia Jian doesn’t feel this way, but it’s really troublesome to hear Shelley say that the person in charge of patrol today is Tianji, who has never seen Wan Lingyao if he is stopped as a suspicious person.
"Forget it. Anyway, there are ear palaces everywhere. Let’s go by ourselves."
I was very angry when I was shocked to attack the maid-in-waiting but didn’t attack the concubine, but it depends on my master, Feng Xirou! Give the palace killed her this bitch. "
Surprised, I just want to be arrogant, but when I heard this, I cried and gasped.
Of course, it’s not because of the fear that these ladies-in-waiting pan snake orthodox masters will come so many times, and she may not be weak in the legs. It’s because she knows in hindsight that she will eventually make her own way.
I was shocked, quick and easy. This is close to her maid-in-waiting. Of course, the heaviest thing is to break my arm and not kill anyone.
"Surprise! Aren’t you causing trouble for the empress? "
Phoenix Xi soft sharp-eyed saw this coming far guard patrol "an assassin! !”
"What are you shouting?" Lianjia came around from the corner nearest to them in the opposite direction, and her voice was still very calm.
"Surprise! What did you do! " Shelley was surprised to put his hand over his mouth and look at this place, crying, dad, shouting, Niang maid-in-waiting.
Feng Xi-yan has come out from what happened just now. "Empress, we sisters just saw that the palace official was shocked and brought a strange woman into the palace. We sisters saw that this sister was familiar and wanted to make friends. As a result, the stunned female official was rude first."
"Make? What do you do with outsiders? Ah ~ Gong Bai, do you think it’s a surprise to meet people? Let’s imitate your sisters. Let’s test the truth or the road will go forward on each side. "Even the maid-in-waiting glanced at this place."
This little secret in Feng Xi’s soft heart was turned over again, and it took a long time for Feng Xi to bite her lip. "The male and female servants and sisters were just curious when they saw an outsider in the palace."
"Curious? Well, it’s reasonable, but it’s shocking. I know very well that she used to be a secret guard around her and was asked what she is doing now. The habit of consciousness is to avoid answering, and there are two reasons why she can do it. One is that two people have bothered her with hard questioning, and the other is that someone has offended her. "
Even though it is just now, it is not bad to speculate on things.