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Mao Xiaozuo stepped back two steps, looked at Kangbo Qiao Yi and said, "General Huang, the opponent is too fast for me to catch up. What can I do?"

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There was a sneer in Compaq Joe B’s eyes, and he said to Mao Xiaozuo, "General Mao, aren’t you carrying the hurricane Shenzhou given to you by Xingtian’s great fiend? So many of you, taking turns driving the hurricane Shenzhou, even if you were tired, exhausted the purple core. I think you just took a fancy to Long Xingxuan and wanted to let them go, right?"
Mao Xiaoyu’s face is flushed if he takes off his mask at this time. He didn’t use Hurricane Shenzhou just now. Although it has something to do with Long Xingxuan, the most important thing is that he was ordered by the victim, saying that he should not slaughter the people in heaven, leaving them alive, forcing Compaq Qiaoyi to take refuge in the magic world, so as to fight against heaven. The two can be said to use each other.
At this time, listening to Compaq Joe B’s vicious talk, Mao Xiaoyu was furious. However, she couldn’t give up Xingtian’s big fiend and secretly sent a message to Compaq Joe B: "Compaq Joe B, don’t go too far. Yuyu Qiongzhou ranks second in your heaven, and my hurricane Shenzhou can’t catch up. Besides, there are 28 extremely yin boys on Jupiter this day. With the skill of the second prince, I am still very good.
I was so angry that Compaq Qiaoyi wanted to fly out of Jin Jian and stab a Mao Xiaoyu into a transparent hole, but suddenly I saw the fierce eyes of those fiend soldiers behind Mao Xiaoyu. Compaq Qiaoyi had to endure it and gasped for a long time before saying, "General Mao, the situation is that there are only 28 extremely yin boys. Where can I catch the rest? Please find a way for me!"
Mao Xiaoyu smiled and said to Compaq Qiao B, "General Huang naturally has a candidate, doesn’t he?"
In a word, Compaq Qiao Yi felt a quiver in his heart, and it took a long time to send a message to Mao Xiaoyu, saying, "These two spare people seal the door of the gods. As you know, sealing the door of the gods is concerned by people in the celestial world. This time, the fairy of the South Pole suddenly flew in and specifically warned not to absorb those who seal the door of the gods. I wonder if people in the celestial world know about our affairs?"
That Mao Xiaoyu’s hearing is also a big mistake. She knows who Compaq Qiao Yi is talking about, but it is two people, Joan and Yiming, who seal the door of God. These two people are also extremely yin, and they are all boys, which just meets the requirements. It’s just that now the demon world and the heaven are at odds, and the other four worlds are two incompatible attitudes. Now if you rush to provoke the celestial world, I’m afraid Xingtian will be big.
Even if it was secretly laid hands on him, it’s easy to say that now I’m following his master as a guardian in Burton City, and I can catch him in the past unnoticed. I don’t know why, but now I’m locked up in the sect of closing doors and thinking about it. If I want to catch her, I have to extinguish the whole sect of closing doors, but such a big movement will definitely disturb the celestial world. Who knows if they have closed doors and closed doors? If there is, you can stir up a big basket. Could it be that such a thing needs to be done by the Seven Saints of Meishan? However, in this way, Yuan Chenghua can’t hide the secret. The Seven Saints of Meishan followed him to the twelve federal stars for no reason. I’m afraid it’s not just a simple thing like sightseeing as what Dademont said!

Chapter two hundred and nineteen Crappy robbers
Want to go, or to catch Bai Ling and Yi Ren is the best policy. Even if Long Xingxuan has something to do with the Antarctic fairy, we dare that the celestial world will not turn against the demon world for a small Long Xingxuan.
Thinking of this, Mao Xiaozuo nodded and said to Compaq Qiaoyi: "We will make mistakes at the end, and now we will go all out to chase the purple core and Long Xingxuan!"
Compaq Qiao Yi was so proud when he finally persuaded Mao Xiaoyu. He stepped forward, put his arm on Mao Xiaoyu’s shoulder and said, "Xiao Yuyou, you have worked hard. After the job is done, I, Compaq Qiao Yi, will not treat you badly!"
Mao Xiaozuo coldly pushed away Compaq Qiao Yi’s arm and said, "The second prince is self-respecting. I am working for the great fiend of Xingtian, not for the favor of the prince!"
Compaq Qiao Yi got bored, snorted, and said, "So, General Mao, please hand over Hurricane Shenzhou, and I’ll take someone to chase Zirui and that Long Xingxuan!"
Mao Xiaoyu looked at the Compaq Joe B, knowing that he was always uneasy and wanted to uproot the grass. He couldn’t help but tremble in his heart and worried about Long Xingxuan for no reason. However, at this point, he had no choice but to stretch out his hand, release the hurricane Shenzhou from the mustard bracelet, spread the driving method of Compaq Joe B, and then said, "General Huang, wait for you in the Federation."
After hearing this, Kangbo Qiao Yi snorted again and said, "General Mao, don’t underestimate me. Give me half of the magic weapon. Within a month, I will naturally catch up with Zirui and that Long Xingxuan!"
Mao Xiao-you ha ha a smile, no longer wrangle with him, and allocated half of the fiend soldiers to the Compaq Joe B, while he walked towards Fang Yong and others lying motionless on the ground in the distance.
Fang Yong and others, up to now, still don’t know what happened, just came to Jupiter. Immediately surrounded by fiend soldiers, and then caught in an instant, and then told that he was poisoned by Zhang Fang, Qin Jie and Ling Ruofeng.
When they were running, it was a little wrong. Suddenly, they turned pale with fear and ate the black Dan medicine scattered by the fiend soldiers, which suppressed the changes in the body, but. The fiend soldier told them that Zhang Fang and Qin Jie had poisoned them very viciously, and the medicine they gave them could only curb the medicinal properties of poison Dan for the time being. If they want to survive, they must be honest and obedient.
They were completely confused. I don’t know whether celestial immortals are better or these notorious fiend soldiers are better.
Now Mao Xiaoyu, looking at these poor people who want to go to heaven and earth, sighed slightly and told his men, "Look for a hidden place on Jupiter. Treat these people with poison! "
Those fiend soldiers giggled. Everyone grabbed one and followed Mao Xiaoyu to find a hiding place.
Purple Rui and Long Xingxuan drove Yuyu Qiongzhou and circled a big circle in the rift of time and space. And then sailed in the direction of Jupiter, which is also something that can’t be helped. Dedmon’s star road map for Xing Xuan to the celestial world is based on Jupiter. If you want to reach the celestial world smoothly, you can only start from this point, otherwise you will definitely get lost.
However, this also made Compaq Qiao Yi angry. The jade jade boat was originally his mother’s thing in the world. Even in the cracks of time and space, Compaq Qiao Yi could feel a trace of jade jade boat. He is based on this breath, fuelling hurricane shenzhou to chase purple rui and star xuan, where know around a circle, actually returned to Jupiter’s position, put a Kangbo Qiao Yi spirit shout loudly, if know they want to go back to Jupiter’s position, he should have set tight encirclement here in Jupiter, waiting for Long Xingxuan and purple rui to drill, this is good. After chasing for half a month, I still ran behind them.
Long Xingxuan also knows that there is a pursuer behind. The horror of Hurricane Shenzhou is extremely rich, and it has a force to destroy everything. Often, before the ship arrives, the space behind it is distorted, and the black light is stinging, and the momentum is amazing.
"Hum, Mao Tong is really persistent, and he doesn’t miss the old feelings that I once helped him complete a task. It’s really hateful!" Xing Xuan didn’t know that it was Compaq Joe B who was chasing him, but he thought it was Mao Xiaoyu, and his heart was cursed.
Xing Xuan cursed Mao Xiaoyu in front, while Kang Bo Qiao Yi in the back cursed his mother, the Queen Mother of the West.
That Yuyu Qiongzhou was really fast. Compaq Qiaoyi got two hundred fiend soldiers from Mao Xiaoyu, and these two hundred fiend soldiers were divided into ten groups. They took turns to drive the hurricane Shenzhou to catch up with the Yuyu Qiongzhou, which was driven by only Long Xingxuan and Zi Rui replacing each other, but they couldn’t catch up, which made Compaq Qiaoyi have to scold his mother for refining this Yuyu Qiongzhou so well that it was simply dedicated to undermining his actions.
Compaq Qiao Yi was cursing, and suddenly, a Guanghua came flying in the oblique time. The fiend soldier who was driving in front of the boat denounced and raised his hand to meet up with a Guanghua. Where do you know, the opposite person’s blow was forceful, which was not what the fiend soldier could resist? There was a loud crash, and the fiend soldier went out to the magic knife and was chopped into dust in an instant. The Guanghua was imposing, and it was brushed once.
Then Compaq Joe B didn’t figure out what was going on. The body suddenly stagnated, and then the body couldn’t move.
A short, fat old man wearing a green armor and a pointed helmet appeared on Compaq Joe B’s side, and his hand brushed on the crown of Compaq Joe B’s skull. The armor on Compaq Joe B immediately smashed into pieces, and the bloody breath spread strongly from Compaq Joe B, scaring all the fiend soldiers who were about to push up immediately.
"Ha ha, I didn’t make a mistake in my estimation. This boy is really the boss!" That guy laughed and was very proud of his success.
All the fiends’ faces showed a look of shame. These fiends had a strong sense of honor. Under the heavy protection of themselves and others, their collar was caught by the other side. This shame stimulated these fiends’ eyes to be red, and black flames were emitted overhead. They took a step forward and shouted, "Let go of our collar!"
Ninety-nine people shouted in unison. Rao was the man who was profound and profound, and he was also shocked. However, this guy calmed down in an instant. He made a face at the demon soldiers and cried in a strange voice, "Darling, it turned out to be a soldier in the demon world. No wonder he is so fierce, hehe! However, Lao Tzu has got your collar now, and you won’t let your collar die! "
Say, hand strength. That Compaq Qiao Yi immediately opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood.
When those demon soldiers saw this, they immediately stepped back in unison and shouted in unison, "Let us go!" "
"Ha ha, no, let him go, you guys don’t eat Lao tze, okay, cut the crap, my grandson is coming, and you get off the boat obediently. When I get off the boat, I’ll let go of your bullshit collar. oh By the way, I forgot to tell you that this ship was requisitioned by Lao Zi! " That guy said to all the fiend soldiers while making a strange face.
None of the fiend soldiers laughed. Glancing at each other, a demon soldier with a higher rank in the middle said, "You’d better keep your word, or we’ll chase after the horizon and get our collar back!"
"Ha ha, darling, Xingtian is capable, unexpectedly set-up such a conscientious fiend soldier, really darling, darling! Of course I mean what I say, so get out of here with Lao Tzu! " The old man is getting impatient. Began to kick Compaq Joe B’s legs with his feet, which could not move at all.
A group of fiend soldiers did not hesitate, and flew off Hurricane Shenzhou.
When the old man saw that everyone was going down, he smiled and grabbed Compaq Joe B’s head and threw Compaq Joe B from the boat.
That Compaq Joe B flew out of the hull, and Zhenyuan in the body was re-circulated. He was surprised and scared, and he almost died just now.
Eight fiend soldiers flew up and caught Compaq Joe B. Shouted in unison: "General Huang, are you all right?"
Compaq Joyou nodded and said, "Nothing?"
At this time, the hurricane Shenzhou was turning around in front of everyone. It turned out that the other party didn’t know how to start the hurricane Shenzhou at all, and it was in a hurry.
"What a lame robber!" Compaq Qiao Yi couldn’t help smiling.
None of the demon soldiers laughed, and said to Kangbo Qiao Yi in unison, "Please ask General Huang to order the recapture of Shenzhou!"
After listening to it, Kangbo Qiao Yi suddenly realized that he could make his own suggestions. In the face of the ever-changing battlefield, he still lacked the ability to improvise. He quickly said, "Yes, come on, get that Shenzhou back quickly!"
Just now, the adjutant also saw that the so-called General Huang had never led troops to fight at all, and the command to leave the land was in a mess, and there was no routine at all. At this time, he did not care about the suspicion of taking over, and immediately shouted: "Team One and Team Two will take back Shenzhou with me, and Team Three and Team Four will stay to protect the safety of General Huang!"
Those fiend soldiers listened, and immediately separated 50 people as the adjutant rushed towards the hurricane Shenzhou, while the remaining 49 fiend soldiers surrounded Compaq Joe B.
All kinds of lights flashed, accompanied by loud rumbling, and several fiend soldiers who rushed to Hurricane Shenzhou were shot down from the ship by the old man, and they sprayed blood in mid-air, but they just died.
The adjutant was furious, and his body flashed, and he suddenly rushed up with two Qinbing. At this time, he heard a strange laugh, and Hurricane Shenzhou suddenly turned the boat’s head and ran into the adjutant.
The adjutant was also quick-witted, with profound skill. Seeing the situation was not good, his body suddenly rose and let him pass the bow of the boat, while the two Qinbing behind him didn’t have such skill. When he saw the Shenzhou coming, he had to protect his whole body with that weapon and suddenly collided with Shenzhou.
There was a loud rumble, four shots of light, broken weapons, shattered armor, two people’s mud pill palace shattered, Yuan Ying turned into dust, a wisp of soul flew out of the void, and I don’t know which space was reincarnated.
In the sound of the strange old man laughing, Hurricane Shenzhou suddenly jumped up at this time, killing several fiend soldiers again, leaving countless scars on the ship, penetrating the space and disappearing.
Compaq Qiao Yi is stupid at this time, and even the hurricane Shenzhou has been lost. How can he chase Long Xingxuan and Zi Rui?
All the fiend soldiers are ashamed and resentful. So many people were robbed of the ship by one person, and even the other person’s name, which side they belong to, all don’t know. This is a great shame for them.
At the same time, Long Xingxuan and Zi Rui, who were flying in front of the boat, also met robbers, but they said they were facing a handsome boy.
The young man used the same method of hijacking the boat as the old man in front. He also used a dazzling light to kill Long Xingxuan, who was driving the boat in front, and then tried to stop Violet and force her to teach him how to sail.
That light is extremely fierce, and it is against the direction of Xing Xuan’s two people. Adding up the degrees, it is even more swift. Xing Xuan wants to sail away, but he can’t. He let out a cry and a red light flew out overhead. It was the fire dragon. The fire dragon’s mouth opened, and it flew out and hit the white light.
"Bang" a big ring, white light and the sky seal hit red-handed, thousands of broken mans flew out, the white light was smashed into pieces, and the sky seal also flew back, hitting the dragon, and the dragon was smashed out, but before the command of Xing Xuan, another sky seal was smashed.
The young man "Yi" gave a cry, and a big gun appeared in his hand. His hands trembled, and a mass of white light suddenly appeared on the head of the big gun, flying into the air, showing a huge white net shape, and the sky seal that was smashed head-on by the fire dragon was netted.