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"Well, in fact, don’t worry too much. I’ve made up my mind." He remembered that Ye Nishang had said that he could outsmart his enemy. If you can fight in groups, you must fight alone. He has always disdained the Nangong Yichen, but he found that Ye Nishang was very confident when he said this, and he was also informal to those who achieved great things.

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"Do you have a coup?" Seed bud or ask
"This is heartbroken valley, a powerful drug. Mountain Moon calls it three steps down, and its medicinal properties can charm a cow." He did not believe that this world would be stronger than a cow.
Jiang Ziya, a "Jianghu gangster", can’t see this. Her father is weak and decent, and he never refuses to use these means. She is dissatisfied with it.
"We’re not dealing with a gentleman. If it weren’t for Ye Nishang’s rescue, your exemptions would have been poisoned and died. Compared with them, I’m kind. After all, I didn’t kill them." Nangong Yichen said indifferently that it’s not pedantic to say that Master is decent. I’m just doing the same thing for him.
It’s also that the seed bud turned pale and exemptions hurt her. She still has some terror to think of it. If she hadn’t happened to meet Ye Nishang halfway, if it hadn’t been for the wonderful hand of the moon and the moon, exemptions might have lost their lives in Ning.
"Brother, please teach me the Dharma." I don’t care what the fence falls. It’s important to save my life. Who wants to die?
"It’s very simple that Shanyue has made them into sachets and you can carry them with you," said Nangong Yichen.
"Then we won’t get the medicine first, will we?" Just because Seed Bud asks her simple mind doesn’t mean she is stupid.
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"Ha-ha, of course not. Shan Yue also gave a few pills of Dan medicine. I dare not say it’s a hundred poisons, but I can trust the strength of Mo’s predecessors." The Nangong Yichen and Shan Yue are child prodigies who will never make such a low-level mistake.
"Big Brother, what about this Dan medicine?" Hedge falls to ask her peace of mind.
"Now, the sachet will not be harmful to you for a month. There are many fine holes in the sachet. When the enemy is close, he will gently pat the powder and it will drift away with the wind. Even if he inhales a little, you will be safe." Nangong Yichen handed them none of them a sachet, but he refused.
"Eldest brother, you wear it, too. It’s always good to take precautions." Hedgehog advised.
"Hey, hey, you can rest assured that there are many people who want to take my life in this world, but there are few such things," said Nangong Yichen proudly.
"You always want that Dan medicine, don’t you?" How could the seed bud get hurt if it wasn’t for the gang of thieves and poisons?
"Well, this natural mountain month has made a lot of money from just a few pills." Of course, he also reported the situation of the thieves, which is hard to find.
"Well, let’s go." Although the Nangong Yichen crossed the war horse seed bud, he was also good at riding, but he was forced by the Nangong Yichen to sit in the carriage with the fence.
"Did you come smoothly when the fence fell?" Seed bud question
"Yes, I’ll go to Ning after talking and laughing with my eldest brother," said Lieluo.
"You don’t think those thieves are after me, do you?" Seed bud always feels that she has brought them trouble.
"Silly girl, how many people know you in this world? Less to yourself! "The nangongshan escape dust interrupted her thoughts.
Chapter 2 The road is long
Outside the border of Ningxia, it is the desert. Nangong Yichen still hired guides and camel teams. Although it is cold at this time, those poisonous insects have gone to hibernate early, but it is less dangerous than when they came.
"Sister Seed Bud, when you crossed this desert alone, weren’t you afraid?" The hedge is very brave.
"There’s a guide," said Seed Bud. In fact, she is more afraid of being caught back by uncles, so there is no possibility for her and exemptions.
"Sister Seed Bud, has my brother changed his attitude towards you?" Hedge fall blinked low ask.
"I don’t know," said Seed Bud, distressed. "To tell the truth, the martial brother has treated me very well since I was a child. I can’t tell the difference between now and before. Brother Shi won’t always treat me as a sister, will he? "
"I’m a real sister, but he seldom loves me so much." Hedge fell and smiled.
"Are you? You mean he still treats me differently? " Seed bud’s heart kindled some hope.
"You need to understand this yourself." Hedge falls can’t do anything to ensure that the man in Big Brother’s heart has greatly influenced him.
"Well, what difference does it make if the fence falls well?" The seed bud grows up on the mountain, and her mind is simple. She can tell the good from the bad, but she can’t figure out whether it’s good or not. Isn’t love love?
"Sister Seed Bud fortunately, eldest brother doesn’t hate you at all. You may not know that there is no woman who can approach him alone except you." She still insists on pestering eldest brother. Sister Seed Bud doesn’t seem to deliberately please eldest brother. Love and affection can be transformed into each other. If you can stay together for a lifetime, what kind of love will eventually affect you?
"Oh, oh, let’s not think about exemptions. I wish I was happy around him." Seed bud suddenly felt that companionship was also a kind of happiness.
Nangong Yichen’s ear is excellent. Although he deliberately lowered his voice, he still heard their conversation every word. The chubby little girl unconsciously grew into a big girl. His memory seems to remain when she came at him with two short legs. If it can stand still, he is probably the child who doesn’t like growing up the most. Because he grew up, there was no seed bud and his happiness changed.
Since when does that little girl know how to love secretly? His seed bud simply came to take refuge, but soon he knew that this judgment was wrong. She followed him like a shadow every day. If he was unhappy, she would frown. His heart smiled at her for a long time, and his eyes were shining. He could alienate all the women in Gulan, but this person in front of him could not hurt Master. Thaksin was a faint sign that he knew that his daughter was drifting away. If Master asked Seed Bud to go back to the mountain, he would personally escort him. But what kind of attitude is this? Acquiesce in her escape from marriage? He didn’t dare to go back to the mountain with Seed Bud for fear that the girl would disappear in a fit of pique, and then the master would come to ask for help, but he couldn’t deliver it.
Well, Master Li, he’s seen it. It’s good to wait for the seed bud. Why can’t she look down on him? In fact, the most unfair thing in the world is that after ten years of love, you may not be able to get back your heart and liver, but occasionally you would rather be green and white.
Back in Gulan, what did he tell his father? It’s like a shadow. What else can others make up? Well, recently, he has been thinking about how to arrange seeds and buds when he goes back. Is it really like Ye Nishang said that let the seed bud manage the business of Tingyuxuan in Gulan? I don’t know how much seed bud has learned to dress, so she can handle it? Let’s find two proper people to help in the past. I screwed up later and didn’t let cloud flying joke. At the beginning, he tried to support Ye Nishang. After all, she saved herself.
He took part in the celebration of the clothing industry, and the scene was novel and unique, and the goods were in short supply. If the seed bud can learn 70%, it is not a problem to make money. But will a person with such a simple seed bud learn to be as scheming and crafty as Ye Nishang? This may be the only woman in the world who won’t plot against him.
Ye Nishang, Jiang Ziya? It seems that he seldom thinks of raining recently. Nangong Yichen’s heart is full of guilt. Brother Xiaoxiao Yichen hasn’t forgotten you. You have always been a headache in my heart. If you are still in Yichen’s heart, you won’t walk into a woman. If you are not in Yichen’s heart, you won’t walk into someone else, will you? He suddenly felt a little uncertain. Has Xiaoxiao forgotten their agreement? Yes, he promised that he would marry Xiaoxiao when she grew up, but she will never grow up. He hasn’t come to tell her about those three lives and three lives. He must have drunk Meng Po soup without her, right? So even with reincarnation, she can’t remember him.
The Nangong Yichen’s heart aches and forgets. He doesn’t want the last result.
Xiao Xiao, if you forget me, you will forget that I won’t have so many troubles. Are you still happy and worried in a world where I can’t do business? If there is an afterlife, I don’t want to be born in the royal family, and I don’t want to be rich. We will be an ordinary rice and rice couple. The sun rises and the sun sets, and the fields are full of laughter. Let me chase your footprints and embrace happiness.
"It’s getting late in Kangwang Temple. Shall we set up camp?" When people saw the nangongshan escape dust for a long time, they didn’t know what the temple was thinking and woke up.
"Oh, good, you go and arrange it." The Nangong Yichen told the first bodyguard that the two girls were not sleeping so quietly, were they?
He knocked on the carriage door and shouted, "Let’s add a cloak car to the fence, seed bud."
"Coming" The seed bud is always full of energy, pulling the fence and jumping into the carriage.
It was particularly cold at night, and both of them were wrapped in thick cloaks and showed a pretty face.
"Isn’t it boring to sit in the car all day? Sergeant has been in the fire, set up tents for a while there will be hot soup hot water "looking at hand in an orderly way in the busy he rubbed his eyebrows.
"Brother Shi, are you tired?" Seed bud asked carefully.
"Well, it’s all right." He waved his hand and thought about the past in Maguang this day. It’s the most difficult to rest because of the fatigue.
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"It’s good to be okay." Seed bud always believed in his words, and her smile was particularly bright against the firelight.
Chapter 3 Don’t rob money
The cold wind roared, the yellow sand was all over the sky, and the vast Milky Way was flashing with attractive light. Unfortunately, no one would have the desire to watch the stars and enjoy the moon at night. The cold wind directly kept people indoors and refused to come out. Nangong Yichen was looking forward to getting out of the desert early. He had been delayed in Ning for too long.
He arranged the seed buds and hedges in a tent, and all the girls kept each other company. It was a long night, and he was accompanied by wine, food and wine, and it was still a distant miss. He was awake and drunk, and he was able to sleep with memories.
Xiao Xiao’s arms crossed and wrapped around his neck, getting tighter and tighter. He was suffocating. "Xiao Xiao let go" He tried to pull her red light, but Xiao Xiao didn’t see it? He immediately woke up and there was a "crackling" sound outside the account.
"It’s gone," someone shouted, and then it was stuffy hum.
The time has finally come. He quickly got dressed, picked up the curtain, grabbed a chair and threw it out. Sure enough, the sword thumped at the door. He took out his sword and floated to the outside of the account. The wind helped the fire, and the wind helped Wei. Half the night was reflected red. His hand sergeant and guards were divided into two groups, one group was fighting with someone.
The car is just a reward. What if it’s all destroyed? They are not as important as hedges and seeds and buds. The Nangong Yichen didn’t want to entangle too much and rushed to the nearby tent. Several men in black rushed over. The Nangong Yichen was angry and refused to wave and cut down several obstacles.
"Are you there, hedges and seeds?" He didn’t dare to rush in and shout at the door.
"Don’t worry, martial brother, I’m safe with Hedgehog." The seed bud answered clearly.
The nangongshan escape dust a heart fell to the ground, if the two men made a mistake, what can he make up for it?
A long whistle broke the sword in the Nangong Yichen’s hand, and the blood splashed out of the throat of several men in black. The bodies went straight backwards, and the eyes helped to stare at the sky, clearing the obstacles in front of the door. The Nangong Yichen entered the fence tent impatiently.
Two girls were dressed neatly in the tent, and their faces were slightly alarmed. The sword in the seed bud’s hand had been drawn, and several people were lying on the ground with blood dyed red. The Nangong Yichen paid close attention to him and wanted to see if there were any survivors.
"If you don’t look at it, you are all killed by a sword." The seeds and buds are biting, which surprised the Nangong Yichen. The master is very indifferent and kind-hearted. It’s never a cure to die. This girl looks virtuous but it’s a malicious angle.
The seed bud is simple and straightforward. There are good and bad in her world, and she will cherish the bad. Well, there is no need for the bad, right?