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Chenchi fiddled with Qingchen’s mobile phone and whispered, "Zheng Nuo told me not to know, but also let me know."

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Green morning always feel there seems to be some conspiracy …
"It’s time to know" Chen Chi called Qing Chen’s mobile phone and called Jingxiang back.
There was a quick answer, "Qingchen?"
"I know where Zheng Nuo is"
Hanging up, Chenchi took Qingchen’s shoulder and said, "What does it matter to us to wait for them to do their own thing?"
Green morning "…"
Of course she knows this truth.
However, she is a typical person and can be completely indifferent to her own personnel. Yes, but if she is a friend around her, she can’t take special care of her calves.
"Jingxiang is looking for Zheng Nuofei because of the scandal. It is a loss for Jingxiang and the object of the scandal. She will definitely want to solve this problem."
"Well, I can guess."
"The most important thing now is not them … but …" Chen Chi’s long tone means long.
"The others should be back soon. Are you nervous?"
Section 16
"… ok"
After staying here for a long time, the tension almost disappeared.
Especially cousin Chenchi’s attitude towards her also reassured Qingchen. Many other people didn’t seem to have a problem with her, but they were easy-going to her.
"Not nervous" Chenchi pinched Qingchen nose "I said they are not important"
The important thing is that it’s just the morning, so Chenchi won’t care about other people’s opinions
Jingxiang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after Chen Chi told her the address.
She was really worried that Chen Chi told her that Zheng Nuo was in a hotel suite at this time …
Fortunately, Chen Chi’s words relieved Jingxiang and immediately rushed to Chen Chi to say that place.
The scandal was removed, and almost all the news about her and Jiang Shuo disappeared. If this situation continues, it will definitely have a great impact on the effect of this program for her and Jiang Shuo.
Jing Xiang has paid a lot for this reality show and hopes to take this opportunity to make his popularity climb again and get more resources by the way.
She doesn’t want to lean on Zheng Nuo anymore.
So this is a must for Jing Xiang. After this program is broadcast, her so-called relationship with Jiang Shuo will certainly bring many benefits.
However, how can the audience be curious and interested in the fake couple without news speculation in Zheng Nuo’s interference?
It’s not without scandal before, but Zheng Nuo’s attitude is called Jingxiang, and I don’t know why Zheng Nuo will have such a big reaction this time.
She must find Zheng Nuo quickly.
According to the address in the past, but at the gate Jingxiang was stopped.
Jing Xiang, who took off her sunglasses, showed the most perfect smile: "Brother Bing, I’m looking for someone."
The sentry glanced at Jingxiang, a very popular star. Even those who have been in the army for many years know Jingxiang.
However, after a little surprise, the other party was still business and said, "Who are you looking for? Please show me your certificate first and I’ll help you ask. "
"That …" Jingxiang was not sure whether Zheng Nuo would come out to see her, and he didn’t blame Jingxiang for staying in this place.
"If you don’t talk, please leave and don’t disturb our work."
"I’m looking for Zheng Nuo!" Jing Xiang then asked, "Do you know Zheng Nuo?"
"Show me your ID card first and then I’ll help you ask." The sentry didn’t say whether he knew it or not.
"All right …" Jingxiang can register according to the rules and procedures and then wait outside in the cold wind.
The cold wind in December really hurts people’s faces. Even after wearing a thick scarf for a while, Jingxiang still feels cold hands and feet, and her face is almost unconscious. However, she can’t help but wait here after achieving her goal.
What if Zheng Nuo is coming out to see her?
Jingxiang can keep walking back and forth. She is wearing a pink coat with long curly hair scattered over her shoulders. The whole person looks very charming and beautiful. In the bleak scenery around her, she is a landscape and the guards on the job can’t help but sweep her eyes.
Seeing each other’s eyes, Jingxiang smiled politely, and her eyes were shining and sexy with her pick.
At any rate, after many years in the spotlight, Jingxiang has a clear understanding of his charm and how his eyes and smile will make the other person move.
However, she didn’t think so much at this time. She just smiled politely.