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In the silence, the cold owl sighed again in silence, daring not to be afraid of anyone but this woman.
After a long time, he touched her face with his palm and lowered his mouth.
"Baodi, are you so stupid?"
"I will be silly … well …" A feeling of tightness in the humming treasure and pure not out of breath to refute.
A second before her voice was finished, her voice was savagely swallowed by a man who was angry with her just now. As soon as the man tightened his arms, his anger suddenly turned against the defensive attack, and he leaned forward to firmly hold her waist tight. As soon as he touched the trunk of the jungle at night, a kiss that was so hot that he wanted to burn blocked her axial mouth …
Um … um …
After a few symbolic struggles, Bao Qi gave up the resistance and fell into his fire-like enthusiasm. At night, the man’s face was angular and chiseled, his eyebrows and nose were high, and a cold and hard line gave off a masculine atmosphere.
French words to describe such sexy or emotional.
Her second uncle was always so beautiful.
The only fly in the ointment is that his eyes are always so cold and self-reliant, and his belly is black and cunning.
My mouth is blocked, and my heart seems to be blocked by something for a while. After thinking for a few seconds, she gently circled over and hugged his waist.
Four pieces of lips have been tangled together for a long time, and two hearts are beating with different rhythms and drums. A kiss that is out of the control of the brain is getting deeper and deeper and denser, just like being tempted by snakes in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve can’t take it back after a long separation.
Kiss is as beautiful as I remember.
You came and I struggled, accompanied by a man’s shortness of breath and heavy breathing, chasing and pestering the storm … Baoqi’s brain was dizzy with lack of oxygen and kissed him back, reaching out like a snake letter, just touching him, he was caught in the past, and he was not dominated and mastered by her after his overwhelming oppression.
An almost crazy kiss …
Keep going, keep going …
After a long time …
When two people finally split up unsteadily, Bao Qi licked the powder and moistened his lips. It took a few long breaths before he returned to normal thinking. Seriously,
"The second uncle is playing badly. Let’s go there."
With that gun, she’s leaving. I have to say that the power of love is too strong. Just now, I vomited and made me sick. Miss Bao has no symptoms after a kiss, like a revolutionary who wants to shed her blood on the battlefield, and her stomach is full of blood.
The line of sight froze. The owl stared at the back of her head in silence and gasped like an animal for a few seconds. She raised her fist and slammed it on the trunk, shaking the leaves.
"This old four will really help me find something."
"Sec. Uncle …" He turned his head to treasure his crooked neck and looked at him. Two fingers were erected. "Comrade Chief, I won’t be afraid of you. I promise Grandpa Mao."
"You ah …"
A clap in her head cold owl deep voice has nai and pity, but after all, he finally compromised, angry and funny to encircle Bao Qi’s waist and walked in the direction of Scorpio team temporary command post.
"Thank you juwan …"
"Don’t take it easy with a cold face. Your wife is not a waste. I won’t drag you down! ?”
"… well"
Bao Qi was relieved to see that he was beaten, and he felt emotional in his chest.
Two people who also didn’t expect the treasure and pure this to heart, but really saved Leng Xiao’s life.
Once again, I lamented that the area of the Scorpio Islands was very fast under the leadership of Lengxiao, and it took about half an hour to cross the jungle and reach the temporary command and control center of Lengxiao-they were warmer than the cave hot springs.
Seeing the familiar scene in front of me, I often think about it, and I am amazed at it.
I have to say that the second uncle is really awesome!
The cave is about 30 meters underground, and the defense of the main fighting force is indeed the safest place in the whole Scorpio Island. Even if there is a helicopter bombing, it is impossible to easily break its defense.
Moreover, the original cave area is quite large, and it is not crowded at all after putting in office equipment such as brain monitoring, dps positioning and 4i command system.
Has he stayed here for more than a month?
Bao Qi has no time to ask Lengxiao, who has entered the fighting state.
Now the situation is a little tense. The people transferred from other teams are in a’ zigzag’ siege trend, cutting off the back road between nua and Datura, and the main position of Scorpio team is the point of confrontation between the two terrorists.
This is the first time that Baoqi has watched the terrorist confrontation at close range.
Mood? … Excited, nervous, uneasy, worried and worried.
Bang! Bang!
I don’t know where the guns came from, but this time nua and Datura really came prepared. They got together about three or four thousand terrorists, took a merchant ship disguised as pirates and even dispatched helicopters to attack Scorpio Island in large quantities for the first time, and their power was not underestimated.
Sitting in the big chair in the command room, Leng Xiao looked at the blue screen in front of him with cold and dignified eyes. That was the 4i command and control system.
Blue light reflected his cold eyes, gloomy and harsh.
Section 14
Bao Qi’s eyes, which he put aside, were bent into crescent moons, and they were recovered from the dead. These two good moods kept hovering in her mind, and her body became more relaxed. She kept looking at the hard work, and the bottom of her eyes was soft.
A serious report interrupt her reverie.
"speak!" Without looking up, there is a heavy chill in the cold line
"Chief nua and Datura those guys ran all the way to the west …"
As soon as his eyes were cold, the owl looked at the screen and sat next to him. The communication staff was very fast. Ten fingers kept touching the keyboard, and soon a red circle was drawn on the blue screen in front of him.
The red circle is the current geographical location of the terrorist section.
The cold lip line is tight, the cold owl’s dark eyes are cold, and the cold murderous look has been concealed.
"I order them to be introduced into the forest of death."
Knock, knock, knock …
The army boots stepped over the soldiers and went to the life.
The cold owl’s mouth dies in the forest, which is not a real forest. It is in the outside world that there are all kinds of bloody places-Scorpio Island is dedicated to secretly detaining prisoners who are inconvenient to see.
What do you mean it’s a forest if it’s not a real forest? Because it imitates the forest structure, similar to the poisonous snakes, beasts and poisonous gas fog in the forest, there is no shortage of everything, and the land type in the dense forest of death is very ingenious. It is said that when it was built, it deliberately imitated the ancient Jiugong hexagram array, which is not one of our own. Once we walk in, we will never want to walk out again in this life.
4i Command System is indeed very advanced. Sitting not far from it, Bao Qi can see clearly that a group of terrorists are heading for the forest of death …
She didn’t say anything when she wasn’t here. To say that people sitting here in such a tense atmosphere must have super psychological quality, otherwise they would be killed by the atmosphere.
Soon the red dot entered the forest of death.