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This is what he didn’t think of.

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I didn’t expect myself to make compensation.
By the time Yunmingyuan and Sioux City had successfully bargained and returned to their small hill, Han Xiumo had disappeared, and he had been sent to tell Yunmingyuan that Han Xiumo had indeed been here.
He smiled slightly and went directly to the sending array and came to Qingtian Medicine Sect.
It’s not that Han Xiumo didn’t want to meet Yunmingyuan. It was Zongmen who suddenly joined him. He was going to assign him Zongmen.
"This is what you want to refine Dan medicine. You have to pay 30 pills back to Yun Dan and 60 pills for rejuvenation a month."
The failure to find Han Xiumo when the younger brother in charge of the clan didn’t look easy to get along with made him dissatisfied with Han Xiumo.
Or did Han Xiumo know a younger brother in Zongmen and secretly sent him a letter? Han Xiumo didn’t know there was something about Zongmen.
Han Xiumo said nothing.
90 pills of Dan medicine a month is nothing to him, and he is hardly aware that he is being teased.
The person in charge gave him almost half as many spiritual plants as others, but even these spiritual plants have been completed enough, and Han Xiumo didn’t realize anything.
He doesn’t care about the person in charge.
But in the end, he wrote to someone before he knew him, asking him to come and get his brother. It was also Han Xiumo who made his first friend in Qingtian Yaozong, and a boy named Sui Sheng leaned in.
"Xiu Mo, the person in charge seems to be targeting you. Be careful."
"Ah?" Han Xiumo didn’t feel targeted.
Sui Sheng looked at Han Xiu’s ink sample and couldn’t help sighing and felt that his friend was simply too simple. "Didn’t you notice that he gave you half as little lingzhi as others and asked you to hand over the same Dan medicine as us? Isn’t this aimed at you?"
"But these spiritual plants are enough." Han Xiumo looked puzzled at Sui Sheng. "There is still some left."
His words made Sui Sheng take a deep breath.
He accidentally bumped into Han Xiumo refining Dan medicine before. At that time, Han Xiumo’s rate of becoming Dan medicine and the quality of Dan medicine were not bad. Sui Sheng started to want Han Xiumo to intersect.
But at that time, he felt that Han Xiumo was good at refining medicine, and the success rate of refining would be so high.
Now it seems that Han Xiumo is not only good at Dan medicine, is it?
Chapter 548 Qingtian Medicine Sect
After Han Xiumo’s observation, the management mode of Qingtian Medicine Sect is slightly similar to that of Qingwu Zun’s mouth. For example, the standard of many things has dropped a lot. For example, if the probability of becoming an Dan reaches 40% or 60%, monks can walk outside the Sect with Qingtian Medicine Sect.
Han Xiumo had a hunch that it was stipulated by Zongmen that Dan could not go out if he could not be 100% refined from Qingwu Zun’s mouth. There must be some reason why the situation has become like this.
And to investigate this reason, no one will be more suitable than Qingwu to respect himself.
He knows the Qingtian Medicine Sect well enough that others can’t see it at all. He’s not a good snooper!
"Disciple, what can I do for you?" As soon as Qingwu Zun was released, he asked directly.
I knew before that Han Xiumo got the granddaddy’s seniority, and I don’t know how many times higher than myself. When granddaddy was young, I was thin-skinned. Han Xiumo suggested that he would raise his seniority to the same level as granddaddy, and he was still a little afraid.
But now he has become more and more thick-skinned. If there is such a good thing, don’t say that he will make his seniority the same as that of his ancestors, even if he is asked to make himself a grandparent, he will dare to do it.
But as soon as he finished speaking, he was very keenly aware of what was wrong with the surrounding situation.
Soon he came in vain.
This seems to be …
Qingtian yaozong
"Have you arrived at Yaozong?" Qing Wu Zun himself didn’t realize that his voice trembled a little.
Like being afraid of being near home
When he was trapped in the world in the sky, he was more revenged than wanting to return to Qingtian Medicine Zongmen.
But at that time, he was losing himself.
Later, he found some chances and adventures, and he almost came back, but he failed to come back here in the end.
I don’t know if Qingtian Yaozong is still the former Yaozong after I left.
If this place is trapped by the alchemist association, Qingwuzun would rather choose a new place to start a new Sect than continue to return to the Medicine Sect.
Fortunately, his apprentice is also an understanding person, and he soon told him everything that happened during this period.
"So it seems that Qingtian Medicine Sect and the alchemist Association are still incompatible?"
"Yes" Han Xiumo didn’t listen to what others said, and he also observed that his brother’s attitude towards the alchemist association was really not good.
In addition, the alchemists’ association, Qingtian Medicine Sect and Doudan Sect, although it is said that Qingtian Medicine Sect lost to the alchemists’ association in a tragic way in recent years.
But it just proves that the hatred between the two sides should not be simple.
Qingwu Zun is thoughtful.
"So what are you going to do by calling me here?" Qingwu Zun certainly knows that it won’t be a good thing for this teenager to call out by himself.
But I really want to say that Qingtian Medicine Sect is his Sect, a cheap apprentice who got the ancestor, and he has no sense of belonging to Qingtian Medicine Sect.
He is the one who wants to change Qingtian Medicine Sect.
Han Xiumo came to Yaozong and expressed his support for him.
I’m just kidding at this time.
No matter what Han Xiumo needs him to do, Qingwu Zun will not refuse.
"Of course, it’s something. If Master wants to say who knows more about Qingtian Medicine Sect, it must be you. Is it more appropriate for Master to do it himself?" Han Xiumo and smiling admitted his plan.
Qingwu Zun "…"
He didn’t refuse in the end.
But let him check out Lingzhi in the case of Qingtian Medicine Sect, and no one will take care of him, so Han Xiumo can take care of himself for a while.
Han Xiumo sent Qingwu Zun out.
Qingtian Yaozong is still the same as before, and the address of Yaozong is still in its original position. There are many things in it that are the same as before he left.
Qing Wu Zun saw these things in his eyes and felt somewhat disappointed at the moment.
He couldn’t help being in a trance.
It’s like I’ve never left Qingtian Medicine Sect.
The former Han Xiumo took care of Qingwu Zun’s emotions and didn’t care much about Qingtian Yaozong in front of Qingwu Zun.
But recently, he suddenly realized that no matter what happened to Qingtian Medicine Sect, Qingwu Zun was the most qualified person to understand.
This is his … home.
With Qing Wu Zun asking for information, Han Xiumo took the time to distribute Dan medicine to the head of Zongmen.
Then he went out of Zongmen to look outside.
He left without wearing Qingtian medicine ornaments.
Chapter 549 Sell Dan medicine
They came to this shop as the five main doors of Tianxiao Sect’s industry. On the surface, there are many overlapping industries, and Qingtian Sect has many special Dan medicine formulas. Only Qingtian Sect can refine Dan medicine, and other clans are also subject to Qingtian Sect in this respect.