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"Aha? Are you back? "

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"Yeah, I’m outside the breeding house now."
Qiuyuan immediately woke up and told Serena to wait for him at the sweet shop. He will come soon.
And chengshan is still one leng one leng after hearing the dialogue.
What did the girl say just now? "Brother Qiu Yuan"?
Yes, I know that Qiu Yuan?
When Qiuyuan got dressed and washed, she arrived at the sweet shop. Serena was squinting her eyes and bulging her cheeks, enjoying eating Chengshan for breakfast.
"Please make me one, too. Thank you."
"No problem" ChengShan should run to the kitchen.
Looking at Serena’s little greedy cat, Chou Yuan couldn’t help but smile and put out her hand to rub Serena’s hair, causing Serena to stare at her.
"This feels like Aunt Dumont making cakes!"
"Which one?"
"The green cake"
Qiuyuan looked down and saw that the green cake was made by Duomengsi and Chengshan. I didn’t expect Chengshan to make it skillfully today. Should I say that I am a chef?
"Have you ever seen Taili eat nuts?" Qiu Yuan smiled in a sloped way, feeling that Serena is now like a strange little squirrel, but in the Poké mon world, it is as natural as a little squirrel.
That’s why he said that, which made Serena look up at Qiuyuan while eating and asked, "What’s it like to eat nuts at the end?"
"That’s what you are now. Ha ha ha."
There is a polaroid camera made by German company on the shelf of the sweet shop. Qiuyuan is used to click the shutter on Serena, the "little squirrel", and then the photos are developed quickly.
Serena took the photo curiously, and then her face turned a little red. She immediately wanted to put it away, but Qiu Yuandong reached out and took it away faster than her, smiling and hanging it on the photo wall of the sweet shop.
"What a shame! Don’t hang up! "
"Where’s embarrassing? It’s beautiful. This is the first photo on the photo wall of our sweet shop!"
Pushing the dog food of the younger brother has come to invest in spicy food!
Chapter 95 Who should the rich woman and the rich girl choose?
Serena quickly accepted the sweet shop and joined the food industry with great joy.
It’s a pity that her cooking skills are not very deep, and she can help Chengshan and Dumont do some simple things.
A couple came to the sweet shop at noon.
The girl has wavy curly hair and dark blue eyes, which are very beautiful, and her boyfriend’s face value is also very high
"Alai, look at a shop over there. It’s well decorated. Let’s go there and have a rest."
"Well, by the way, let’s see what this store sells." Alai nodded and took his girlfriend’s hand and walked to the sweet shop. When he got close, he saw a few words written on the signboard of the sweet shop
Qiuyetian branch
As soon as the girl’s eyes lit up, she took Alai’s hand and trotted to the front of the sweet shop with some excitement.
She likes eating sweets very much, but because some sweets are not suitable for carrying, the insurance office didn’t bring them when she went camping in the southern forest with her boyfriend this time.
At the moment, I saw that there was actually a sweet shop in the lonely Chaoxiang town, and the girl was naturally full of joy and wanted to buy some sweets before leaving.
Just near the door, the glass door slowly opened to both sides, and then Jigglypuff, wearing a maid’s dress and leaning back with a pink ribbon, smiled lovingly and welcomed her and Alai.
This made the girl’s heart burst into pink bubbles. She bent down to reveal an unfathomable gap and gently touched the idea that Jigglypuff’s head had not moved half a step.
Alai doesn’t have much fighting power over these bases, but most of them are pets. What is his interest in cultivating Poké mon? He likes powerful Poké mon.
However, if his girlfriend likes him, she will wait quietly.
It was a long time before the girl reluctantly straightened up, and suddenly she saw Audino wearing Gracetia flowers.
"just bang bang ~"
Audino took two people to a window seat with a menu in his hand and then handed them the menu with a smile.
"Wow, there are so many sweet varieties … there are other dishes that I have never seen before."
Autumn leaves sweet shop is different from the sweet shop she has seen before. In addition to sweetness, you can also order cooked food for cooking. If it costs more than 3 thousand yuan, you can also let the maid dress up as Jigglypuff’s "hostess"
This is still the idea that Chengshan came up with, saying that Jigglypuff should not be taken advantage of by customers in vain, but should be eliminated to a certain amount to unlock new ones.
Can Qiu Yuan, a "Chaoxiang Town person", give a thumbs-up and say that it’s fun or can you city people play!
After all, sweet shops are the foundation of food, and delicious food is the foothold.
Although Duomengsi is a super pastry chef, Qiuyuan didn’t regard it as a selling point when she saw that she didn’t want to pose as this identity, and the price was relatively close to the people.
Alai didn’t know what to eat, but his girlfriend chose it with relish by putting a tick at the back of the menu "Fried pork with shredded potatoes"
Alai knew at a glance that something would be eaten later, and she would definitely order a lot of things, and then she couldn’t finish it herself, so that Alai could solve the leftover food.
Because the menu is marked with more than 3,000 yuan, a girl in a Jigglypuff massage parlor can choose your point specially, so just make up 3,000 yuan.
The menu, the food, the appearance and the price are very good, which makes girls want to splurge and have no chance to choose the most expensive point.
After the meal, Audino bent a little and happily took the menu and ran back to the kitchen.
The girl also wanted to see the kitchen, but she saw several busy pink figures, Chengshan and Duomengsi, which she didn’t see.
Soon several Jigglypuff lined up with dishes to deliver food to girls.
After the meal, Jigglypuff didn’t walk, blinking his eyes, looking at her short little hand and opening it to hug the girl with a face of blood.
The girl with Jigglypuff didn’t even look at her boyfriend Alai when she was enjoying the sweets. Most of the sweets she bought went into Jigglypuff’s stomach.