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The sound just came to Ouyang Baiyi. This time, the strange thing is that he put away his sword and put it obliquely in his waist, but transported it to Ouyang Baiyi with a cold palm!

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"Haha, I don’t care who’s right or wrong. It’s really killing you to want to compete with me!" Ouyang Baiyi saw that Ye Shuang had to compete with himself for palm strength and laughed. Just now, when he first met Ye Shuang, he realized that Ye Shuang had not yet broken through to the master realm. Now he is actually fighting for his own palm strength with the science of uniting the frog work. He really can’t think of any other explanation besides dying!
Ouyang Baiyi clapped his cheeks to help make a "goo goo" toad cry. When Ye Shuang’s mysterious palm is approaching, Ouyang Baiyi’s palm is in their ears, and the instantaneous explosive power of frog work is also quite powerful in Juexue!
However, when Ye Shuang’s palms approached Ouyang Baiyi, the cold suddenly gathered, and the offensive turned to the defensive moment and hit Ouyang Baiyi’s frog work!
Ouyang Bai looked at Ye Shuang with a smile on his face. Although he didn’t know how Ye Shuang was so stupid and struggled with his own strength, he was bound to hit Ye Shuang hard this time, so he may not have no chance to get Ye Shuang’s martial arts!
Ouyang’s white hands haven’t touched Ye Shuang’s face yet, and his smile turns to panic. Ye Shuang’s mouth suddenly spits out a sharp black spot and whimpers in front of his eyes. Although he tries his best to avoid it, he still tries his best to head forward at such a close distance. How can he avoid the opportunity?
Four palms are opposite to two loud noises, and the frost body flies backwards like a broken kite. People spit out several mouthfuls of blood continuously in the process!
After falling to the ground and rolling for several times, Ye Shuang gritted his teeth and got up tenaciously and looked at the little dragon King Wang Xiaoying, who was not far from here, once again started flying and fled to the bare top!
"Ouyang Xiong Ouyang Xiong?" The eagle king anxiously cried out behind, I don’t know that Ouyang Bai hit Ye Shuang, but he fell by Ye Shuang passing by two people!
When he came to Ouyang Baiyi’s side, he found that he had a blood hole between his eyebrows, and his smug smile still didn’t disappear!
"hey!" Kitty Hawk clapped her hands bitterly and said in annoyance, "How could I forget that he knew how to nail dates!" "
Not only did he forget that the leaf frost disappeared for more than three years, but he used it few times and remembered it very little!
Looking at Ye Shuang’s fading back, Wang Xiaoying felt a sense of force in his heart. If it was normal, how could Ye Shuang leave like this? It’s a pity that now a large number of masters are stuck in the bare top by the real tomb masters of Wuyue Sword Sect!
Ye Shuang, who was impressed by Guangding, avoided the gathering of a large number of congregations, and chose those remote and difficult places with few people, and fled desperately towards the mountain with lightness skill to suppress injuries!
When he escapes to the foot of the mountain, it won’t be long before he can escape from the top of the light. When the birds fly, a long whistle suddenly rings at the top of the light, and the anger is clear to everyone’s ears!
"Ye Shuang!"
A loud roar came from the top of the light, and the strong force made the sound reverberate in the mountains. For a while, the whole top of the light was very bright, and the names of Ye Shuang echoed everywhere around the top of the light!
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter one hundred and twelve Right hand sword
The word "Ye Shuang" echoed in the mountains, and then he left for the mountain at a faster speed, which is bound to alarm many people and may never leave after a short stay!
Ye Shuang at the foot of the bald mountain can already see the Ma Pingchuan in front, but there are still some five-element banners guarding it, but these people are not in Ye Shuang’s eyes. He wants to kill it as soon as possible now!
These five-element banners are all responsible for vigilance. The master has long been attracted by those people in the real tomb of Wuyue Sword Sect. Ye Shuang didn’t stop and killed them. These people saw that Ye Shuang could blow the piercing alarm!
Although the shrill alarm echoes the mountain echoing his name, all this can’t stop Ye Shuang. He finally killed the front of Guangding. Even if someone intercepts him again, he can fly around without having to kill him at Guangding!
Ye Shuang turned around and took a look at the bald spot behind him again, and he was going to turn around and leave!
But for a moment, his body froze and he suddenly looked up at the cliff halfway up the mountain! Although he was far away, he could still see a figure jumping down the mountainside! Bare-headed Sect lair Except for those mountain passages, almost no one can rely on the lightness skill to be casual except for the light-winged bat king!
When he falls three or four feet, he looks for a place to rest. At the same time, he relies on deep strength to set foot on the place to cushion. Every time he falls, there are big boulders rumbling along the cliff!
Rao Ye Shuang’s mood can’t help but be amazed at this time. It’s not that he can’t do this, but the price of doing so is that he is seriously injured and his legs are likely to be severely damaged and disabled. So even if he comes from the top of the light, he will never escape!
Falling people actually did this, even if he is stronger than Ye Shuang, he will definitely get hurt after landing!
The man fell very fast, and in a blink of an eye, there were more than ten feet left from the mountain, and he just adjusted his direction and fell towards Ye Shuang!
Ye Shuang just killed all the tops. When he saw this person, he had a hunch that this person was coming for him. When he saw this person falling in the direction, he knew that he was right!
Although I don’t know this person’s flying skill, but he dares to do so, he is absolutely a master. Ye Shuang can’t easily solve it. At this time, Ye Shuang is eager to get away from his roots and doesn’t intend to use his flying skill to flee to the top quickly!
"Where does Ye Shuang escape!" Falling into a big drink, ling came at Ye Shuang directly, regardless of the distance of 70 feet from the ground. Obviously, it is necessary to stop Ye Shuang at all costs! When people are still in the air, they quickly escape from the ground, and the leaf frost explodes and shoots a continuous shock wave.
Most of the firm but gentle blaster directly stopped Ye Shuang in front of Ye Shuang, while the other half came directly at Ye Shuang people. The firm but gentle piercing scream is endless!
Ye Shuang’s several changes of direction were intercepted by firm but gentle. At this time, the other party finally landed with a loud bang and his feet fell into the ground. Then he staggered back a few steps and stopped in front of Ye Shuang.
Chu Jianxin!
Looking at the angry knife-shaped eyebrows and cold eyes, Chu Mark Ye Shuang also involuntarily narrowed his eyes!
At this time, Chu Mark’s condition is not good. Although his legs are still shaking involuntarily in front of Ye Shuang, his feet and boots are tattered, his mouth is covered with blood, and his chest is rapidly fluctuating, which shows that his condition is not good!
Is he still full of murderous look at the opposite leaf frost tip refers to the cold, "I didn’t think that I hesitated at that time and didn’t take you immediately. Today, I actually let you become a climate, killing Zhuo Hang and seriously injuring him."
"Chu Jianxin, since you want to stop me, you must be prepared to die!" Ye Shuang eyes looked at him and said slowly.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Chu mark laughed when he heard Ye Shuang’s words. "Prepare for death? Three years ago, you picked me up and tried to kill me three years later? "
The sword refers to Ye Shuangchu’s sword heart, and he laughed again before he said, "Ye Shuang played with you three years ago. Today, see if you have anything to pick me up!"
Chu Jian’s sword moves several feet away, and Ye Shuang immediately feels the surrounding gas stagnate. His every move becomes effective. Chu Jian’s mental moves are all masters’ realms, and the really great masters show extraordinary power at first hand, which is far from what Zhuo Hang and Li Zhichun can compare!
Although his legs were badly injured, Chu Jian’s swordsmanship was not affected by anything. His sword was not too fast, but it was definitely not slow, giving Ye Shuang a just right feeling!
Chu Mark felt his sword potential at first, so he planned to bypass him and leave Chu Mark. Now he wants to beat him. In the past, it was difficult for him to be stopped at any time by a top-notch player. The top-notch leaf cream definitely didn’t want to fall short here!
Is that he wants to mark the heart of Chu, and he also thinks that as soon as he moves the sword potential of Chu, Ye Shuang suddenly changes his mind, and then he is in a trance and then suddenly appears in the crowd, suddenly involving him in the sword potential, which is beyond Ye Shuang’s expectation.
I’ve never played against a great master. Ye Shuang suffered a loss as soon as he came, and missed the best opportunity to escape!
However, he quickly saw that Chu Mark’s sword was attacked and injured. He quickly avoided the left-handed sword with flying skills and attacked Chu Mark almost at the same time. Who knows that Chu Mark had intercepted the left-handed sword just halfway and cut off the Ye Shuang attack route!
Ye Shuang just wanted to pull back, but Chu Mark followed him around, so he wouldn’t give Ye Shuang a chance to get out. The sword made Ye Shuang resist hard, and every time Ye Shuang attacked Chu Mark, he could dissolve Ye Shuang’s attack halfway. Ye Shuanggen didn’t have a chance to attack him!
At this time, Ye Shuang is like a butterfly dancing in the sword of Chu Jian in the strong breeze, but he can’t get rid of his sword. It is more like a boat in a storm that is in danger of capsizing at any time!
"Hey, hey, Ye Shuang, don’t take you with flying skill, but now you know that you are behind the real master!" Chu mark smiled and looked at his body gradually, and it was a problem to take the leaf cream in his view!
Although she dodged Chu Mark’s offensive with flying skill, the sluggish force around her body made Ye Shuang’s strength consume greatly, and she began to breathe heavily involuntarily. He had to stay and escape, and the frozen heart could not be consumed by Chu Mark’s heart like this!
Jumping to avoid Chu Jianxin’s sweeping sword, frost handed his left sword to the toe of his right hand and fell to the ground. Ye Shuang’s body disappeared instantly.
The sword in Ye Shuang’s right hand broke into two pieces with a light sound, and the left cheek of Chu Jianxin was bleeding, and his pupils were constricted. Looking at abandoning the broken sword, he quickly fled Ye Shuang!
Touched the left face, looked at the blood on his hand, looked down at his eyes, and stopped Ye Shuang’s sword. He looked gloomy!
"Right-handed sword!" Chu Mark gnashed his teeth and said these three words!