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It’s not easy for the waves to snigger and want to stimulate. His hand reached down the fork to the root of his thigh, and he groped for the thigh and entered the ravine.

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He was in no hurry to put his finger into the ravine, but he wandered outside the garden gate and tapped Chai Fei with his finger, which led to endless spring water …
Touching the buttocks with your fingers, the skin is warm and soft, which leads to bursts of stimulation, which makes Mei Yufang’s face flush and the lanterns shine more beautifully. A well-made face is even more beautiful, especially half a red lip is even more fascinating!
Mei Yufang is almost stuck to the waves all over her body, holding the waist of the waves in one hand and the palms of the waves coming out in the other. The dance steps are messy and don’t step on the rhythm. The acid itching in the furrow is getting stronger and stronger. She gently said in the ear of the waves, "… Go in and reach in …"
The waves are not obedient children, but they smile and still don’t put their fingers into the uneven lines. Instead, they leave the gap and rub their buttocks.
Mei Yufang didn’t want to say, "You are bad! People want you to go in and you come out instead … ouch! "
Her body suddenly tightened because the waves suddenly attacked her fingers and quickly and violently penetrated her flower path!
"Well …" Yu-fang mei uttered a * * moan from her nostrils, her eyes closed, her lips closed and her fingers pinched tightly into the muscles of the waves.
It’s just a small scene that this finger enters the flower diameter * *, but because the waves are good at mobilizing the atmosphere, they are better at * * women * * and doing this in the dance in full view of the public, there is a kind of stimulation of stealing food and forbidden fruit, which makes Mei Yufang feel stronger than exchanges!
After the wave fingers go deep, they are not quiet, not only exploring deeply, but also looking left and right, looking before and after, like a curious child who is naughty and lively.
The nimble fingers of the waves further stimulated Mei Yufang to bow over the shoulders of the waves and say, "You are really a bad boy!"
The waves laughed, "No, I’m a good boy!" " Good boy moves his fingers more like a bad boy.
At this time, after a dance, the dancers returned to their seats.
The waves can’t always retract what’s in the finger bubble, and the fingers look comfortable and graceful, holding hands with Mei Yufang and returning to the seat.
Mei Yufang’s legs were sour and soft, and when she sat down in her seat, she was paralyzed, and she never wanted to move again.
The waves beckoned the wine waiter to come over and took two glasses.
He left one cup on the table for himself and handed another to Mei Yufang. When he handed it to Mei Yufang’s glass, he moved slowly and deliberately let Mei Yufang see his face clearly. With a strange smile, he put his finger in the glass that he had just taken out from Mei Yufang’s flower diameter … and then respectfully brought it to Mei Yufang and waited for Mei Yufang to pick it up.
Gherardini in Mei Yufang’s eyes stretched out his hand and picked it up. The glass glanced at the waves and sniffed it, then gulped it down!
The wave chair sat up straight, Mei Yufang was heroic and applauded, and then the table glass was brought up. Similarly, the finger was put in the glass, and the glass was stained with one back neck and gulped down. The glass was waved to Mei Yufang to show that the wine was not leaking.
These actions of the two did not attract others’ attention, but they both knew that they both played the word slutty to the extreme!
The two of them know what the taste is after adding that taste to the red wine.
Dance music is the second dance. When the waves and Mei Yufang make eye contact, they both smile slightly and don’t walk to the dance floor.
Mei Yufang put down her glass and looked at the waves. If her eyes were meaningful, she smiled and said, "I’ll wash my hands."
The waves stared at Mei Yufang’s eyes and nodded and said "Go ahead"
Mei Yufang slowly got up and reached for the table. The women’s small purse, which was handed to Mei Yufang first, was taken by the waves. Mei Yufang took it and smiled and turned around.
The waves sat in a chair with a glass of wine and stared at Mei Yufang’s figure. The expression on her face was that the light in her eyes flashed.
Mei Yufang walked into the living room because she washed her hands, usually in the building. When she entered the living room, she slowly stopped and turned her head to lure the waves to smile before continuing to curl up.
Mei Yufang’s smile is, of course, of great significance. Of course, the waves are white. His eyes swept away and he suddenly saw Cheng Equation. Founder was chatting with a woman, but he could just monitor the waves. When he looked at the waves, the horse turned his head and pretended not to notice them.
The waves knew that Cheng Fang was spying on him, not maliciously, but to see if Mei Yufang could seduce him.
The waves smiled and decided to give Mei Yufang the opportunity to show-anyway, I don’t have to lose anything. It’s just that I’m tired and have a woman again!
He put down his glass and got up and walked to the living room.
Because most of the guests are dancing and drinking in the courtyard, the living room is deserted and there are no people inside, but only occasional people come in or go out and no one stays inside.
Although the lights in the living room are bright, many of them are dim after entering the corridor, and they become an elegant color, red or green, and people will have a very comfortable feeling when walking in the corridor.
Mei Yufang didn’t walk fast, as if waiting for the waves on purpose. Although she didn’t look back at the waves, she seemed to know that the waves would follow.
When the waves walked into the living room, Hou Meiyufang just turned to the corridor, and her back flashed. When the waves walked to the corridor, Mei Yufang just walked into the end of the corridor to wash her hands, and it was just right to see a back.